Chanel J12-g.10 Series Watch

Chanel watches launched the J12-G.10 series, which adopts the military NATO strap design, which is both handsome and gorgeous, bringing new variations to women’s watches. The strap comes from a special design for the British military, usually made of reinforced nylon, and has been known for many years for its unique flexibility and durability.

G.10, a military code-like name, came from the order form of the legendary military uniform strap at the time.

  The J12-G.10 watch is extremely innovative, replacing the wartime nylon material with a large checkered alligator leather strap. The buckle is set with brilliant and baguette-cut diamonds, which are even more precious.

  The J12-G.10 watch incorporates the feminine femininity of the British military officer’s temperament, taking into account both comfort and solidity, and showing luxurious charm with absolute modern style.

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