What If The Antimagnetic 15,000 Gaussian Omega Encounters 70,000 Gauss?

It is not too late to get to the topic. Before that, we saw that watch enthusiasts used a magnet (to be precise, a neodymium magnet) to perform an experiment on the Omega aqua terra 15000 Gauss watch with an antimagnetic ability of 15,000 Gauss, which is the familiar Omega ‘bee pin’ See if Omega 15000 Gaussian antimagnetic can really resist the magnetism. At that time, this neodymium magnet with a size of 1/3 palm had a magnetic force of about 4,000 Gauss. The magnetic force of 4000 Gauss is still far away from the Omega 15000 Gauss. In the experiment, the magnet was attached to the watch, and the Omega 15000 Gauss antimagnetic ‘bee pin’ did not move, and the watch was not affected at all. After testing, it was found that because the Omega seahorse aqua terra 15000 Gaussian watch uses a stainless steel case, the magnetic force of the neodymium magnet actually remains on the case, but the residual magnetic field will not enter the movement at all. Normal operation has no effect.

The neodymium magnet with a magnetic force of 4000 Gauss shows that the magnetic force is already very strong.

The Omega hippocampus aqua terra 15000 Gaussian ‘bee needle’ is completely unaffected by magnetic fields.
   Neodymium magnets are the highest commercially available magnets found today, but they are only 4,000 Gauss, which is at best less than one-third of the Omega Co-Axial movement’s 15,000 Gauss magnetic resistance. So is there nothing that can generate magnetic force above the level of Omega? of course not. Someone tested the Omega 15,000 Gaussian anti-magnetic coaxial watch with a magnetic field of up to 70,000 Gauss.

Co-Axial Caliber 8900 used by Omega Zumba Watch (top) and Zumba (bottom)
   Here’s the thing. Several foreign watch enthusiasts (I will not reveal their identity here), got an Omega Zamba, yes, it is the Zamba watch using the latest Omega 8900 Coaxial coaxial movement. They also know that there is nothing in daily life that can produce an Omega 15,000 Gauss horizontal magnetic field. How can you test the ultimate antimagnetic ability of Omega Coax? Until one day they learned that the local hospital had an MRI machine, which could generate a magnetic field of up to 70,000 Gauss. They immediately agreed with the hospital staff. Without the official knowledge of Omega, they took the new Zunba to the hospital and used an NMR tester to test what the limit of the Omega Co-Axial movement was. So the experiment started.

A nuclear magnetic resonance instrument capable of generating a 70,000 Gauss magnetic field.
   Before the experiment, the running error of the watch was normal. Then they put the watch in an MRI machine. The nuclear magnetic resonance instrument began to work, and the magnetic field reached 60,000 Gauss in an instant, which was four times the level of 15,000 Gauss on the Omega To Coaxial. They imitated the method used by METAS to test the Omega Co-Axial movement, changing the watch’s angle, position and dwell time in an NMR instrument, and then testing the movement of the watch. After experiencing the ‘destruction’ of 60,000 Gauss, the Omega 8900 Zhizhen coaxial movement is all normal, and the travel time is still within the normal error. This group of people felt that it was not enough, and decided to try the maximum value of 70,000 Gauss. They put the watch into the nuclear magnetic resonance instrument again, and the magnetic field reached 70,000 Gauss, which was close to 5 times the antimagnetic level of the Omega Coaxial calibration. Finally, the people inside said the watch stopped. Omega stopped the second hand in Zumba’s magnetic field of 70,000 Gauss. But this is not over. When people removed this Zunba from the magnetic environment, the watch continued to run. They then tested the movement of the watch and found that the movement error of the watch was still normal, which was completely within the 0-5 second daily error stipulated by Omega Zhenzhen Observatory.

Omega Observatory certification is an Omega unique observatory standard jointly launched by Omega and the Swiss Federal Institute of Metrology.
   Later, it was speculated that the short suspension of Omega Zunba’s operation in the 70,000 Gauss magnetic field was due to the short stop of the watch due to the disturbed airflow in the high-intensity magnetic field environment. After testing, it was found that even in the 70,000 Gauss environment, the magnetic field is only Stayed on the watch case and did not enter the movement.

Omega 8900 to Zhen coaxial movement disassembly diagram
Why can Omega Co-Axial movement withstand high magnetic fields?

   Before the launch of Omega’s Co-Axial movement, which had an antimagnetic level of 15,000 Gauss (obviously, the actual situation is far more than 15000 Gauss), the antimagnetic of the watch was achieved by a soft iron inner casing that wrapped the movement. With the development of watchmaking technology, Rolex Milgauss once claimed a 1000 Gauss antimagnetic level, in a soft iron inner shell, and using a new non-magnetic Parachrom blue niobium hairspring, which has greatly improved the antimagnetic ability, far more than 1000 Gauss. Some data have inferred that the Rolex MILGAUSS including the soft iron inner shell can actually achieve a magnetic protection level of at least 7000 Gauss. Omega uses a new anti-magnetic concept, instead of using an anti-magnetic soft iron inner shell. Instead, all key parts of the movement are made of non-magnetic materials. The Omega Co-Axial movement uses a non-magnetic Si 14 balance spring, and the balance spring dampers are made of liquid metal. The highly susceptible balance wheel shaft and shaft tip are also made of non-magnetic materials. Omega’s new anti-magnetic concept allows the watch to have a strong anti-magnetic ability, while also using a transparent bottom cover, dial calendar window. The traditional anti-magnetic watch using a soft iron inner case not only cannot penetrate the bottom, the dial cannot be opened, and the pointer shaft must be very thin.

The soft iron inner case of the traditional anti-magnetic watch has a soft iron inner case inside the case back.
   The use of non-magnetic materials made of Omega Co-Axial movements has a very high antimagnetic limit. The statement of 15,000 Gauss can only say that Omega’s expression leaves a lot of room for concealment of the true strength of the new Co-Axes movements.

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Solving Gifts For Men: What Tables Do Women Like?

Seeing the title of the article, many men must have begun to fluctuate in their hearts, or there are countless long-sentences that want to spit out: Some people will say that women want money, the more expensive the watch The more I like it, some people will say that women want diamonds, and the more diamonds sparkle, the deeper the feelings; others will say that women want love, and it doesn’t matter if they give it or not. However, based on the need for a limited range of discussions, we do not need everyone to express their opinions. The following is only from the perspective of women, to provide you with a table of ideas, for reference only, it is understandable. It is said that men need a good watch, which can show the connotation and urge men to mature as soon as possible. In fact, women want to hold a watch in their hearts. So what watch do women most want men to send?

 Reference 1: Gorgeous Temperament-Without Money

  There are several types of women. There are temperament women who adore nobleness, pay attention to quality, and have the appearance of ladies. They have the image of self-reliance, resolute popularity, and urban white-collar women. They have dreamlike women who love freedom and are full of fantasy. There are virtuous and virtuous, gentle and kind, virtuous wives and mothers with family as the main body … For the first type of women, they are often people who pay attention to appearance and quality of life. Gorgeous and noble are unshakable in her world, they always So high, regard pride and honor as synonymous with life. For such a woman, there are few zeros behind the number that can’t impress her heart. Men’s gifts must be their best (advice: rich people, don’t enter the wire).

  Piaget LimelightGala Collection

  As a commemoration of love and a symbol of beauty, the most precious symbolic symbol in cultural background is diamond. Dazzling diamonds are not only a symbol of nobility, but also a blessing of eternal love. The sparkling diamonds will make women all over the world go crazy, setting diamonds on watches, telling the romance in female life With passion.
  This Piaget LimelightGala series watch has a feminine figure, and with the rotation of the hands, it engraves its unique mark in the streamer. The curvy case is crafted in 18K white gold and the silver dial is engraved with black Roman numerals.

  The two elegantly extended lugs round off the round case, and the naturally sexy arc is even more pronounced by the small and large single-row diamond setting. The 62 beautiful diamonds inlaid extremely shine the charm of modern women. At the intersection of art design and jewelry setting, Piaget once again interpreted the eternal charm of time with creative creativity. This watch is worthy of women’s wrist. .

  Vacheron Constantin Malta small model

  As the saying goes, ‘low-income people watch time with a wall clock, middle-income people watch time with a mobile phone, high-income people watch time with a watch.’ Any man wants to give his best watch to his beloved partner.

  In addition to traditional round watches, women also have control over square or barrel-type watches. The slim shape of the new Malte small model watch is like a feminine figure, the classic curve design reflects pure and elegant modern temperament, and it is particularly glamorous under the background of diamonds.

  The case size is 28.40×38.67 mm, which is perfect for women’s slender wrists. The silver-white dial with small hands, the small dial is located at six o’clock. The transparent cask-shaped bottom case that complements the case clearly shows the 1400 manual winding movement developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin. The watch comes with a Mississippi crocodile leather strap or a silk strap, and the semi-Maltese cross pinhole buckle is available in diamond or diamondless styles, expressing the feminine charm.

 Reference 2: Fashion Domineering-Playing with Personality

  A strong woman is a name that sounds awesome and daunting. Whoever you are, when you hear these three words, the image of a cold woman wearing a blue-gray suit, with a bun, a stubborn smile, and a mouthful of scolding to his subordinates! Even if they are strong women, there is a new one that needs protection under the tough appearance. They are never willing to lose but are willing to lose to a man, because that is a kind of love, but also a kind of self-protection.

  Rolex Women’s Date Watch

  Nowadays, not only men can understand Rolex, women are more eager to have Rolex. With the acceleration of women’s professionalization, women’s needs are more diversified. They also have a stronger appetite for careers, eager for success, power, status … This Rolex watch can definitely meet women’s personal watches. Demand. In the compact case of the Oyster Perpetual Women’s Date Watch, which is only 26 mm, many exquisite technologies unique to the Rolex Date Watch are condensed. The exquisite colors and brilliance on the surface, noble materials and glittering diamonds add charm to this daily wear gem.

  This watch condenses elegance and unique functions in a small and exquisite case. The golden metallic luster exudes noble temperament. It adopts the ancient Roman numerals. The six o’clock scale is also set with engraved gemstones. Each is hand-operated. Carefully selected to ensure that the precious colors on the watch have the same color. The calendar display window at 3 o’clock magnifies the calendar display by 2.5 times and is easy to read.

  For Rolex, time and precision are the keys to achieving extraordinary beauty. The watch is equipped with a 2235 automatic winding movement, completely developed by Rolex, and has been certified by the Swiss official timepiece. This movement has the same structure as all oyster movements and has unparalleled reliability.

  Bvlgari SERPENTI

  In the 1960s, Bulgari first introduced a realistic-style serpentine watch. While maintaining its graceful style, it incorporated the unique geometric structure of the BVLGARI “Tubogas” (wrapped by a gold net) series, showing unique Timeless detached aesthetic style.

  Serpenti double-circle quartz watch in rose gold with 18K rose gold case set with round brilliant-cut diamonds. Black sapphire dial, 18K rose gold snake-shaped single-ring bracelet set with round brilliant-cut diamonds and onyx. Bvlgari customizes the Swiss movement Calibre B033, which is decorated with Geneva waves. It continuously and wisely reinterprets this serpentine and serpentine figure, which perfectly combines the complete color matching, gilding and watchmaking of handmade jewellery, thus giving this immortal icon carrying a timeless classic a powerful, unique, Unparalleled vitality.

  Watches, collars, bracelets, glasses and handbags-all Bvlgari Serpenti creations contain the power of a ‘snake’ totem. Serpenti was inspired by ancient Greek and Roman mythology, a tribute to the bloodline of SotirisBoulgaris, the founder of Bvlgari. To this day, the world-renowned snake-like legendary design continues to climb to the peak of perfection, cleverly interpreting the Bulgari brand’s creative spirit.

 Reference 3: Low-key and Plain Articles-Filigree Can Control

  There is a kind of woman who does not need gorgeous high heels, luxury bags, sweet words, your intimacy, they do not have the domineering leakage of strong women, they do not have the innocent dreams of little women, they would rather take off for love. ‘ The princess’ coat is divided into your delicious dinner when you are off work, and you can make a cup of refreshing coffee while you are working. Such a good wife and mother-type woman, they do not care about the value of gifts, but sincere.

  Louis Vuitton TambourMonogram

  First of all, the reason for choosing a fashion watch is that women who often live in homes actually look forward to having gorgeous decoration. Some things can be used but they must be owned. Once they are needed, they can be easily grasped. Such a woman, if you send her a LV, she will remember deeply and be satisfied. A LV fashion watch allows her to freely feminine charm when she wants to dress up.

  In the past 100 years, the world has undergone many changes, and people’s pursuits and aesthetic concepts have also changed. However, Louis Vuitton not only has a reputation of arrogance, but it has maintained an unparalleled charm. The elegant TambourMonogram 28 mm watch is made of stainless steel, with exquisite workmanship and a size that is very suitable for women’s wrists. The design of this model is simple. The silvery white dial is decorated with a sunray pattern and 8 diamond scales for easy reading. The reversible Tambour case is thin and comfortable, and the dial is embossed with Monogram patterns. With black calfskin strap, beautiful and atmospheric.

  Longines Masterpieces

  Longines possesses extraordinary horological craftsmanship and precision technology, dedicated to the best of watchmaking aesthetics. Adhering to modern design and precise quality, it is a perfect combination of elegant attitude and precise timepieces. Every Longines watch delivered to customers is a timeless treasure.

  The Longines Master L2. watch has a simple design and smooth lines. The silver-white dial has no excessive decoration, has basic timekeeping functions and date display, and a calendar display window at three o’clock. The watch with a gear crown is always the finishing touch of the watch, which doubles the mechanical and rhythmic beauty of the watch. The gold bracelet reveals a noble and elegant luster between the hands and wrists, and the butterfly buckle is a combination of simplicity and classics. The high-quality Swiss movement is used to maximize the accuracy of the timing. Through the transparent glass on the back, you can feel the internal structure of the movement.
  If you do n’t limit your gift to a watch and abandon those thoughts of luxury or comparison, from a woman’s emotional point of view, the best gift is your partner’s concern for you, do n’t care what you send, mainly because you remember This festival of expressing love filled her heart with love and made her feel steady happiness. This is the most beautiful gift.

Summary: As the years go by and the appearance changes, women’s greatest enemy is time, but the wristwatch framed the quiet time in a space. Women need a wristwatch to witness those beautiful years. Brand watchmakers are definitely more aware of women’s minds than you, and they are in line with women’s aesthetics in terms of design and aesthetics. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

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