Shine: Elegance Full Of Contemporary Women-news Raymond Weil

The true embodiment of feminine elegance-the shine series quickly became a symbol of Raymond Weil. Today, this Geneva-based independent watch maker is very pleased to present a new design, full of a completely modern character and magic: Shine Jeans.

With pure lines and subtle structure, this new watch exudes elegant sensuality. This precious collection-the perfect blend of soft lines into a square case-highlights the delicate dial, available in black and light grey. The new strap also goes perfectly with this chic cool tone. Colors and materials are well balanced.
Shine Jeans watch has a gift style in order to reflect the charm of women in all aspects. His replaceable strap is a patented technology that allows the wearer to switch according to different moods or different times of the day. The chic stainless steel strap with an urban feel is shining, making the shine watch-wrapped in fine fine canvas, more modern and stylish-a part of life.

The case is set with 66 glittering diamonds (total weight 0.54 carats). This is a dazzling watch and a piece of jewelry-a symbol of beauty and temptation that does not fade over time. This beautifully curved ornament represents the infinite creativity of Raymond Weil, and it is the perfect setting for women’s beautiful wrists.
The new models for the shine series reflect Raymond Weil’s innovative spirit. And, without a doubt, a gift to the elegant and refined life of modern women.
Source: RaymondWeil

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