Omega Constellation Luxury Edition Watch

Each constellation in the universe has the most eye-catching stars, and in the Omega constellation series, the most brilliant light is the constellation luxury watch. The Omega Constellation Luxury Edition watch presents a strong and vivid visual beauty. The dial is decorated with a ray pattern that radiates from the position of the star emblem at 6 o’clock, eye-catching and eye-catching.

Omega Constellation Luxury Watch

雪花 ‘Snowflake mosaic’ round diamonds-show the geometric beauty of the watch
The 米 Omega Constellation Luxury Edition watch is set with a large number of round diamonds set in the extraordinary technique of ‘Snowflake Inlay’. The seemingly random mosaic layout elegantly conveys the geometric beauty of each diamond of each watch.
The different models of the Omega Constellation Luxury Edition have a unified dial design, while the diamonds on the bracelet and case present three different looks. Each model is available in 24mm and 27mm versions with 1476 quartz movement or 31mm version with Omega coaxial 8421 movement.

Thousands of diamonds
The most breathtaking watch in the Omega Constellation Luxury Edition is embellished with thousands of diamonds in a ‘snowflake setting’ technique.
24mm, 27mm and 31mm models are set with 7.60 carat, 8.84 carat and 9.06 carat diamonds, respectively, are unparalleled jewellery. From the dial, case, bezel to the claws, crown and bracelet, all surfaces of every part of the watch are elegantly covered with crystal diamonds.
Diamond Charm
Some bracelets of the second Omega Constellation Luxury Edition are set with round diamonds. The star ray pattern on the dial creates a visual dynamic, and its orderly and perfect lines extend from the dial to the case and bracelet.
Click on the case and bracelet and orderly. This design also has three dimensions of 24mm, 27mm and 31mm. The diamonds set on the bracelet are 2.08 carats, 2.83 carats and 3.59 carats respectively.
Low-key elegant style
On the third edition of the Omega Constellation Luxury Watch, the dial, bezel, pawl and crown are also embellished with round diamonds with the technique of ‘snowflake inlay’, and the bracelet is made of 18K red gold or 18K white gold, with a low-key elegance Style jumps on the wrist.

Black Omega logo etched into diamonds

World’s First-Black Omega Logo Etched in Diamonds
The Omega Constellation Luxury Edition has a world-first feature. The unique butterfly clasp on the bracelet carries a unique diamond, and the black Omega logo is etched into the diamond through multiple processes including laser etching. This perfectly formed logo will shine with the diamond forever.
米 Omega Constellation Luxury Edition
全新 The grand release of the newly designed and rebuilt Omega 2009 Constellation Watch Series is bound to become the most anticipated event in the long history of watchmaking. Breaking the imagination and blooming charm, the Omega Constellation Luxury Edition watch conveys the value and connotation of the new series. This series that shows infinite luxury charm is undoubtedly one of the most elegant watch series in Omega’s 161-year history.

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