Radar Watch Isa Series Blue Jewelry Watch

Radar Isa series blue jewelry watch, satin leather strap, silver hands, polished curved seamless eSenza Blue Jubil & eacute; table mirror, crown part subtly hidden under the bezel
The dial of the new ESenza Blue Jubil & eacute; radar series is decorated with the beautiful pattern of the Fibonacci spiral. Each gemstone retains the original characteristics and is integrated into the overall pattern. Its subtle, ever-changing harmony is fascinating, and it is inseparable from the sense of equilibrium produced by the special aesthetic attributes of the Fibonacci sequence.
In addition, the sense of balance arises in the relationship of opposition and unity, which is not exactly the same as symmetry. Symmetry is based on the central axis, completely equal in shape and volume, or up and down and left and right based on the center point Exactly the same. And the sense of balance is ‘equal isomorphism’ in the relation of form and ‘psychologically equivalent’ in terms of volume and weight. To put it simply, the former is like a balance, and the latter is like a wooden scale.
Fibonacci sequence
Ld & ldquo; The Fibonacci sequence (Fibonacci) was introduced by the Italian mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci with rabbit breeding as an example, so it is also called & ldquo; The rabbit sequence & rdquo ;. The Fibonacci sequence starts from the third term, and each term is equal to the sum of the first two terms. The ratio of the first and second terms is very close to the value of the golden section. We can also find it in the arrangement of leaves, branches, and stems of natural plants. This sequence is a matrix. Its general term formula is also called ‘Binner formula’, which is an example of using rational numbers to represent rational numbers.

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