At This Moment, Climb The Peak, Tissot And The Nba Jointly Host The Tissot Nba Comprehensive Timing System Exploration Tour

[October 7, Shanghai News] Today, the famous Swiss watch brand Tissot and the NBA (American Professional Basketball League) jointly hosted the new Tissot NBA at the Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center. Discovery tour with integrated timing system. This is also the first time that this groundbreaking timing system designed for the NBA has been put into use in China. On the day of the event, the legendary star Marcus Camby, who has won many NBA defensive players, 4th NBA Captain King, 2nd NBA All-Defensive Team for a while, was invited to attend and talked about precise timing For the necessity of basketball, shared important moments in the basketball career, and together with Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, Ms. Li Li Leung, Vice President of NBA Global Cooperation, and Mr. Zhu Yongshi, Vice President of NBA Global Cooperation Tissot watch new NBA comprehensive timing system. Guests at the scene can not only take a close look at the timing system before the fierce competition, but also listen to Tissot watches and NBA technical representatives to talk about the development and use of this system.
   As the official NBA designated timer, Tissot’s new timing and scoring system uses superb technology. Through the integration of rich sports timing experience and the integration of innovative display technology and timing interface, the timer can be displayed accurately and efficiently at the same time. It not only provides visual enjoyment for spectators, but also becomes the focus of the new season. The Tissot watch breaks through the traditional timing role and becomes an indispensable part of this top-level competition in the NBA.

Figure 1: Tissot’s new NBA timing system put into use for the first time in China

Figure 2: Guests taking a group photo next to the Tissot NBA integrated timing system
(From left: Ms. Li Li Leung, Vice President of NBA Global Cooperation, Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, Mr. Marcus Camby, NBA Legend, and Mr. Zhu Yongshi, Vice President of NBA Global Cooperation)
Discover the glamour of technology behind numbers
   Today, the new timing system specially developed by Tissot for the NBA is unveiled. At the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in the Shanghai NBA China, it opens up a space full of time and charm. Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, Mr. Marcus Camby, the legendary NBA star, and the guests together illuminated the Tissot NBA integrated timing system, which also symbolized the first use of this system in China.

Figure 3-4: Tissot’s new NBA timing system
   Representatives from Tissot watches and the NBA technical team demonstrated and explained the technical advantages and detailed design of Tissot watches NBA comprehensive timing system for the guests. The new Tissot NBA timing system consists of a 24-second timer, an integrated timing and scoring system, and a multifunctional timing operation terminal. First of all, the new Tissot watch’s 24-second timer has an unprecedented hardware system including three modules of 24 seconds, pause and match time timer, which greatly facilitates the on-site players and spectators to read different times. At the same time, the newly developed LED glass technology developed by Tissot watches not only completely hides the electronic circuits and conductors, but also makes the timer almost transparent when in use and completely transparent when closed, so that it can read clearly at any angle. Its hardness can withstand the impact of a 9-meter falling steel ball without damage, ensuring the reliability of the equipment under high-intensity ball games. In terms of digital display technology, Tissot watches have also been greatly improved, allowing digital jumps to occur in an instant, and the speed is fast. Even high-speed television cameras are difficult to shoot this process, so it can provide the most authoritative recording.

Figure 5-6: Tissot’s new NBA integrated timing system
   Secondly, in addition to the hardware, the technicians also introduced the ‘black’ technology behind the system. The Tissot comprehensive timing and scoring system software can simultaneously transmit the most accurate time information to all on-site score boards, relays, and information publishing equipment, and its highest accuracy can reach 0.15PPM (parts per million, which is one part per million) Unit level). This allows the audience to receive the most accurate timing data, both on-site and in front of the television set thousands of miles away. The operation of such a sophisticated timing system is surprisingly simple. The new multi-functional timing operation terminal designed and manufactured by Tissot is based on a flat-screen touch screen device. All timekeepers and scorekeepers on the court can use this device to The entire system is operated. Tissot has optimized the software design and functions, making the operation interface more concise, reducing the possibility of misoperation and operation delay, and the brand logo will also be displayed in each 24-second timer.

Figure 7-8: The touch screen operation terminal connects the complete scoring system with Tissot LED glass

Figure 9: Schematic of Tissot’s integrated timing and scoring system
   At the end of the event, Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, presented the Tissot Tengzhi Solar Series NBA special model for Marcus Camby from afar to celebrate the successful investment of the Tissot NBA integrated timing system in China. This series of watches are infused with NBA elements. The official NBA logo engraved on the back of the watch is a symbol of Tissot’s extraordinary praise for the event. And these very modern watch designs also make fans love it, it is also a rare fashion item. At the same time, as the ace of the NBA, Camby presented his autographed basketball game to Tissot.
   Tissot’s carefully prepared Tissot Tengzhi solar series NBA special watch is a testimony of the historic cooperation between Tissot and the NBA, and also a great gift for this cooperation. As one of Tissot’s most legendary product series, the Tissot Tengzhi Solar Series NBA special watch has more than 20 sports functions, and can complete various operations through solar charging and touching the screen.

Picture 10: Ms. Chen Suzhen and Mr. Marcus Camby exchange gifts

Figure 11-12: Tissot Tengzhi Solar Series NBA Special
At the event, Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China, stated that Tissot has always upheld the brand concept of “innovation and tradition”, and “sports” is an inherent part of Tissot’s brand DNA. Tissot has a long history of cooperation with the basketball field. Before becoming the only designated official timer partner of the NBA, Tissot has become the official timing partner of FIBA ​​(International Basketball Federation) and other major international sports event organizations. From the technical level or the experience of the game, Tissot is the most suitable timer partner for the NBA, the world’s top basketball league.

Figure 13: Ms. Chen Suzhen, President of Swatch Group China
   NBA legend and American professional basketball player Marcus Campby also said in the interaction that the timer is particularly important for the player, and the gap between minutes and seconds is enough to determine the outcome of the game, and even the fate of the player. In the basketball timing system that I have experienced, the Tissot NBA comprehensive timing system is undoubtedly very accurate.
Outline the timing layout in minutes
   Since the beginning of its involvement in sports timing in 1883, Tissot has been keenly capturing the subtle differences between minutes and seconds on the playing field and the perfect pursuit of sports timing equipment has never stopped. Tissot’s high performance and high quality have long been recognized by many parties. In October 2015, Tissot has officially become the only official timekeeper of the American Men’s Professional Basketball League (NBA), the American Women’s Professional Basketball League (WNBA) and the NBA D-League. For the first time in history, it cooperates with a major sports league in North America. In July 2016, Tissot and the NBA (American Professional Basketball League) jointly released a new 24-second timer and integrated timing system in New York to help the NBA Summer League and the 2016-2017 season of all games.
   In addition to the NBA Professional Basketball League, Tissot also plays the FIBA ​​FIBA, Le Tour de France Tour de France, MotoGPTM World Championships, FIM World Superbike, AFL Australian Rugby Federation, RBS Six Nations Rugby Championship and Official designated timing and partner for the Bicycle, Fencing and Hockey World Championships.
   This Tissot watch NBA comprehensive timing system exhibition will show Tissot’s superb skills and professionalism in the field of timing. While the enthusiasm for cooperation between Tissot watches and the NBA continues to rise, the timing equipment of Tissot watches also continues to advance in these cooperations. In the future, Tissot is willing to use its rich sports timing experience and superb watchmaking technology to provide accurate timing protection for sports and help the world’s sports to flourish.

Figure 14: Scene of Shanghai Mercedes Cultural Center

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