How To Change The Battery Of Casio Watch

Casio watch battery replacement must first know the battery model and its standard. With the rapid development of quartz electronic watches, the size of the movement is increasing. Watch batteries that match the specifications of the movement must be kept in order to meet the requirements for use. At present, watch batteries (button-type batteries) mainly produced in various countries around the world are becoming standardized. After many years of research and production of watch batteries in China, great progress has been made, and battery specifications are also moving closer to international standards to achieve general purpose. In order to facilitate everyone to understand the specifications of the button battery, the battery models and expressions in the major countries are introduced below for reference

  1.National model standard QB
578-81, the battery model is arranged in six digits according to the battery diameter, height and electrolyte type. The first digit represents the battery type with different symbols, such as Y for zinc-silver batteries, and the second and third digits for battery diameter. The fourth and fifth digits represent the height of the battery, including numbers after the decimal point. The sixth position represents the electrolyte of the battery, where sodium hydroxide electrolyte is used, and M represents a zinc-manganese battery. Use potassium hydroxide electrolyte without letter, and can be omitted. If the outer diameter of a zinc-silver battery is 0
11.6 mm, height is 4.2 mm, and the electrolyte is sodium hydroxide, which is represented by 1142 N.
(international Electrotechnical Commision) model standard. IEC is a standard developed by the International Electrotechnical Commission. The English letter S (Silver) represents a zinc-silver battery, and R (Round) represents a circle; the two-digit specified number is used as the series code for the external dimensions. For example, SR for zinc-silver batteries with a diameter of 40 7.9 mm and a thickness of 3.6 mm
41 means that 41 is 07.9 mm and 3.6
Code of MM.
  3. JIS (Japanese Industrial Standards) model standard. JIS is the Japanese Industrial Standard. The model representation method is the same as IEC, but the English letter S (Sodium) is added at the end to indicate that the battery’s electrolyte is sodium hydroxide. Those without letters are all batteries with potassium hydroxide as the electrolyte. For example, a zinc-silver battery with a diameter of 47.9 mm and a thickness of 3.6 mm. The electrolyte is sodium hydroxide, and the model number is SR41S.
How to replace the battery of a Casio watch
  Watch batteries generally have a life span of only 2-3 years. When the watch batteries run out of power, they need to be renewed. Here’s how to update the battery: 1. Remove the battery with tweezers. 2. Keep the battery in place. 3. Wipe the battery clean. 4. Tools / raw materials: tweezers
Steps / methods
  Use bamboo or plastic tweezers to pick up the battery. Remember to wear gloves when removing the battery to prevent static electricity on your hands and avoid short-circuiting the battery.
  Keep the batteries in place. The hand pool must be placed in the right direction. When removing the watch battery, remember to place the battery in the right direction, with the negative electrode facing straight.
  Wipe the battery clean. Before installing a new battery, check the positive and negative contact points connected to the battery for dirt. If there is dirt, wipe it off with alcohol or gasoline.
  Pay attention to the direction when installing the battery. When installing the battery, pay attention to the positive and negative directions of the battery. Do not reverse the positive and negative electrodes.

  When installing the battery, pay attention to the positive and negative directions of the battery. If the positive and negative electrodes are installed in the opposite direction, the watch will be damaged.
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