Ulysse Nardin Singapore Flagship Store Opens

ULYSSE NARDIN and its exclusive retail partner The Hour Glass are proud to announce the grand opening of Singapore’s first flagship store at Marina Bay Sands. The brand has been working closely with The Hour Glass for more than 20 years and has maintained a close relationship. The new ULYSSE NARDIN independent store symbolizes an important milestone in the close cooperation between The Hour Glass and independent watchmakers.

 He Bokai, Chief Executive Officer of ULYSSE NARDIN, said, ‘We are very excited and proud to host the opening ceremony of the ULYSSE NARDIN Singapore store. The brand has been in Singapore for over 20 years through The Hour Glass. The new store is an affirmation of the brand’s deep cultivation in the local area. .This is a gradual development leap of ULYSSE NARDIN, which marks the growth of the brand; at the same time, it is also an opportunity to provide guests with a completely different brand-new experience in this exciting and chic and elegant retail environment. . ‘

 The store’s decoration provides an unprecedented retail experience. The ULYSSE NARDIN store occupies nearly 1,000 square feet and is currently the brand’s largest store in Asia. The watch store showcases the entire Swiss brand’s entire watch collection, from its legendary nautical astronomical watch to award-winning high-end sophisticated watches, as well as exquisite gemstone mechanical treasures specially designed for ladies, making watch lovers feasting.

 Modeled on the wooden stripe facade of ULYSSE NARDIN’s booth in Basel, Switzerland, the Singapore store has a three-dimensional three-dimensional arched globe outside the store. It is built with reference to the brand’s famous ‘Imagination of the Moon’ astronomical watch. Surrounded by a large ocean porthole, the color of the arched earth will change with the change of light, which reflects the brand’s unique and innovative spirit.

 ULYSSE NARDIN opens Singapore’s first flagship store

Referring to the design of the brand’s famous ‘Imagination of the Moon’ astronomical watch, the Singapore store has a three-dimensional three-dimensional arched globe outside the store, which is unique and innovative.