Montblanc Âme De Star Jewelry Series Reproduces Montblanc’s Classic Hexagonal White Star Logo With The Softest Touch

The new Montblanc Âme de Star series aims to explain the extraordinary charm of modern women, whether it is necklaces, rings, or bracelets, earrings, all show elegant and unique feminine charm. This series uses the ingenious combination of rose gold and sterling silver to reinterpret Montblanc’s classic hexagonal white star logo with a more individual creative design.

Montblanc Âme de Star necklace, rose gold

   The delicate and smooth line design outlines the hollow hexagonal star ring with a full sense of design, successfully interpreting the personality characteristics of modern women’s self-confidence and good at showing their own style. Following the sterling silver work launched earlier, the new collection incorporates rose gold to reflect the femininity of women. Among them, a unique three-ring ring is particularly eye-catching: the hexagonal white star ring created by rose gold and silver is intertwined with each other, and the warm metallic luster is refracted from all angles, creating a satin-like vision effect.

Montblanc Âme de Star ring, rose gold, sterling silver

Montblanc Âme de Star ring, rose gold

Montblanc Âme de Star earrings, rose gold

   Among the 3 bracelet designs, in addition to the rose gold chain, they also boldly used black braided leather ropes, and replaced the traditional buckles with flexible shrink knots, which was full of fun.

   Montblanc Âme de Star bracelet, rose gold

Montblanc Âme de Star bracelet, sterling silver, leather

Montblanc Âme de Star bracelet, rose gold, leather
   The Âme de Star series necklace is even more elegant and gentle. The delicate rose gold necklace passes through the hollow hexagonal star pendant around the neck. The alternating treatment of polishing and frosting process not only depicts clear outlines, but also presents a clear outline. Vivid three-dimensional effect.

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