Showing Female Charm Tasting Radar True Series White Ceramic Ladies Watch

A delicate watch must be consistent with the wearer’s temperament, and in people’s perception, the pure white and elegant and feminine women are particularly suitable. People gave white beautiful allegors, purity, elegance, quietness, ease, and all these beautiful allegories are so compatible with women. Today, the Watch House brings you a Radar Real Series watch that shows femininity. The official model: 763.0058.3.011.

Radar True Series

   The body of this watch is made of white ceramic, which is pure white and crystal clear; and the rose gold on the dial adds a noble and smart touch to the watch. The round case is 41 mm in diameter and houses an automatic mechanical movement. The watch is equipped with a chain strap and a titanium buckle and is water resistant to 50 meters.


   The white ceramic crown is round and smooth, and the side of the crown is decorated with pits to facilitate grasping to adjust the time. The radar anchor mark is engraved on the top.


   The watch case is smooth and round, and the protruding bezel makes the case more three-dimensional. Case smooth lines and sleek styling make the case even more beautiful.


   The watch’s milky case uses the central three-position hand to indicate the time, using rose gold and ceramic hands and hour markers, and the date at the thirty position of the dial.


   Watch case lugs and one cast, compact. Small curved design allows more fitting wrist watches and guarantee wearing comfort.


   Watch strap folding clasp link using titanium mounted, opening and closing convenient and easy to wear.

Summary: In 1986, Swiss Rado took the lead in introducing high-tech ceramics to the watchmaking industry, and ceramic watches have since occupied a place in the watch industry. Smooth, smooth, shining wrist, combined with his best simple case, make it the best interpretation of the Rado style masterpiece of ingenuity. This white watch decorated with rose gold is exquisite, elegant and pure. It is worn on women’s wrists and must be a beautiful scenery.

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