Yu Wenle, A Senior Watch Enthusiast: Rolex Has So Many, But I Only Choose Antique Models

When it comes to Yu Wenle, most people’s first impression of him must be-Chaonan. For ten years like Hong Kong’s tide style, it is famous for sneaker control, and a Goro’s feather necklace that was worn accidentally on reality shows. All these details that the audience talked about holding a magnifying glass proved one thing: Yu Wenle’s tide is quite attractive to everyone. However, in addition to the above labels, Yu Wenle actually has another hobby that is also very eye-catching, and that is-watch exposure.

Yu Wenle
   Just look at his social networking pages, and you can see that all the watches are printed. Unlike other celebrities who like to buy the latest models, he is especially fond of antique Rolexes.
   Yu Wenle is really a loyal fan of Rolex. Various Rolex antique watches are on his collection list. To say a favorite, it may be the Rolex Paul Newman Daytona who has worn it a few years ago.

Shawn Yue, Rolex, Paul, Newman, Daytona attend the event

Shawn Yue, Rolex, Paul, Newman, Dayton, Black Plate

Yu Wenle starts with a black and white

Yu Wenle wearing Rolex, Paul Newman Dayton and taking the white plate

   And Uncle Liu also collected one each for a white plate and a black plate. It is common to attend film events and important occasions when making magazines. The original black and white face of Daytona was not much amazing at the beginning of its introduction. It was not until the old movie star Paul Newman wore this model in the ‘Dragon Tiger List’ that it gradually became known to the public, and then slowly Became the ‘Ken Ren’ in the eyes of collectors.
  The second place in Yu Wenle’s mind should be the first generation of anti-magnetic lightning needle of Rolex Milgauss.

The first generation of Rolex Milgauss started by Yu Wenle

Yu Wenle Ins Photo

Yu Wenle drank this Rolex Milgauss more than once

   Its appearance rate is no less than that of Paul Newman Daytona. This old model, launched in 1958, has a pink inverted triangle set at 12 o’clock and a lightning-shaped pointer, making it look irritating and unique. It can be reasonable to be a trendy male portrait like Yu Wenle.
   In 2016, when Yu Wenle was asked what the most satisfactory item he started with, he responded: a Vintage Rolex Oman watch from Vintage.

Rolex Oman antique watch is Yu Wenle’s birthday gift to himself

Yu Wenle Ins private photos

   In fact, this is a gift from Yu Wenle’s 35th birthday. The red double-knife logo on the dial is the national emblem on the flag of the Sultanate of Oman. This watch was specially presented to the SAS army by King Sultan Qaboos at that time in recognition of the British Military SAS stationed in the Dhofar campaign. No wonder Yu Wenle expressed his love for Ins more than once.
   If this is over, how can it be worthy of the title of ‘Rolex watch fan’? Yu Wenle’s antique Rolex, no more, no more …

Rolex Submariner and Ref. 5517 military watch made for the Royal Navy at the same time

Yu Wenle Ins private photos

Yu Wenle Po releases Rolex × Tiffany & Co antique watch

   In addition to the sun watch, Yu Wenle also knows how to highlight his taste in the overall modeling. Although T-shirts and jeans are his trendy men’s equipment, as far as individual products are concerned, Yu Wenle will choose simple and comfortable basic models. Finally, it was paired with a beloved watch, with a sloppy expression, and the iconic Icon appeared in seconds.

Yu Wenle Ins Private Photo, Basic T-shirt + Jeans + Rolex Watch = Trendy Icon

After reading Yu Wenle’s Rolex’s ‘record’, I immediately felt that the words ‘who can do more work’ are more suitable for him.

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