Graduation Season Is Also An ‘adult Ceremony’ Tissot’s Time Gift.

In the blink of an eye, it is the annual graduation season again. In some places, the ‘Millennium Baby’ has already completed the compulsory education study life, and some post-95s will also face college graduation, whether Graduating from high school or college, from this moment, will enter a brand new stage. Graduation season often means ‘adult etiquette’. It is both an 18-year-old adult etiquette after 00 and an ‘adult etiquette’ from the school to the society after 95. Obviously, this moment is extremely important, it affects their life trajectory. Paying tribute to the graduation season, I wish every student a success in learning, remembering that at this moment, Tissot brought the new Baohuan series silicon spring watch (T108.408.16.057.00) in 2017. The professional attitude, meaning the eternity of time, is a style Time is a gift to commemorate a turning point in life.

   The moment you graduate, it feels like a new life. Saying goodbye to the past, with unknown, longing, excited, and a little confused, going to a new environment, there may not be as carefree as in the past, It is also very difficult to be as innocent as the classmate relationship in the past. There is a small society there, but there are scenery you have never experienced, there are people and relationships that you have never been with, and everything there is new to you. With curiosity and dreams, always grasp the different exciting processes, you will gain a lot, Tissot will be your ideal partner, you need a kind of ritual object to accompany your original heart. Tissot watches are designed for you like this, subtle, precise and wonderful.

Tissot Silicone Long Hair Watch

   Tissot Baohuan series watches are endorsed by Huang Xiaoming, full of manly temperament. This is one of the leather strap styles. The case is made of stainless steel. The watch has a diameter of 39 * 41 mm and a thickness of 9.84 mm. In order to highlight the personality of the watch, as well as the less formal dress, the bezel is specially decorated. The grain effect makes the watch full of dynamics. It is also a large personalized design of the watch, suitable for daily casual wear. At the same time, the black dial with leather strap lays down its tone, suitable for your first interview and the first time you wear it in the workplace.

Stainless steel case

Bezel is individually designed

   The front surface of the stainless steel case is polished, with bright color and excellent feel, while the side case has a brushed effect. The overall process is satisfactory and the details are outstanding.

Mercerized polished lugs

   The conventional lug design is derived from the integral molding with the case, with natural curvature, connected to a black leather strap, and the hidden trunnion design on the inside maintains the perfect arc between the lug and the case.


   It is worth mentioning that the crown at 3 o’clock has the same surface design as the bezel, providing excellent operating feel. At the same time, with the help of a precision-designed movement, the crown adjusts the date and time regardless of the winding or pull , Feel good, almost no sound, indicating that the internal lubrication and gear meshing is very smooth.

Black leather strap

Butterfly buckle

   The watch is equipped with a black leather strap, which can be used with a variety of clothing, and is also suitable for this summer, with a variety of good photos on graduation trip. The strap is equipped with a butterfly buckle, which is easy to operate, safe and reliable.

Powematic 80 silicon spring with long kinetic energy fully automatic movement

   Of course, as Tissot’s new masterpiece this year, its biggest advantage is that with a high-tech movement, through the sapphire glass back cover, you can see the ‘heart’ of the watch inside. The automatic oscillating weight is specially decorated by Tissot, which is more beautiful than many previous Tissot watches.

The oscillating weight is more refined with Tissot pattern
   The movement uses the powermatic 80 automatic mechanical movement, which has three technical advantages: 80-hour long power, observatory certification, and non-clamping silicon hairspring escapement speed adjustment system. These three items are all qualitative improvements for mechanical movements. Silicon hairsprings developed by heating from grit have resistance to temperature differences, magnetic resistance and certain shock resistance, and their stability is stronger than some alloy hairsprings.

   On the balance plate, the movement equipped with a silicon balance spring has the ‘Si’ icon.

Summary: For graduates, such a watch not only has good quality, but also has value and taste. It inherits the aesthetic concept of Tissot classic watches, and its simple design is not easily out of date. Obviously, it can perfectly accompany you through the four years of college, and it can also accompany your unforgettable years when you first entered the workplace. Graduation season is also an ‘adult ceremony’. What kind of gift will you give yourself?

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