Kunlun Watch Welcomes The Third Store In China To Settle In Beijing Financial Street

To celebrate Kunlun Watch’s third store in China settled in Beijing Financial Street, Kunlun Watch plans to open three stores in China (Hong Kong store, Shanghai store and September in Beijing Financial Street) (Beijing store of Beijing) held a tour of watch lectures, introduced watchmaking technology to watch enthusiasts, promoted the exchange of knowledge, and inspired the passion for superb watchmaking art with the vision of Kunlun Watch.
    The lecture will be hosted by the well-known media person and professional watch critic Mr. Zongming Ming, who will lead guests to appreciate the world of high-end watchmaking and the Kunlun watch family. The series of lectures are exciting and the topics will include the introduction of watchmaking technology, Kunlun exclusive design and complex movement structure, etc., so that guests can have a deep understanding of the colorful watchmaking expertise, especially the spirit and works of Kunlun.
Lecture hosted by Mr. Zongming Ming
    Kunlun Watch Greater China Tour Watch Lecture started with ‘The Art of Mechanical Movements’-Kunlun Bridge Series. The 60-minute lecture will lead guests to experience a journey of watchmaking, covering the concept of watch development, design and aesthetic concepts; the inspection, production and assembly stages of mechanical parts; technological development, etc.
    The lecture will also introduce guests to the legendary long movement created by Kunlun Watch and the new watch exclusively launched at Baselworld this year-the first Golden Bridge Automatic with automatic uniaxial winding.
    Kunlun’s original long mechanical movement was first introduced in 1980, and it immediately caused a strong response, setting a new chapter in the history of watchmaking. For 31 years, Kunlun Watch has also launched a number of different classic watch styles for this long mechanical movement, and has become one of the pillars of Kunlun Watch-Kunlun Bridge series. During the lecture, guests will learn more about the history of Kunlun Bridge series and watches, and create another legendary Golden Bridge automatic watch in the history of watchmaking.
    The first lecture ‘The Art of Mechanical Movements’, the Kunlun Bridge series, was held at the Kunlun Watch Hong Kong store on August 29, and was well received. Two watch lectures will be held in Beijing stores, Shanghai stores and Beijing stores on September 22 and 23, respectively. During the lecture, guests can also see Kunlun watches’ new watches this year.
    The follow-up topics of the Kunlun Watch Greater China Tour Watch Lecture include watch making and complex movements such as tourbillon and minute repeater. Details of the event will be announced later.

Kunlun Store

Kunlun Watch Hong Kong Store
Shop B2, UG Floor, Century Plaza, 1-13 Tak Lee Street, Central, Hong Kong
Phone: (852) 2151 0918

Kunlun Watch Shanghai Store
Shop B115, Hang Lung Plaza, 1266 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai, ChinaTel: (86-21) 3250 8533

Kunlun Watch Beijing Store
Shop L120, Financial Street Shopping Center, 2 Jinchengfang Street, Xicheng District, Beijing, China Phone: (86-10) 6622 0282

Gucci New Timepiece Romantic Accompaniment Autumn Winter Fashion Show

GUCCI’s autumn and winter fashion show is flourishing in Milan. The creative director extends the ‘tuber thinking’ into the design, breaks away from the inherent laws of aesthetics, urges the strong style contrast and the life force of all things Create creative tension, intertwined and spread out a unique and colorful work.

   The romantic companionship of the new timepieces shows the consistent creative style and overall style since the beginning of the new year. The delicate contrast of the size, color and material of the exquisite watch creates possibilities in a very different and disorderly symbol system. The watch records the traces of time, and it brings unpredictable unknown depths in the gentle passage of time.

   The new timepiece romantically reinterprets the classic elements of ‘green-red-green’. The dexterity of 40×24 mm achieves the perfect size, and the small and exquisite lead the retro feelings of the new season. Acrylic’s tough lines and transparent hazy white space show the extraordinary personality on the wrist. The dial’s gold skeleton structure is exquisitely detailed, and the bracelet is surrounded by gold-colored PVD plating studs to reveal luxury. The entire watch is alive, and the rare geometric design elements make this bold and exquisite detail. .

Athens Launches Limited Edition Maxi Black Surf Nautical Diving

Ulysse Nardin has always been known for its precise navigation timepieces. It has won more than 4,300 championships in 160 years of watchmaking history. In the era of navigation without satellite positioning, the navigation instrument on board Only the Athens Nautical Observatory Clock, paired with the sun and horizon to calculate the azimuth. At that time, the navies of more than 50 countries in the five continents of the world designated the Athens Marine Astronomical Timepiece as a professional instrument for maritime navigation.
  The Athens MaxiBlack Surf limited edition marine diving watch is the latest marine model. It is made of 18K rose gold and the black corrugated dial is matched with luminous arrow-shaped hands, which is both eye-catching and unobtrusive. The black rubber strap fits snugly with the stylish touch of rose gold, making it ideal for watch lovers with a unique taste.
Athens Maxi Black Surf Nautical Diving Limited Edition
Technical data
Number: 266-37LE-3
Material: 18K rose gold
Movement: automatic UN-26 movement
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, date display
Kinetic energy: about 42 hours
Diameter: 42.7MM
Water resistance: 200 meters
Mirror: anti-reflective sapphire crystal
Certification: C.O.S.C official observatory certification
Strap: 18K rose gold with rubber strap
Limited: 500 pieces

Raymond Weil Titanium Chronograph Fusion High-tech Materials

Designed from Verdi Opera
   Raymond Weil, the Swiss Industry Award awarded the highest honor by the CCIG, maintains the standard of superb craftsmanship and treats each watch as a work of art. Among them, the Nabucco series is Raymond Weil’s latest collection, named after the opera of Giuseppe Verdi, has an opera-like grandeur and original shape.
Made with high-tech materials
   The Nabucco watch with a large 46mm dial is made of titanium and equipped with an automatic winding movement. On the dial, the 12-hour dial is located at the six o’clock direction, and the 30-minute display is located at the three o’clock direction. The 60-second display dial in the direction of the o’clock echoes, and the chronograph display screwed into each of the screws also makes the watch more sturdy and stylish. In addition, the date display is located at the four-thirty direction at ten The direction is also equipped with a date quick adjustment handle. As for the strap made of stainless steel and carbon fiber, the brand’s innovative design is more prominent after mixing and matching of different materials; this chronograph model is waterproof to a depth of 200 meters.
Nabucco titanium chronograph
Titanium material / Automatic movement / Hour, minute, small seconds, date display / chronograph function / 10 o’clock day
Quick adjustment knob / carbon fiber and stainless steel strap / diameter 46mm / sapphire crystal mirror / water resistance 200 meters

Why Portuguese Watches Are Very Worth Buying?

The Portuguese meter (Portuguese timepiece) is one of the most popular watches of IWC, and everyone is familiar with it. But what you may not know is that IWC Portugal has been launched for more than 20 years. Although IWC has introduced new models and produced many new models in various series today, IWC has not changed its Portuguese meter, and it is one of the most worthy watches for IWC. And a big reason to buy is exactly the same.

IWC Portugal was launched in 1998
 The Portuguese series is one of the deepest in the history of IWC. In 1939, IWC introduced the Portuguese series. According to legend, in 1939, two Portuguese businessmen found IWC, hoping that IWC would make them a high-precision marine watch. So IWC produced a watch with a steel case, large size, easy to read, and a manual pocket watch movement (IWC 74 movement). This is the birth of the Portuguese series. You can understand the historical story.

Portugal in the 1950s
 In 1998, IWC introduced the Portuguese Chronometer, the Portuguese meter that everyone is familiar with today. In fact, the Portuguese meter’s chasing needle was earlier than the Portuguese meter. However, the Portuguese meter chasing needles were too complicated and the market was small. IWC subsequently issued a conventional automatic chronograph, the Portuguese meter. From 1998 to today, the appearance of the Portuguese meter has remained unchanged and is very rare.

Portuguese meter has not changed since its birth
 Today’s watches are just like cars. Various brands are changing models very quickly. They changed their face within a few years. The old models stopped production and launched a new generation. Players familiar with IWC should know that a few years ago, IWC implemented a policy of updating a series every year. I remember very well that the engineer was updated in 2013, the marine timepiece was updated in 2014, Portugal in 2015, pilot in 2016, and Da Vinci in 2017. With each update, the watch changes greatly. For example, Mark 17 to Mark 18, new marine timepieces, Da Vinci, and engineers, compared with the previous generation, the appearance has changed. Later, IWC may realize that watches are not fashionable and fast-selling. They should remain classic and should not change frequently. So you can see that in the past two years, IWC has launched new models on the basis of classic models, keeping the classic style.

The most popular gold and blue needle Portuguese meters on the market
 And for more than 20 years, the Portuguese watch has not changed in appearance, in the context of changes in each watch, it has become the most famous and iconic watch of IWC.
Portuguese meter is a very good watch
 High face value has always been a great advantage of IWC. The design of 20 years ago is in one step and does not require any modification. The Portuguese meter fully shows the design level of IWC.
 The Portuguese meter has a size of 40.9 mm and a thickness of 12.6 mm. The size of 40.9 mm is very modest. IWC has grasped the trend of big watches well 20 years ago, and the design is very clever. The size of 40.9 mm is a medium size in today’s men’s watches, but in order to make the watch visually larger, the Portuguese meter uses a very narrow bezel. Some people even say that this watch is simply ‘no’ bezel. In this way, the Portuguese dial meter accounted for a very large proportion, visually increasing the size of the watch. At the same time, the thickness of the Portuguese meter is 12.6 mm. As a self-winding chronograph, 12.6 mm, not thick. Coupled with the moderate size of 40.9 mm, the case size of the Portuguese meter is very accurate.

IWC Portuguese watch has a very narrow bezel
 On the case treatment, the Portuguese meter is polished on the bezel edges, lugs, and bottom of the case, and the middle part of the case is brushed in a large area. From the handling of the watch, you can see that both luxury and certain pragmatism have been taken into account (large area brushing can cover small scratches).
 The high value of Portuguese meter is due to the high level of the design of the plate. Among the three major chronographs of Portugal, Portuguese meter, flying meter and cypress meter, the dial of Portuguese meter is the most balanced and harmonious. In fact, everybody also knows that the Portuguese movement, the flying gauge, and the Cypress meter use the same movement (essentially 7750). Among them, the Portuguese gauge has modified the position of the movement timing dial. Both the femto and cypress are 3-eye counters, plus a weekly calendar. The Portuguese counter is a 2-eye chronograph, 30 minutes at 12 o’clock, and the small second dial at 6 o’clock, which is symmetrical up and down without any burden (there is a record pattern decoration in the binocular chronograph). IWC’s LOGO is written at 3 o’clock, and the English automatic time is written at 9 o’clock. The dial is flat and stable, and they are completely symmetrical.

The IWC’s dial is very symmetrical and harmonious.
 There are several types of Portuguese dials, including gold, blue, and silver, and dials include white, black, and blue. The most famous of these are gold and blue needles. The Portuguese dial hour markers and small dot scales are three-dimensional (except for the 150th anniversary edition). With the slender willow pointer, you can notice that the end of the minute hand is curved downwards, with retro characteristics. In addition, there is a circle of chronograph scale on the edge of the disk, which adds a little sense of movement to the Portuguese meter.

 In terms of movement, the Portuguese meter uses the 79350 movement, which is the 7750 improved by IWC. Personally, I have always been less concerned about the universal movement or the self-produced movement. Because I use a universal movement, including 2892, 7750 IWC, I bought many. Regardless of whether it is a Mark Feimeter or a Cypress Portuguese meter, the movement is very reliable and accurate, and can reach the level of the observatory. This Portuguese meter is stable for 1 second every day, very satisfied. On the contrary, I recently bought a watch that is famous for its self-produced movement. After buying it, I found that the travel time is very poor. I go a lot slower every day, can be more than 10 seconds slower. When I wear it for a few days, the watch is obviously very slow. Official warranty (not Lau, Ou, Lau and Ou have always been more accurate). Compared to general-purpose movements or self-produced movements, I value reliability and precision more. Some brands of self-produced movements are unreliable, it is better to use a universal movement.

Calibre 79240 (above) used by IWC before 2007 and caliber 79350 (below). Only the rhodium plating process is different.
 The Portuguese meter currently uses the 79350 movement with 31 gem bearings and 44 hours of power. Before 2007, the Portuguese meter used the 79240 movement, in fact the 79350 and 79240 were 7750, but now the 79350 plywood is rhodium plated.

The Portuguese meter is a solid bottom cover.
 IWC started replacing self-produced movements on entry models in the past two years, using 69000 series self-produced timing movements, and replacing 79000 series general-purpose movements. But at present, the largest conventional versions of Portuguese meters, Cypress meters, and flying meters still use 79000 series movements. The self-produced 69000 series movement is now only used in the 150th anniversary edition Portuguese meter, some pilot branch series, and engineer timing. Buy Portuguese meters, including the regular version of the Fei Ji, Bai Ji, do not worry too much about the movement, because the regular version has not changed the movement.

Some special versions of the Portuguese meter, in which the green plate above is a customized prototype table.
 The public price of the universal steel shell Portuguese meter is 54800. This public price is also on the regular price of mainstream watches, but like Cartier, you need to pay attention that IWC is now in the global scope, and it is better to control the discount. I am very impressed. About last year, after IWC tightened its discounts, the market price of Portugal also went up. Coupled with the relatively large demand, the Portuguese meter has always been a relatively strong hot watch of the IWC. Of course, IWC Portuguese meter, Fei Ji, Bai Ji, these three brothers are very suitable for daily wear watches, Fei Ji, Bai Ji lower public price, you can choose according to the actual price.
PS. Finally, there is a full set of pictures to verify the body

Introduction Of Cartier Tank Anglaise British Tank Watch

Cartier’s open attitude and international vision are like a striking red line that runs through Cartier’s creative career. As Cartier’s iconic series, the tank watch stands out even more. Following Cheng Fu X X American tank and French tank watch, Tank Anglaise British tank watch once again stood out and became the focus of attention.

Tank Anglaise British tank watch small model
Tank Anglaise British tank watch: stand out
Tank Anglaise British tank watch is very ‘tank’. Compact shape, clearer lines, restrained design, but full of tension. Its design is atmospheric, and the characteristics of the tank watch are all equipped with: the overall design of the watch case strap, Roman numerals, track scale, blue steel sword-shaped hands. The real highlight is that the crown is hidden in the vertical lugs and the overall structure is perfectly symmetrical.

Tank Anglaise British tank watch medium
In terms of pursuing minimalist styling and style, this watch has made breakthrough progress. The crown is integrated with the special design of the vertical lugs, which appropriately proves the strict aesthetic requirements and integrated design philosophy of Cartier’s founder Louis Cartier: all the shapes will become a whole, coherent and clear; from the side, the British tank The watch, the crown is like a meaningful hint on the tank track, as well as a tacit blink of an eye.

Tank Anglaise British tank watch large model
Tank Anglaise British tank watch is available in three sizes of men’s and women’s watches, available in three-color gold. The large British tank watch is equipped with Cartier’s self-made 1904 MC movement. The transparent sapphire crystal case can be seen at a glance. The history of the tank watch is still being written and does not stop. Never Stop Tank!

Tank Folle
Tank Folle tank table: free form
As the master of watch design, Cartier galloped imaginatively in the Tank Folle tank watch, which was extremely bold and creative, and also continued the exaggerated and fantastic style of the Crash watch in the 1960s. Its twisted and harmonious line design is completely beyond expectations and reaches a state of extraordinary freedom. The radiant dial features Roman numerals and blued-steel sword-shaped hands. The basic elements of the tank watch are presented in a deformed way, with great ingenuity. The case and crown are set with brilliant-cut round diamonds. The Tank Folle tank watch is equipped with a manual winding movement, and has attracted much attention with its amazing appearance and creativity. This model is limited to 200 pieces.

Tank Louis Cartier XL Slim Tank Watch
Tank Louis Cartier XL ultra-thin tank watch: extremely elegant
Since the introduction of the Tank Louis Cartier watch in the 1920s, his post has been a symbol of extreme elegance, a timeless classic of Cartier watches. Created in 1922, the Tank Louis Cartier tank watch is called the best endorsement of modern style by Mr. Louis Cartier, and has made outstanding contributions to the later development of ‘Art Deco style’: the square and rectangular lines that used to be strong and tight It has softened, and the sharp angles have been relieved. It has been replaced by a wonderful harmony, which has opened up a wider and deeper future. The eternal classic Tank Louis Cartier tank watch has launched an oversized and ultra-thin model with clearer lines. It has become the thinnest model of the tank family with a thickness of 5.1 mm. This model is equipped with a manually-finished mechanical movement, which is exquisite in appearance and masculine. The perfect combination of temperament.

Gucci Launches New Le Marché Des Merveilles Secret And Constance Watches

Gucci, the international fashion brand, has launched new Le Marché des Merveilles Secret watches and Constance watches, injecting new vitality into its watch products. At Baselworld this year, Gucci was one of the most watched brands. At that time, the brand launched the Gucci Dive diving watch decorated with tiger motifs.

   Against this background, Gucci continues to explore the interpretation of the tiger element and launches four new Le Marché des Merveilles Secret watches. The new watch is designed by Alessandro Michele, the creative director of the brand. It is equipped with a tiger head cover and can be slid to the side to see the dial.
   The latest model has a diameter of 32 mm and the case is made of resin, which is red or yellow, with red and green nylon strap or rainbow nylon strap.
   In addition, Gucci also launched a new Constance series watch, which consists of five timepieces, in order to pay tribute to D. H. Lawrence’s ‘Mrs. Chatale’s Lover’ actress, Constance Chateaulet. The timepiece padlock is made of Plexiglas and has a rotating system. The golden lock can be connected to specially designed belts, jewelry and bags.
   The new timepiece comes in three different sizes, including a variety of shades, materials and styles. The largest model measures 40 x 45mm, with a red-green case and a white mother-of-pearl dial. The medium-sized model measures 35 x 40mm, with an adjustable brown leather strap, and the intricate and sophisticated beetle decoration is impressive.
   The smallest model measures 30 x 34mm and offers three color schemes: a red-green case; a rainbow-colored plexiglass case with a black leather strap and a white mother-of-pearl dial; and a gray-black case.

Tiger Heuer Shoots A New Film For The Series ‘la Nuit De La Glisse’: Fearless Challenge Achieves Yourself

This is one of the supreme things in the world of extreme sports.

   The film ‘La Nuit de la Glisse’ was filmed by a group of dreamers in the late 1970s, leading the popularity of extreme sports.

   In a new film of 2015, Thierry Donard once again traveled the world through the lens, presenting us extreme sports pictures and shocking narratives.

   This time, his theme is # 无 wed Challege, Achievement Self # (# DontCrackUnderpressure)

   Howling winds, steep hills, huge waves … This year, the public and sports fans will have the opportunity to follow the footsteps of passionate top athletes, travel around the world, and enjoy the amazing nature in the center of the pristine natural environment. Landscapes, exploring emerging extreme sports, and understanding the development of traditional disciplines.
   Skiing, surfing, winged flying, fast riding, rowing in the water … in all corners of the world, meet those elite players who constantly challenge themselves in extreme environments.

   On December 10-13, 2015, it will be shown in major theaters in Europe.
   It will premiere at the Grand Rex Theatre in Paris on November 27, 2015.
   The watch supporting the movie is the TAG Heuer Formula 1 (F1) Calibre 16 chronograph, a chronograph with the ultimate racing style. The redesigned case has an atmospheric 44 mm diameter and is powered by the powerful Calibre 16 movement. You can choose a striking all-black model for a more masculine look. The watch is equipped with a sturdy titanium carbide-coated case and a striking strap, demonstrating passionate racing technology.

Zhenli Creative Creator’s Tour In Zhengzhou Has Officially Set Sail. Brand Global Spokesman Chen Yixun Assisted The Event Scene

On October 26, 2019, the fifth stop of the pioneering exhibition of the Swiss pioneer watch brand ZENITH was officially opened in Zhengzhou, Henan. Zenith opened a brand new Zenith David City boutique in the Zhengzhou David City mall and held a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new store in collaboration with global brand spokesperson and well-known talent singer Chen Yixun.

Ribbon cutting ceremony for Zenith Zhengzhou David City boutique

Zenith Creator Exhibition Tour

  The Zenith Creator Tour is located in the atrium on the 1st floor of David City, Zhengzhou. The Zenith Sesame Tourbillon, Double Tourbillon, Zero Gravity and other complex timepieces were assembled at the exhibition. In addition, there are more classic boom series of watches on display, welcome all Zhengzhou watch friends to come and enjoy.

Zenith opens the David City boutique in Zhengzhou

Zenith Global Brand Spokesperson Eason Chan assists with ribbon-cutting ceremony in new store

Zenith Global Brand Spokesperson Eason Chan assists with ribbon-cutting ceremony in new store

  The brand-new Zenith Zhengzhou David City boutique is designed to be avant-garde and trendy. The store has a complete range of styles and a wide range of styles. Interested tablemates can try it on the store and experience the coolness of Zenith. Mechanical charm.

Zenith Creator Exhibition Tour

Eason Chan inscription for Zenith DEFY series Sesame Chain Tourbillon Limited Watch

Eason Chan inscription for Zenith DEFY series Sesame Chain Tourbillon Limited Watch

  The Zenith DEFY series Sesame Chain Tourbillon Limited Watch on display this time showcases the brand’s superb watchmaking skills. This watch is equipped with the extremely difficult ‘Sesame Chain’ device, which is currently only in the world. Several brands can make this device. In addition, this watch also incorporates a tourbillon device that is one of the three complicated processes of mechanical watchmaking. Two difficult devices are placed in one watch at the same time, which can also provide 36,000 vibrations per hour (5 Hertz), it can be seen that Zenith’s watchmaking skills have reached the point of being invincible, and in this high frequency state, the movement can still provide a power reserve of 50 hours.
  In addition to this sesame-chain tourbillon watch, Zenith has also shown its watchmakers more exquisite and complicated timepieces:

Zenith DEFY EL PRIMERO Double Tourbillon Watch


Zenith DEFY Zero G Zero Watch


Zenith Creator Exhibition Tour

Zenith Creator Exhibition Tour

  The Zenith Creator’s tour of Zhengzhou Station will be held from October 25th to October 31st. The opportunity is not to be missed. Good things are not to be missed. There are more amazing masterpieces waiting for you on the tour. Cousins ​​in other cities may wish to look forward to it, maybe the next tour will be with you!

Zenith 150-year-old Antique Movement Reproduces Sharpness

The birth of this watch is a worthy record in the history of clocks and watches. The evolution of the ZENITH brand is closely related to the history of human aviation. The best portrayal of innovation and classic watchmaking. This is the first watch to be made from a sapphire, with a case diameter of 60 mm. The latest model of the ZENITH PILOT Pilot Series is equipped with a hand-carved and engraved historical legendary movement and decorated with a large fire enamel surface. It is destined to become a watch classic. It is a dream that everyone dreams of. It is limited to 10 in the world. Pieces.

5011K Bone Dong movement, see the history of the original original movement
 In order to understand the noble pedigree of this movement, we need to turn back time and return to the era of its birth. In 1960, the watch factory developed a unique and unique movement-the 5011K movement. Its birth has had a profound impact on the history of human watchmaking. Once launched, this movement broke all records of accuracy of similar movements. In 1967, the Neuchâtel Observatory awarded it the Precision Timing Award in recognition of its unprecedented precision timing performance. Since then, this mechanical movement has become an industry classic, and has played an important role in marine chronographs and pocket watches. ZENITH has found several original 5011K movements in the storage room of the watch factory with a history of nearly 150 years. Artisans have refurbished them, and since then, they will once again shine in the Pilot Pilot Type 20 series, which has been released in limited editions worldwide.
 The new Pilot Pilot Type 20 Grand Feu uses this historic original movement. Through the sapphire transparent case and case back, you can see the mechanical system of the manual winding movement 5011K at a glance. With its 60 mm diameter, the movement incorporates countless intricate details. The skilled craftsmen hand-crafted 260 man-hours of engraving of the movement’s wings, bottom, and pure white gold lugs and bezels, and inspired by traditional watchmaking techniques. The surface of these parts is decorated with exquisite spiral patterns and flowers Trimming. The entire watch is like a miniature work of art, beautiful and breathtaking.
 The 5011K movement can vibrate 18,000 times per hour and is equipped with a precise speed regulating mechanism and automatic compensation and anti-magnetic mechanism. Not only that, but also an anti-collision system is added to the balance wheel and escapement of the movement. These unprecedented details of the design not only retain the retro quality of the movement, but also give it the precision performance and outstanding quality that it is proud of.

The 5011K movement will shine again in the Pilot Pilot’s Type 20 watch series, which is released worldwide.

Elegant and powerful, both inside and outside
 Playful and transparent design, showing the inherent beauty of the mechanical mechanism, and at the same time ensuring the lightweight structure of the watch. So far, no watch brand has been able to produce a sapphire crystal wrist with a case diameter (with the shoulder and case back) of 60 mm. table. But ZENITH did wonders again. Its design perfectly follows the grand style of other watches in the Zenith Pilot Pilot Collection. This Pilot Pilot Type 20 Grand Feu watch not only has an exquisite decorative design, but also uses a rare craft-the big fire enamel on its surface and moment. This technology allows the surface to show its gorgeous beauty, while remaining true to the long tradition of watchmaking craftsmanship, creating a unique and robust style.

Great fire enamel, noble craftsmanship
 Daming fire enamel is a rare, delicate, but extremely complex handicraft technology. Craftsmen need dexterous hands and rich experience to ensure the perfect fusion of enamel powder, but this technology is also a guarantee of lasting quality. Enamel is composed of silica, feldspar, kaolin, and metal oxides, and is plated on the face plate. Craftsmen need to bake in an oven at a temperature of 800 to 900 degrees Celsius to create a bright and shiny effect for enamel. The face plate also needs to undergo 4 to 10 baptisms of blazing fire, so that the color can gradually appear and the final rich color can be expressed. The big fire enamel face plate is like a unique art treasure, Pilot Pilot Type 20 Grand Feu big fire watch is even more outstanding because of its large diameter style.

Great fire enamel is a guarantee of lasting quality

False gold engraving
 This Pilot Pilot Type 20 Grand Feu watch adheres to the unique design style and majestic lines of the ZENITH Pilot Watch. In addition, the distinguished materials also show extraordinary quality. The most eye-catching thing is its 60 mm diameter carved from a single piece of sapphire crystal. Only the lugs, bezel and crown are made of white gold. Goldsmiths crafted fragile and precious materials such as sapphire crystals into a crystal-clear oversized case with excellent craftsmanship and meticulous operation techniques. If this is the first sapphire crystal case created by the Zenith watch factory, this can be said to be the largest sapphire crystal case in the history of human clocks. In addition to this unprecedented technological innovation, the new Pilot Pilot Type 20 Grand Feu watch also has another crystal of technology condensed on its surface. The watch surface uses a unique big fire enamel finish. It is a complex process that requires skill and ingenuity.

Rich history and heritage
 The ZENITH Pilot Pilot Collection has witnessed the great pioneering work of mankind to conquer the sky. It upholds this bold pioneering spirit and condenses this precious history in many iconic models of this series. Whether a fan of aviation technology or an enthusiast of mechanical technology, everyone can experience the true meaning of pioneering and innovation from the Pilot Pilot series of Zenith, and feel the passion and joy of adventure and exploration.
 The Pilot Pilot’s Type 20 Grand Feu watch reveals ZENITH’s temperament. The majestic case, the unique oversized digital hour markers and the large crown that can be easily operated with gloves make this latest watch destined to become a classic of the series once it is released. It not only has the hours and minutes display, the small seconds at 9 o’clock and the power reserve display at 3 o’clock, but also integrates all the styling features of the pilot’s watch. These functions are inseparable from the 5011K legendary bone-dong movement.

Whether you are a fan of aviation technology or a fan of mechanical technology, you can feel the passion and joy of adventure and exploration.

Pilot’s Pilot Type 20 Grand Feu watch has a unique grand fire enamel finish, exquisite and luxurious.

The Pilot Pilot’s Type 20 Grand Feu watch is limited to 10 pieces worldwide, and one in Taiwan will be released in Taiwan in the fourth quarter.