Identity Choice Vacheron Constantin 47751/000r-9351 Women’s Watch

Vacheron Constantin is one of the most famous watch factories in the world. With ancient watchmaking technology and excellent design craftsmanship, it can always design unique styles. Since the development of Vacheron Constantin, there have been many fans, and today I will bring you the 47751 / 000R-9351 watch of the Vacheron Constantin series.
 The appearance of 47751 / 000R-9351 is luxurious, with a diameter of 42.5 mm. The case is made of 18k rose gold and is set with 88 round diamonds totaling 0.83 carats. As a result, the eyes are full of pearls and jewels, I believe that wearing it will definitely show the status of the wearer. The crown material is also 18k rose gold. It is a screw-in design that enhances the water resistance of the model. The crown has the unique logo of Vacheron Constantin ‘Maltese Cross’, which always shows Vacheron Constantin’s pursuit of optimal quality and this watch Of high quality. The calendar dial, the second time zone dial, the power reserve dial, and the day and night indicator are regularly distributed on the dial, which enriches the dial’s content.

 Among them, the white crescent on the black night sky on the day and night display plate is in sharp contrast, and the diamonds around the dial are set against the background. And the patterns gathered by the diamonds are like gears and rudders in the hands of navigators, guiding people to ride the waves in the vast sea. The white alligator strap is like the Zhang Baifan on the sea, catering to the vertical and horizontal. Four seas theme.
Vacheron Constantin 47751 / 000R-9351 is very comprehensive, with basic hours, minutes and seconds display, as well as practical calendar display, day and night display, second time zone time display and power reserve display function. And all the functions are completed by the indicator dial, which is clearly presented on the dial. The dark-colored Arabic numerals are very clear on the light-toned dial, which improves the legibility of time. The second time zone display is a very useful feature that can reduce a lot of trouble for friends who are away, so they are deeply loved by them. The power reserve indicator is also a very powerful function for an automatic mechanical watch. With it, we can know whether a watch that has not been used for a period of time still has power and needs to be readjusted. The day and night display function is designed for explorers and donkeys who like outdoor sports. When they enter the deep valley of the deep forests or forests or encounter bad weather outside, so that the day and night display function is not seen Come in handy. This watch also has a waterproof function with a depth of 15 meters, which can be easily waterproof, but it should not be exposed to too much water.

 The movement used in 47751 / 000R-9351 is Cal.1222SC, the movement diameter is 26.6 mm, and the movement thickness is 4.85 mm. Produced by Vacheron Constantin, it guarantees the quality and high performance of the movement. The movement consists of 153 parts, of which 34 gems are applied, which greatly improves the wear resistance of the movement and prolongs the service life of the movement and even the watch. The number of shocks of 28,800 per hour ensures the stability of the watch. The 40-hour power reserve can basically meet our daily needs.
 Vacheron Constantin 47751 / 000R-9351 has a gorgeous appearance, dazzling rose gold and shiny diamonds, which can well show the wearer’s distinguished identity. The white strap with gold-red case exudes pure elegance. It is comprehensive and can fulfill many special needs in addition to daily life. The entire watch is the crystallization of Vacheron Constantin’s more than 250 years of watchmaking technology, so it has good quality assurance and high artistic value. Every watch of Vacheron Constantin is not mass-produced, so it also has a certain appreciation space. At a price of more than 400,000 yuan, it is not only a watch that is purchased, but also a distinguished identity, and may even be an investment , Can be described as a good choice.
 Watch details: vacheron / 14913 /

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Tiger Tag Heuer Welcomes The ‘cold Face’ Sportsman Zhang Han Visits Tag Heuer Watchmaking Factory

During the Baselworld 2015, the popular actor Zhang Han, known as the ‘Leng Ye’, visited the Tag Heuer watchmaking factory in the Swiss town of La Chaux-de-Fonds to explore and study traditional Swiss watchmaking The mystery of the craft.

   Accompanied and guided by a professional watchmaker, Zhang Han watched the production process of precision watches and personally experienced the assembly of the movement. His full-fledged attitude and meticulous attitude towards the standby core revealed the introverted and careful side of the ‘cold-faced’ sportsman. Zhang Han admits that he truly realized that behind the birth of each TAG Heuer watch, there is a patient work of watchmakers’ excellence. Their extreme pursuit of detail, their passion and dedication to watchmaking are admirable.

   Zhang Han’s watch factory tour tried on the brand new Tag Heuer Monaco V4 PHANTOM watch at the Basel Watch Fair. This watch cleverly combines fashion design with cutting-edge watch manufacturing technology, and uses CMC (carbon-based composite material) to create its case and movement splint, presenting a very modern ‘matte black vertical matte’ appearance . In the manufacture of the movement, it is a subversion of traditional energy transmission methods: it is equipped with the famous micro-sawtooth transmission belt, and the linear oscillating weight moves on a track and its ball bearings.

About TAG Heuer:

   Pioneering Swiss watchmaking since 1860. The brand’s deep heritage stems from the constant transcendence of limits and the breaking of rules: to break through technical limitations with a fortitude and fortitude to create bold watches and chronographs. The long-term cooperation with the racing team and the charm ambassador has pushed the brand to break through the watchmaking tradition and grasp the time with unparalleled precision. The brand’s racing genes and the dream elite’s sports elite have deeply reflected TAG Heuer’s core values ​​of ‘team spirit, strong will, courage and ambition’. For TAG Heuer, ‘Fear no challenge, be yourself’ is more than a slogan-it’s an attitude.

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