Seiko Credor Spring Drive Three Questions

SEIKO WATCH CORPORATION is proud to announce the Credor Spring Drive minute repeater. This is another milestone in the development of SEIKO’s first minute repeater watch and Credor Spring Drive watch.

Miracle of nature
    From a development perspective, the ultimate goal is to create sounds like nature. This is a crisp, crisp sound with a distinctive Japanese character. Thanks to the incredibly quiet Spring Drive movement and the use of special steel casting exercised by the well-known Japanese steel master Mingzheng Zongdao, the wonderful sound was finally successfully developed. Over the years, the 52 generations of the Mingzhen family are masters of steel casting, and the history of forging steel has exceeded 850 years.
Mingzhen wind chimes
    The iron forging tradition of the Mingzhen family dates back to the Heian period (the end of the 8th century to the end of the 12th century). Over the past hundreds of years, this technology has developed steel products for its family in different fields, including ‘fire tongs’. The Mingzhen family found that when two or more ‘fire tongs’ collided with each other, a very unique and crisp and pleasant sound was emitted. Therefore, they started to make the wind chimes, letting more than two fire tongs be tied together. It makes a clear and pleasant sound when blowing.
    When the watchmakers at SEIKO 塩 尻 senior workshop were looking for the special metal of the minute repeater, Mingzhen Steel became the best choice, but it took months of trials to find the best steel and shape. . Both the audio, volume and attenuation rate were tested repeatedly in SEIKO EPSON’s self-built equipment, and finally the sound closest to the Mingzhen wind chime was successfully produced.

High-tech craftsmanship
   In order to maintain the crisp and pleasant sound of the traditional wind chimes, SEIKO’s advanced workshop uses two high-tech processes to ensure absolute quietness of operation. First of all, it adopts the world’s only Spring Drive movement, which can keep the time without any ticking. The second is the use of a unique ‘silent governor’ that uses the viscosity of the air to control the speed of the hammer. Thanks to the combination of these two SEIKO’s unique craftsmanships, this minute repeater is able to time in absolute silence and emit a wonderfully uncompromising time signal.
Decimal Decision
    Most minute repeaters use the traditional hour, minute, and minute methods to tell the time, but Credor Spring Drive’s minute repeater uses a decimal system to let the hammer strike for one hour, ten minutes and one minute. The reason for using the decimal system is that it is more in line with the high-tech characteristics of the movement and is also a very logical and simple system. At 1:59, the hourly time signal sounded once, the ten-minute time signal sounded five times, and the one-minute time signal sounded nine times. The decimal minute repeater had many enthusiastic supporters when it first appeared in the 18th century. Today, the environment in which we live also has a lot of equipment that uses the decimal system, so the watchmakers in the senior workshop believe that the decimal system should be the perfect choice.
Watchmaking in the Advanced Workshop
    The Credor Spring Drive minute repeater uses 660 parts. Each of the main parts is finely polished by hand by the watchmakers in the high-level workshop, and is exquisitely displayed under the back cover of the see-through sapphire crystal. From the front of the watch, you can see the shocking beauty of the high-speed ‘flying’ of the silent governor. In addition, you can also see the hammer being struck in the back of the see-through case.

Refined elegance and pleasure
   Of course, the beautiful sound and exquisite style are the first impressions for connoisseurs. But if you take a closer look, you will find that this stunning model is also a very practical watch. The front and back of the watch are made of sapphire crystal and equipped with safety devices. Even if the crown is pulled out when the minute question function is activated, the watch will not malfunction. The size of the model is moderate, the case diameter is 42.8mm, and the power reserve time can be up to 72 hours when the minute question function is not used. The first Credor Spring Drive minute repeater will be available in December. The annual output is three.
Credor Spring Drive minute repeater
Model: GBLS998
Movement: 7R11
Manual winding
Hour, minute and second hands
Power reserve display
Decimal system question function
112 stone
Power reserve time: 72 hours (when the three questions function is not used)
Accuracy: monthly difference ± 15 seconds
Movement diameter: 36.6mm, thickness: 7.8mm
Case: 18k rose gold
Sapphire crystal back cover
Table diameter 42.8mm, thickness 14.0mm
Strap: crocodile leather strap with 18k rose gold tri-fold safety buckle
Glass: Anti-glare curved sapphire crystal
Suggested retail price in Japan: 34,650,000 yen

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