Golden Rooster Spring, Swatch Welcomes Chinese New Year

Along with the festive atmosphere, the Chinese Lunar New Year is coming soon. Swatch creates the special ‘Golden Rooster Spring’ (SUOZ226) for the 2017 Year of the Rooster and welcomes the Chinese New Year.

   Like Swatch’s precise sensitivity to time, the rooster symbolizes punctuality and due diligence in traditional Chinese culture-when night passes and dawn dawns, they always wake up the sleeping people with their full-powered tweets, welcoming every day Out. The rooster’s special rooster is printed on the dial of this year of the Rooster, which is intended to keep each wearer awake and punctual.

   The Chinese zodiac is one of the traditional Chinese timekeeping methods. Different animals mean different years, and twelve years are a round. In 2006, Swatch created the first special zodiac watch for the Year of the Dog. Since then, in order to celebrate the Chinese New Year, Swatch has launched a special version of the zodiac every year, and the twelfth year of the Rooster is the year of the rooster, and the Golden Rooster Spring is the perfect ending for this first cycle.

   The design style of this watch is derived from the art of Chinese paper-cutting. A proud red cock strides on the golden dial, which complements the colored silicone strap. In addition, the packaging of the 2017 Rooster Special Spring Watch ‘SUOZ226’ is also quite meaningful. The roaring rooster is presented among the spring red celosia, conveying the artistic style of traditional Chinese textile patterns. beauty of.

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Limited To 25 Zenith Columbus Skeleton Limited Edition Watches Released

Zenith launched a limited edition boutique watch for the Marcus boutique in London-Christophe Colomb Skeleton skeleton watch. Like the original Christopher Columbus watch released in 2010, the design is inspired by the legendary precision marine timer.

Christophe Colomb Skeleton Skeleton
The most breakthrough design of the watch is to set the regulator and escapement system in the frame of the automatic adjustment gyro module to ensure that the speed regulation mechanism can reduce the rate fluctuation in the flat position. Zenith said that the tourbillon fixed rate change will occur on average 4 to 6 positions, while the tilt and gyro tourbillon will change in more positions, but this is still inaccurate data. However, Zenith’s new patented system allows the escapement to be kept at a constant level, further reducing the rate of change.
  The Christopher Columbus skeleton watch is also equipped with the Academy 8804 manual winding movement, 45 gems, a frequency of 36,000 vibrations per hour, and a power reserve of 50 hours. Like the original, the case is made of 45mm white gold.
  Unlike the original Christopher Columbus watch, its dial and movement are hollow, and the wearer can clearly see the mysterious bottom plate, bridge and gears inside. The sapphire disk and blue steel hands at 12 o’clock indicate the hour and minute functions, the small seconds at 9 o’clock, and the power reserve indicator at 3 o’clock. Limited edition of 25 pieces, only available at the Marcus boutique in London. With black alligator leather strap, waterproof to 30 meters.

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