Jobs’ Classic Photos And Seiko Watches Sold For $ 42,500

It is reported that a Seiko watch owned and worn by Jobs was sold for $ 42,500 at an online auction. The auction was commissioned by Mark Sheff, a former housekeeper for Jobs, and also contains several other Steve Jobs memorabilia. This is a Seiko quartz watch from the 1980s, reference number 6431-6030. As a mass-produced and cheap Seiko quartz watch, the watch itself can be said to be ordinary. Through the wear status of the strap, we can roughly see that this watch was bought by Jobs for daily wear and did not take much care. 42,500 dollars, I believe this should be the highest price ever made for an ordinary Seiko quartz watch (6431-6030).

   The reason why it can rise to the status of precious watches with historical significance is mainly due to that 1984 classic Steve Jobs photo. This photo was taken by the world-famous photographer Norman Seeff in an interview with Steve Jobs in 1984. The scene is at Steve Jobs’s Woodside California home. In the picture, Apple Co-founder Steve Jobs sits on the floor, holding a Macintosh.

   Photographer Norman Schiffer later recalled Time magazine: ‘We just sat and talked about his creativity and everyday items in the living room. I started to establish a close relationship with him, he rushed out, returned, and then He sat there with his buttocks. He naturally put the Macintosh on his lap and sat down, and I caught this moment. Then, we took a few more photos, and he even did a few yoga poses-Jobs lifted up Legs, then put them on the shoulders-it feels like we are two old friends hanging out, chatting and enjoying this relationship. There is no prior creative, completely improvisational, spontaneous, we never thought about (That photo) will become the picture of the magazine. ‘(Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)