Omega Opens 2012 London Olympic Moments

As Malcolm Lakin pointed out in his column in the next issue of Europa Star World Watch Magazine (click here to preview), the major international watch brands are The event’s cross-border cooperation has become the focus of attention and enjoyed the positive energy of the Olympics globally.
    So far, the biggest event this summer is undoubtedly the upcoming London Olympic Games tonight. This is called ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ and is something the British want to show to the world. Culture, spirit and vision for the future. In the next two weeks, athletes from different countries will compete fiercely in 26 different sports, and the gold and silver medals of some sports may have a gap of only one percent or even one thousandth of a second.
At the London Olympic Park Water Sports Centre, Peter Hürzeler, Chairman of the Omega Timing Management Committee, left, to Sebastian Coe, Chairman of the LOCOG London Olympic Organizing Committee, second to the left, Swatch Group Swatch Group CEO Nick Hayek, third from left, Jacques Rogge, president of the International Olympic Committee, second from right, and Stephen Urquhart, global president of Omega, Right, introduce the swimming timing system.
    The last time the Olympic Games were held in London was in 1948. Omega was the official timer of the Olympic Games. In 2012, the Olympic Games were held in London again. Omega was once again the official official timekeeper of the Olympic Games. Omega Omega has a long history in the field of Olympic timekeeping. In the history of the modern Olympic Games, Omega Omega has shouldered 25 tasks and served as the designated official timekeeper. At the Los Angeles Olympic Games where Omega was the first designated timekeeper in 1932, all sports events were completed by 30 chronograph stopwatches. In contrast, in 2012, Omega dispatched 450 professional timekeepers. Using more than 400 tons of timing equipment to provide professional timing services for the Olympic Games, the new starter has been fully electronicized, which can provide athletes with better starting conditions.
     ‘Olympic timekeeping is a tradition of Omega, and it affects billions of people around the world,’ said Nick Hayek, CEO of Swatch Group. ‘In 80 years, Olympic timekeeping has become Part of the connotation of the brand. ‘

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