This Is Datograph’s Most Complicated Watch. Rigorous, Rare And Precious

Every year at SIHH, Lange will have a very flagship work, either complex or unique. This year is particularly unusual in my opinion. Lange brings a sophisticated chronograph watch— —Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon. From the name alone, we can already feel its extraordinary effect. Datograph has been launched since 1999, and it has taken less than 20 years, but it is already the most valuable and promising modern watch model in the international watch market. Perpetual refers to the perpetual calendar. It is the human dream of indicating eternal time. Tourbillon refers to the tourbillon. It is the watchmaker’s outstanding wisdom against gravity to improve the accuracy of mechanical time.

Lange Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon740.036FE (RMB 2,260,000)

   In the middle of this year, Lange held a new product appreciation salon in China, which included the most complicated watch of the Datograph series. There is no doubt that its arrival is a carnival for mechanical watch fans. The low-key and high-cold experience of the platinum case is far better than other precious metals, and the seemingly orderly dial and The arrangement of the movement is actually a set of strict logic and rigorous scientific calculations, which is particularly difficult to achieve in the field of micromechanics. This model of 740.036FE Datograph is limited to only 100 pieces in the world. Its preciousness is reflected in every aspect: the extremely complicated mechanical structure, the overall design embodying the essence of Lange watchmaking, the noble case material and the rarity.

Lange Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon

   It needs to be acknowledged that the Lange Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon is the most complicated chronograph this year and the most complicated model of the Datograph family. High-level complex watches are a difficult challenge and adventure for any watch factory. The watch factory not only needs to invest a lot of money and energy, but the cycle may be as long as 5 years or more, and Lange is not tired. The Lange Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon is an important upgrade of the 2006 Datograph Perpetual. Historically, timekeeping and perpetual calendars have been two extremely difficult functions to integrate, because both contain a large number of mechanical parts and have their own set of cooperation Structure, while the movement space is very limited, the integration of timekeeping and perpetual calendar functions needs to overcome at least three primary problems: the rational layout of the internal mechanical structure, the clear and regular presentation of the dial time, and the power distribution of the movement. Of course, the overall beauty must also be considered, so such watches often need to break some of the conventional designs inherent in chronographs and perpetual calendars. Facts have also proven that watches with chronographs and perpetual calendars enjoy a higher level in the entire watch type. Status.

L952.2 movement

   For Lange, the Datograph Perpetual watch has more challenges than ordinary perpetual calendar chronographs. The Datograph itself has a large jump calendar, a jump integral disc, a column wheel and a horizontal clutch structure, and a flyback function. It is a complex chronograph with special functions, far more complicated than the ordinary timekeeping group. Perpetual also has a deeper meaning for Lange. In addition to the instantaneous perpetual calendar indicator function that does not need to be adjusted until 2100, it also has a high-precision moon phase indicator that has an error of one day every 122.6 years. A quick correction button adjusts all displays simultaneously. So, in terms of complexity, it can be proud of its peers.

Tourbillon with diamond axe

   In 2006, Datograph Perpetual helped Lange to complete the difficult combination of timing and perpetual calendar. In 2016, Lange Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon challenged the distribution of mechanical power. Because the tourbillon requires more mechanical space than the ordinary balance wheel, the L952.2 movement carried in the Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon was first slightly adjusted on the movement layout, and changed the position of some of the original timing and perpetual calendar structures in order to accommodate The ‘behemoth’ of the lower tourbillon. But I don’t think this is the biggest difficulty of this movement. Its problem lies in how to solve the power distribution problem. Compared to the Lange L952.1 movement used in the Datograph Perpetual watch, the tourbillon added to the L952.2 movement requires much more energy consumption and torque than the ordinary balance wheel. Therefore, the L952.2 movement has several places that compare loss of kinetic energy. One is the momentary jump in the timing and perpetual calendar, the other is the power consumption of the entire structure when the timing is on, and the other is the tourbillon. The L952.1 movement solves the power balance between the clockwork and the perpetual calendar module, so the L952.2 needs to solve the problem of how to provide sufficient torque to the tourbillon.
   The size of the L952.1 movement is 32mm * 8mm, which provides 36 hours of power on the full chain, and the size of the L952.2 movement is 32.6mm * 9mm, which provides 50 hours of power on the full chain. The larger size of the L952.2 movement, on the one hand, is to make room for the tourbillon, on the other hand, due to power issues, Lange specially uses a larger barrel, longer spring, so despite the increase The tourbillon, but even more powerful than before. Of course, it would be more perfect if a constant power spring could be added before the tourbillon.
Datograph family
   The Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon is the master of the Datograph family. It has the design standards of the Datograph chronograph in 1999, combines the complexity of the Datograph Perpetual in 2006, and the kinetic indicator of the Datograph Up / Down in 2012. Perhaps this is not At its peak, who knows how deep Lange is about complex paranoia?

Lange Datograph 403.035 (RMB 643,000)

   The Datograph family is a very interesting topic, and I really like a comment given by someone that ‘it has never been copied, because no one can do anything about it.’ From the very beginning of the launch of the Lange Datograph, it is in stark contrast to the high-end chronographs that existed at the time. Its originality makes people stand out. The large calendar window at 12 o’clock strikes people’s traditional concept of date indication. The square timing button, the top caters to the curve of the case, and makes the corresponding arc. The Lange sword-shaped hour and minute hands, and the extended central seconds hand at the tail all look so sharp and subtle. The surface of the movement’s steel parts is polished to complement the warm German silver plywood. Since the launch of the first four watches by Lange in 1994, this is the first time that you have seen the attitude of a chronograph movement under German elements. Lange has not disappointed everyone. It is different from all advanced chronographs. The beauty with the most intuitive visual impact.

Lange Datograph Perpetual410.025FE (RMB 1,389,000)

Lange Datograph Perpetual410.038 E (RMB 984,000)

   The Datograph watch lays down the basic elements of the family members. Although the Datograph family has grown larger over the past 17 years, it has remained intact. In 2006, after Lange introduced Datograph watches in various materials, Lange entered the top of the chronograph category with a Datograph Perpetual. In the field of collections, overly sophisticated watches are not popular because of their scarce production, high prices, and few appearances. In addition to three questions and three questions, the perpetual calendar chronograph is another category of collectors that is constantly heating up. As mentioned earlier, chronographs and perpetual calendars are intricate and difficult to integrate, so when the Lange Datograph Perpetual was launched, this watch attracted much attention. At that time, there were only a handful of truly modern modern chronographs. Lange integrated the brand’s original perpetual calendar system with Datograph. Its instant jump indicator and precise moon phase are rigorous and very Lange.

Lange Datograph Up / Down405.035 (RMB 686,000)

   In 2012, Lange realized that the original Datograph family watch still had a problem that was not solved, that is, the power was too short. Before that, the watch of the Datograph family could only maintain 36 hours of full-winding power, which was mainstream in the entire mainstream. The hand-wound movement is short. Therefore, Lange launched the Datograph Up / Down in this year. On the surface, it only adds a power reserve display based on the Datograph, but in fact the movement has been fine-tuned. The L951.6 movement is equipped with more powerful kinetic energy. It can be maintained for 60 hours on the full chain, which has improved nearly one Times, it solves the problem that the owner of the watch needs to be chained frequently. Since then, the Lange Datograph family began to use this design extensively, even for advanced and complex watches, the power can be maintained at about 50 hours.
Summary: From the perspective of product categories, the Datograph Perpetual Tourbillon is a peak adventure after the Lange Datograph Perpetual watch. From the ‘blood’ of the Datograph family, it is obviously closer to the Datograph Perpetual Up / Down launched in 2015. Finally, use a sentence that you may have heard to finish off ‘Datograph is my favorite chronograph all the time’, yes, this is what famous independent watchmaker Mr. Phillip Dufour said.

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