Witness The Miracle Of Science And Technology

Although experiencing the financial crisis, the strength of the brand has not slowed down the pace of high-complexity research and development. This is a crucial moment to establish brand status. This year, the Geneva genre and watch giants sing highly complex themes as always.
Highly sophisticated watches can understand your most demanding pursuit of technology. Many functions are convenient for you to use around the world. Its persistent pursuit of technology and excellent quality are enough to show your identity.
Tourbillon Chrono Rattrapante
表 This watch is driven by Calibre DR 8300 movement. It integrates the most complicated watchmaking technology and craftsmanship, condenses the high-end watchmaking elements, the most sophisticated and complex chronograph and tourbillon escapement. The tourbillon device was invented by Breguet.
Manual winding; Tourbillon escapement; Chronograph function; Double oval case in 18K rose gold; Diameter: 46mm

Omega Hollow Tourbillon Coaxial Platinum Limited Edition
The pointer of the center-mounted tourbillon watch cannot be placed on the central axis in the conventional way, but is etched on the sapphire disc and driven by the rotating device on the outer edge of the disc. Makes the hands look like they are floating above the movement.
Platinum case; limited edition of 18 pieces; 2,254,900 yuan

Rvlgari Ocoto Tourbillon Watch
复杂 The complexity of this watch’s dual barrel movement is evident from the number of parts: a total of 863 parts. It also contains a dedicated internal device for music time reporting. This ensures that this contact piece of art can play different types of musical clocks. This watch, which embodies the high-end and sophisticated technology of watchmaking, also incorporates unique craftsmanship in the fields of metallurgy and further education.
Self-winding Westminster music, self-winding; hour flyback display; white gold case; diameter 43mm

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