Swiss Plum Watch Master Seriesmaster Series

When it comes to Swiss watch brands, there is a brand that everyone is very familiar with, and this is the plum watch. In the memory of many people, in the ‘Three Major Pieces’ that swept the country in the 1970s, although the expressions of the watch brands were not completely consistent, in many versions, there were plum blossoms. Decades ago, Torx was one of your favorite luxury watch brands. In it, there are too many beautiful and profound memories that we cannot forget.
Swiss Torx Master Series
More than 30 years of reform and opening up, despite the rapid economic development of our motherland, more and more high-end watch brands have entered the domestic market. The origin of the brand still firmly occupies its due market share in the domestic watch market, and has always been innovating and developing.
格林 The town of Glinken, located under the Jurassic Mountains, is a famous Swiss watchmaking industry. There are many world-renowned watch brands, and Swiss plum watch is one of them. 1919 was a turning year. The First World War had passed and people were full of hope for the future. And Switzerland, a small, neutral country at the heart of Europe, has seen its forces of innovation come back to life after suffering. Glockentown, a place far from the hustle and bustle of the city, the watch industry quietly rises. The local government confirmed that 45 businesses were established here between 1900 and 1920. One of the companies that opened was Mr. Slop, born in the town of Bernenau. He passed the national apprenticeship exam of ‘Lever escapement clock installation’ before he was 18 years old. He felt that he had enough experience and ability. In 1919, he established his own watch studio in Greenen under the name of Felco. There were only three employees at the time. Based on the design concept of ‘small and exquisite’, this highly skilled watchmaker has perfectly combined with the reputation of precision and quality in Switzerland, and has established a good reputation for the brand from the beginning.
As a small Swiss company, the founder and his descendants relied on their extraordinary vision and luck to successfully use the TITONI Swiss plum watch as the brand name in the 1950s, and became famous in China, a great country. From then on, for the Chinese, TITONI plum blossom watch stands for strength and durability, which fully accords with the characteristics of plum blossoms. Plum watch has always adhered to the ‘quality first’ principle, focusing on the production of precision, reliable and durable mechanical watches, established the image of ‘mechanical process’ around the world, and won consumers’ favor and trust in plum watches. Laid a noble position. Every year, TITONI company has excellent watchmaking skills and experienced craftsmen, using advanced watchmaking equipment in the plant, tirelessly produce high-quality ‘Made in Switzerland’ watches. The brand has been in existence for three generations and has been owned and operated by the founder’s Shrop family. This rare and typical independent family watch company in Switzerland has always insisted that each watch is assembled by the original factory in the Swiss headquarters of Grinken to ensure its quality and fully demonstrate TITONI’s strict and precise production standards.
As early as 1959, Plum Watch successfully entered the Chinese market. Therefore, China is one of the most important markets for Plum Watch. Due to the rapid development of China’s economy and the huge purchase potential of consumers, Plum Blossom Watch has accelerated the development of the Chinese market. In addition, for decades, Swiss plum watch has served the market with its unwavering spirit and sincere and loyal attitude, which has made the brand famous. In recent years, TITONI has continued to prosper and continue to increase its market share. In order to enable consumers to better understand the brand concept, TITONI is determined to reshape the brand and has opened specialty stores in Beijing, Guangzhou, Jinan, Zhengzhou and Hong Kong. These stores allow customers to become familiar with TITONI’s full range of watches and enjoy the excellent service of the best watchmakers. In addition, TITONI has opened four flagship stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing and Hong Kong in order to provide customers with more comprehensive services, and also proves the importance of the plum brand to the Chinese market.

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Tuduo Kaicheng Biwan Type 41

This watch’s case diameter is 41 mm, with a slim middle case and a polished steel fixed bezel, the classic of the TUDOR Heritage Black Bay watch The aesthetic features are vividly displayed. It has both elegance and sportiness, and accurately grasps the essence of the Biwan series in a formal and rigorous style.

   The TUDOR Heritage Black Bay 41 retains the overall shape of the Bidwan series, with a more solemn appearance, coexisting with elegance and sportiness. In particular, the redesigned middle case has become slimmer, allowing the watch to slide easily into the shirt cuff. Adhering to the same spirit, this model uses a flat sapphire crystal surface, which is different from the arched mirror surface of other models in the Biwan series. It also has a polished steel fixed outer ring to create a simple effect.
Blue Bay Essence
   Like the other models in the Biwan collection, the dial design of the Kai Cheng Biwan 41 watch also draws inspiration from the 1950s Tudor diver’s watch into an elegant black lacquered style. This model uses a well-known angular pointer called ‘Snowflake’ which is familiar to most collectors. This distinctive pointer appeared in the brand’s 1969 catalog. In addition, the new watch also has a large winding crown, which is typical of the first generation of Tudor diving watches with a water resistance of 200 meters (660 feet).
Comes with two straps

   The Kai Cheng Biwan Model 41 is available with a steel strap and a steel discount brown strap, and each comes with an additional urban camouflage textured strap. The textured strap is made using the traditional Jacquard process in the French St-Etienne region. It is a feature of Tudor’s Kai Cheng series, which originated from a local family business with a 150-year history.
Kai Cheng Series

   Speaking of the main characteristics of the Tudor Kai Cheng series, I have to mention its unique creative process: reinterpret the brand classics, eclectic and freely play. The first result was the TUDORHeritage Chrono, launched in 2010, a reinterpretation of the first Tudor chronograph that appeared in 1970. Since then, some of the most important masterpieces in Tudor history have been reborn with a new attitude in the Kai Cheng series. This series of watches is not simply a classic replica, but a fusion of traditional aesthetic characteristics and contemporary watchmaking technology. Biwan, as the outstanding series of Tudor Kai Cheng watches, embodies Tudor’s more than 60 years of diving watch making experience, which can be described as the perfect example of the classic design of the brand.

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