Lv Diamond Limited Edition New Watch Makes Women Scream Gifts

Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) watch autumn and winter 2008 added many new elements, including diamond-made patterns, black and white lattice and Monogram table Emprise.
     A long name, but the best selling scene is arguably the most eye-catching scene on the red surface. There is a small LV flower studded with diamonds on the red surface. When viewed from a distance, the Monogram red belt is integrated with the surface, with a small white flower in the middle, which is known to be produced by LV. Its intensive diamond arrangement design, not many supports in the middle, the flash effect is excellent, surrounded by diamonds in a semi-circular lace. It feels very comfortable and beautiful.
Tambour Forever Pomme d’ Amour Specifications
Movement: quartz movement
Material: stainless steel, diamond
Although LV did not announce the price of the entire batch of new watches, according to last year’s sales, diamond watches will be sold out first. This Tambour 18 Grenadine definitely has the condition of being robbed. Because there are only 32 pieces in the world; the diamonds on the table weigh about 1.3 cards, and there are 137 pieces; there is also a very eye-catching Pomme d’ Amour belt.
Tambour 18 Grenadine specifications
Movement: quartz movement
Material: 18K gold, diamond
    The belt style is the first choice, because in addition to being lightweight, bright colors are also one of the attractions. The LV watch’s selected belt is the expensive large crocodile leather, that is, the leather on the crocodile back; they also use special methods to make the belt gradually thicker, that is, the position near the body is hard, and the place where it is close to the wrist is soft Be a little bit, so that the watch can be close to the wrist, which is very close to the LV strap. For the thicker Tambour, LV adds a dedicated concave movable bridge, which has the same comfort.
Luminous Flash Diamond Tambour 18 Croissant
LV specially selects diamonds with fluorescent characteristics to be placed on the surface. At night or when entering a dark room, the moonlight in more than 800 diamonds (about 4.1 calories) on the surface of the night sky will show green light. It is worth noting that the luminous diamonds have different colors. I believe the selection process is very complicated, and the global limit is only 30.
Tambour 18 Croissant specifications
Movement: quartz movement
Material: 18K gold, diamond

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