Portugal Legendary Coach Jose Mourinho Joins The Hublot Family

He is the most special person, and he is also the most well-known football coach. JOSÉ MOURINHO has coached even the biggest football clubs in Portugal, England, Italy and Spain, and has led his team to the international championships.

 José Mourinho, born January 26, 1963, is a Portuguese football coach and one of the most successful coaches of contemporary football. He has led the Porto club to win two Portuguese Super League titles, and Won the UEFA Cup and Champions League. He coached Chelsea from 2004 to 2007, leading Chelsea to win two Premier League titles, one FA Cup championship and two League Cup titles.

 He coached Inter Milan to win two Serie A titles and the 2010 UEFA Champions League. In the 2012 season, he led Real Madrid to the Spanish Kings Cup, La Liga Championship and Super Cup. Due to his outstanding record, Mourinho has been repeatedly used by international football history and statistics Statistics Association named the world’s best coach, and in 2010 won the first FIFA coach of the year. Mourinho is currently head coach of the Premier League Chelsea.

For the situational figure in the football world, he himself said that as an objective world, he really appreciates his character, candid and sometimes very harsh, which will also make others think he is provocative, but this is him The Portuguese coach style is what the mouth says. He is a Master of Laws in Sports and graduated from the University of Lisbon with a major in Economics and Management, so his senior education makes many people think he is the best tactical football coach in the world.

He has a nickname ‘The Special One’, a title he picked up when he first coached Chelsea, and was widely used by the English media. In August 2012, after winning the league championships in four countries, he named himself ‘Only One’.

With José Mourinho’s glorious return to Chelsea in June 2013, he won numerous applause and welcomes. And Mourinho has given himself a new nickname ‘the Happy One’. Because Mourinho likes to meet his opponents at press conferences after and after the game, he has the title of ‘King of Kings’ in the Hong Kong media.

Recently at the Nyon factory, José Mourinho has been officially confirmed as a member of the Hublot brand ambassador. Before José Mourinho, there were already Brazilian football legend Bailey, sprint trapeze Bolt, basketball star Kobe Bryant, and recently went Both Olympic ski champions Dario Cologna and Maria Höfl-Riesch have become members of the Hublot family.

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