Campanola Lacquerware Series Qian Zhou Watch

CAMPANOLA Lacquerware Watch
    The dial design is inspired by the universe. The entire dial is dotted with the gassy nebula (dark red), so it is named Qianzhou. Using the snail-fin process, the thin slices of abalone shells are inlaid on the dial, giving a long history and unlimited space.
    Why is CAMPANALA so fond of lacquerware craftsmanship? The answer is actually very simple. The most beautiful Tang Dynasty snail lacquer ware we can see today is basically kept in the Masakurain of Nara, Japan. Founded by Emperor Shengwu in 728 AD (approximately the age of Emperor Xuanzong Li Longji), Zhengcangyuan has a large collection of handicrafts from the Tang Dynasty to Japan, including snail-lacquer boxes. These cultural relics have not been harassed in Japan for more than 1,200 years, which shows how much the Japanese attach great importance to them.

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