Elegance Is A Connotation’ A Conversation With Longines Ambassador Guo Fucheng

On February 18, 2019, Swiss watchmaker Longines launched the new Concas diving series watch in Singapore, demonstrating the unlimited potential of this classic series to the public with a new design trend. On the day of the new product launch event, Guo Fucheng, the elegant image ambassador of Longines, came to the site to experience the outstanding performance and breakthrough spirit of the new timepiece with everyone. Before the event, we were fortunate to interview the brand image ambassador Mr. Guo Fucheng. Shinji had a sincere conversation.

Longines Elegant Ambassador Guo Fucheng @Watch House

Watch House: This time you attended the global launch of Longines’ new Concas diving series. Can you briefly introduce this watch? What features of it appeal to you?
  Guo Fucheng: Since 2005, the first event I attended after becoming an elegant ambassador for Longines was the launch of the Concas diving series, so I have deep feelings for this series. After 14 years, witnessing the new release of the Comcast diving series is also very meaningful to me. As a watch enthusiast, I really like the application of ceramics on this watch, which not only improves the performance of diving watches, but also has a sporty appearance and elegant style.
  Well, in daily life, I often wear watches. Here is a suggestion for you, that watch lovers must have at least two watches in their hands. In fact, this is not excessive, because you also need to wear clothes to match each other. Different Types. Then if I can only choose one watch, I will still choose the new Concas diving series watch, after all, it can be seamlessly integrated with a variety of dress styles.

Longines Concas Divers Watch Number: L3.781.4.96.6

Watch House: In modern times, when many people are accustomed to reading with mobile phones or electronic products, do you always keep the habit of wearing watches in private? What does a watch mean to you? What factors do you consider first when choosing a watch?
  Guo Fucheng: If it is really necessary to read easily, then it is certainly more convenient to wear a watch. Although the mobile phone has the function of reading time, it is generally put in the pocket, and the watch only needs to turn the wrist to read, it is very easy to operate, and for the phone, it is just one more time reading Function, not a traditional time reading tool. For modern times, in addition to the basic time reading function, everyone gives a watch a symbol of taste. For example, when you enter the workplace, if you wear a watch on your wrist, it will give you a punctuality and punctuality. Image, being a person with a good sense of attitude, where to grasp the time, the image points, giving people confidence, adding an advantage.
  And the watch belongs to a kind of value-preserving ‘jewelry’ type items, with absolute heritage, giving gifts is also the best choice. It can also be passed down by the elders, with precious emotions in it, and will not pass away. Doesn’t break, making it very meaningful.

Longines elegant ambassador Guo Fucheng wears Concas diving watch

Watch House: As an elegant ambassador for Longines, not only do you participate in Longines equestrian events, you are also a loyal horse fan, and the new horse under its name also achieved good results in Hong Kong last year. Aaron, how do you think the equestrian spirit fits with you?
  Guo Fucheng: First of all, you can see that the Marseille that participated in yesterday, today the scale of the event is becoming more and more huge, the audience at the scene has changed from a single to multiple people, and it can also allow relatives and friends to participate in it. This is also in line with Longines’’ The word ‘heritage’ allows a whole family to participate in this classic horse racing event. A watch produced in 1838 is displayed at the event, which confirms this profound history of Longines and equestrian development. Unprecedented time spirit. As a rider, if you want to truly be a human and a horse, and strive to get better results in more than a few seconds, Longines has witnessed the precise time of the horse during the hurdle, and the elegant equestrian rider is a perfect fit for ‘elegance’ II Word, so the most representative of equestrian sports is Longines.
  For me, I personally love the sport of horse racing. It can develop more potential, and it symbolizes the spirit of personal courage and unlimited development.
Watch House: Are there any upcoming movies you can share with us about your career?
  Aaron Kwok: The forthcoming films ‘The Wind is Coming Again’, ‘Secret Visitors’, and ‘Cold War 3’ are about to be released. By then, you can watch a completely different ‘Aaron Kwok’, I hope everyone will like it.
Watch House: As the “elegant image ambassador” of Longines, what is your interpretation of “elegant attitude”?
  Guo Fucheng: For me, ‘elegance is a kind of connotation’, and this kind of connotation is a kind of life experience and cultivation, a more concrete manifestation, and develops together with the traditional history of Longines.
  Through this conversation, we can get a deeper understanding. Whether in work or in life, Mr. Guo Fucheng pays great attention to the accuracy of time, punctuality and firm original intention. This is also his role as the elegant ambassador of Longines. The necessary foundation for many years, I believe he will achieve more brilliant moments in the future.

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Drawing On The Table With Jewelry Those Beautiful High Jewelry Watches

For ladies, jewelry is a decoration that allows them to shine on red carpets, dinners or an awards ceremony. Except for some high-definition clothing, jewelry seems to be able to Make yourself more radiant. But if it’s just jewellery, it always looks a little seductive, and its edge is too strong. So, is a watch with jewelry more appropriate?

Van Cleef & Arpels extraordinary dial watch series VCARO22F00

Product model: VCARO22F00
Domestic public price: 899000
Watch diameter: 38 mm
Movement type: automatic
Case material: White gold with diamonds
Case material: White gold with diamonds
Watch details:
Product Model: 384239-5009
Domestic public price: 820000
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Movement type: automatic
Case material: 18k rose gold / colored stones / diamonds
Water resistance: 50 meters
Case material: 18k rose gold / colored stones / diamonds
Watch details: PRIVÉ series H4587

Model: H4587
Domestic public price: 716,000
Watch diameter: 37.5 mm
Movement type: Quartz
Case material: 18k white gold set with 570 brilliant-cut round diamonds (approximately 3.14 carats)
Water resistance: 30 meters
Case material: 18k white gold set with 570 brilliant-cut round diamonds (approximately 3.14 carats)
Watch details: PRIVÉ series watches, let us see a noble, elegant, glamorous but unconventional Chanel, 18K white gold case, set with 570 diamonds, the dial is set with mother-of-pearl, and with different textures It presents a pure, ethereal, pure background, and on top of this is a smart feather that wants to have a diamond, the pointer is in the upper left corner, and a bright-cut diamond is also set in the middle. We certainly believe that the setting of diamonds will make the watch magnificent, but Chanel makes it beautiful and pure and natural, as it should be.
Summary: The charm of high-end jewelry watches never lies in how exquisite its watchmaking craftsmanship is, but the perfect blend of different forms between jewellery and watches to create the most perfect high-end products. Imagination in the space, painting with jewellery, let time flow in the pearly treasure, this is the noble atmosphere of the ladies and nobles.

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Hublot Classic Fusion Tourbillon Hollow Ferrari 250gto Watch

Hublot proudly presents a classic fusion tourbillon skeleton watch to commemorate the partnership with Ferrari, and at the same time to be sought after by car lovers around the world, the most collectible Ferrari 250GTO pay tribute. The Ferrari 250GTO was produced between 1962 and 1964, with a total of only 39 units produced. The fused Ferrari 250 GTO has a large 45 mm titanium case. The subtle design inspiration on the watch is drawn from the legendary Ferrari 250 GTO. First, the hollow-out tourbillon movement at 12 o’clock in the case uses a spring barrel shaped like a Ferrari 250 GTO wheel, which is rich in content. Second, Hublot carefully placed the Ferrari team’s famous Prancing Horse logo in the center of the dial. Instead of covering the entire logo on the watch, it makes the watch more refined and elegant. The material of the brown watch strap is reminiscent of the 60s Ferrari Barenia leather. The movement splint can be customized: owners can increase their number of chassis. Like many of their cars, only Ferrari owners can get this watch, which means that the Ferrari 250 GTO limited edition watch is exclusive to the owner of the Ferrari 250 GTO.

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