Gp Girard Perregaux 2014 Valentine’s Day Watches Presented

Couple Watch

Three Golden Bridge Tourbillon Women’s Diamond Watch
Crystal diamonds, elegant and luxurious
RMB 1,795,000

Three Golden Bridge Tourbillon Watch
Classic design, outstanding performance
RMB 1,748,000

1966 Golden Bridge Tourbillon
Exquisite craftsmanship, condensing complex timepiece functions
RMB 1,378,000

Cat’s Eye Tourbillon Women’s Diamond Watch
Delicate movement, sparkling diamonds
RMB 2,530,000

1966 Slim Automatic
Timeless and elegant
RMB 143,000

1966 Lady 38mm Ladies Watch

Accurate rhythm and excellent performance
RMB 213,000

VINTAGE 1945XXL large calendar moon phase watch
Precise function, design ingenuity
RMB 114,000

Vintage 1945 lady watch
Elegant and classic, classic
RMB 98,000
Women’s Selection

Cat’s Eye High Jewellery Watch
Refined and elegant
RMB 9,200,000

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