Longines Lydia Tesio Series Became The Official Table For The Racecourse In Rome

The Longines watch brand is the official timer of the Capannelle racetrack in Rome, Italy. Recently, Andrea Atzeni was announced to win first place in the Longines Lydia Tesio race final. Not long ago on the 25th, Longines also awarded the Premio Longines Lydia Tesio-Le Signore dell’Ippica Award for six women who are outstanding in horse racing.

   In the warm autumn of Rome, the Capannelle racecourse ushered in the finals of Longines Lydia Tesio. Italian rider Andrea Atzeni won the 2000m three-year pony level championship. Riders, horse owners and trainers all received Longines watches as a reward. The activities throughout the day are noble and elegant, which also conforms to Longines’ slogan ‘Elegance is an attitude.’

   This race is in honor of Donna Lydia, the first woman in Italy to race a horse and the wife of the great trainer Federico Tesio. So giving the six women Premio Longines Lydia Tesio-Le Signore dell’Ippica is such a starting point.

   As the official watch of the competition, Longines fully reflects its philosophy and famous slogan. The smooth lines and distinctive lugs perfectly reflect the classicity and timeliness of the watch. 41mm diameter, tempered or steel and gold watches are perfect for cylindrical gear movement L688. The silver dial indicates the date is April 30, the second hand points to 9. The minute hand points to 3.

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