Earth And Moon Cartier’s New Tourbillon Dual Time Zone Moon Phase Watch Tasting

Cartier has never ceased to innovate in the field of high-end watches. Each new work will bring surprises. At the Baselworld 2014, Cartier’s many creative watches are unforgettable. . This time we will admire one of the Rotonde de Cartier ‘Earth and Moon’ tourbillon dual time zone moon phase watches. This is the fruit of Cartier’s determined innovation and technological breakthrough. Through bold display, it presents two complex functions side by side. The tourbillon breaks through its purely mechanical function, which is not only a guarantee of accurate travel time and excellent performance, but also integrates into the moon phase display, and the two complement each other. Official model: W1556222
 Cartier’s new tourbillon dual time zone moon phase watch is full of creativity, unique earth design and tourbillon incarnation of the moon, this watch is therefore named. The earth and moon together create a creative and dynamic universe, surrounded by three-dimensionally carved Roman numerals.

 Cartier ‘Earth and Moon’ tourbillon dual time zone moon phase watch has a blue lapis lazuli dial, the deep color is reminiscent of the vast universe. The 47mm platinum case combines tourbillon, on-demand moon phase display and second time zone display. The design is complex and refreshing.

 The moon phase display function of the watch not only has a unique display method, but also appears only at the request of the wearer, demonstrating a double innovative technological innovation. Touch the button at 4 o’clock on the side of the case, a window descends from the sky, hiding part of the tourbillon frame. The resulting crescent is just like a crescent moon.

   The Rotonde de Cartier ‘Earth and Moon’ tourbillon dual time zone moon phase watch uses a 24-hour dial to display the second time zone. The dial will rotate with the passage of time and display the corresponding time. This complex turntable display was carefully designed by Cartier Watch Workshop.

 As a complex function, the tourbillon device can only be mastered by a very small number of watchmakers. The main function of the tourbillon is to offset the effect of gravity when the watch is in a vertical state.

 The three-dimensional, three-dimensional dial is exquisite and exquisite. The beveled Roman numerals are bevelled by hand. The side of the case features a platinum bead-shaped crown set with a convex round sapphire.

 The watch is equipped with a Cartier 9440 MC workshop-finished manual winding mechanical movement. It is equipped with a tourbillon, dual time zone and on-demand moon phase display. It consists of 362 parts and can reach a power reserve of about 3 days after winding. Through the transparent back of the sapphire crystal, the exquisite 9440 MC semi-skeleton movement has a clear view.

 The semi-hollowed bridge on the back of the movement has a star design, which makes the 9440 MC movement’s decoration process more exquisite. The stars shining on the back of the watch reflect the moon and the earth on the dial of this precious timepiece.

Summary: With the Rotonde de Cartier ‘Earth and Moon’ tourbillon dual time zone moon phase watch, Cartier once again created a masterpiece of timepieces showing extraordinary creativity and extreme craftsmanship. A new and innovative watch, for the first time, incorporates three complex functions: a floating tourbillon, dual time zones and on-demand moon phases. A stone plate symbolizing the moon appears on the tourbillon, giving the moon phase display an unprecedented new meaning. The semi-opened star-shaped movement on the case back matches the theme of the watch ‘Earth and Moon’. The limited edition of Rotonde de Cartier ‘Earth and Moon’ Tourbillon Dual Time Zone Moon Phase Watch is limited to 50 pieces. The price is currently unknown.
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