Gucci New Timepiece Romantic Accompaniment Autumn Winter Fashion Show

GUCCI’s autumn and winter fashion show is flourishing in Milan. The creative director extends the ‘tuber thinking’ into the design, breaks away from the inherent laws of aesthetics, urges the strong style contrast and the life force of all things Create creative tension, intertwined and spread out a unique and colorful work.

   The romantic companionship of the new timepieces shows the consistent creative style and overall style since the beginning of the new year. The delicate contrast of the size, color and material of the exquisite watch creates possibilities in a very different and disorderly symbol system. The watch records the traces of time, and it brings unpredictable unknown depths in the gentle passage of time.

   The new timepiece romantically reinterprets the classic elements of ‘green-red-green’. The dexterity of 40×24 mm achieves the perfect size, and the small and exquisite lead the retro feelings of the new season. Acrylic’s tough lines and transparent hazy white space show the extraordinary personality on the wrist. The dial’s gold skeleton structure is exquisitely detailed, and the bracelet is surrounded by gold-colored PVD plating studs to reveal luxury. The entire watch is alive, and the rare geometric design elements make this bold and exquisite detail. .

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