How Lange Makes ‘made In Germany’ A Quality Assurance

125 years ago, the British government required importers to indicate the origin of their goods. This is to remind consumers to beware of cheap products mainly from Germany. But Britain’s plan failed: Germany responded to the allegations with a quality offensive. Lange also helps “Made in Germany” become a quality guarantee with accurate and reliable watches. Since its founding in 1845, this Saxony watch factory has always been focusing on top quality.

 Quality assurance ‘Made in Germany’: Lange DATOGRAPH UP / DOWN.

The brothers, Richard and Amy Lange, of Saxony, were calm about the bill passed by the British House of Commons on August 23, 1887. After all, their father Ferdinando Adolf Lange focused on perfection more than 40 years ago: ‘We understand that high-quality craftsmanship will benefit our customers, and we know that in order to satisfy our customers, we must provide the best watches. . ‘Ferdinando Adolf Lange kept his promise with a series of precise and reliable pocket watches, spreading Saxony’s reputation for precision watchmaking far beyond Germany.

But for other German companies, the ‘Commodity Marking Act’ has become a fatal blow-indeed, German companies often make inferior counterfeit products. Benefiting from low wages and long working hours, they can sell their products at extremely low prices. One of the referees at the Philadelphia World’s Fair in 1876, German mechanical engineer Franz Reuleaux came to a stern conclusion: ‘German products are of low quality and of poor quality.’ This harsh criticism triggered a series of self-reviews. Since then, the quality of German products has continued to improve, especially in terms of cost performance.

In 1897, British Colonial Secretary Chamberlain pointed out in his report that German clocks were ‘cheaper, more attractive and more advanced.’ ‘Made in Germany’ was once a word of shame, but now it has become a free promotion. This is why German companies label the place of production of their exports. As a result, the German economy thrived: from the founding of the German Empire in 1871 to World War I, German industrial production increased sixfold and exports quadrupled. For Lange, this also has practical benefits. At the end of the 19th century, this leading German watch factory became a world-renowned brand under the quality guarantee of ‘Made in Germany’.

后 After World War II, ‘Made in Germany’ was equal to Germany’s post-war economic miracle ‘Wirtschaftswunder’. Numerous surveys have also confirmed that ‘Made in Germany’ is still a guarantee of quality today, and it represents durability, precision and perfection around the world. These are the values ​​that have always inspired Lange watchmakers. As a result, the “Made in Germany” logo remains prominent on the dial of every Lange timepiece.

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