The Charm Of Mechanical Manufacturing The Editor Takes You To Understand The Three Major German Watch Brands

Many people’s impressions of Germany may still be on cars. The world’s most influential car brands Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, and Porsche are all located in Germany, and the famous car brand Opel was also born in Germany ( Now belongs to American General Motors). In fact, in addition to cars, German watches are also very good, often with unique styles. Because German industry pays more attention to technology, factories have high technical content, strong functionality, and durable products. Therefore, the German watch industry also maintains this tradition, and the charm of mechanical manufacturing lies in Germany. Next, the editor will take you into the territory of Germany and appreciate the toughness of German clocks.

 From the end of World War II, with blemishes and ruins, Germany has become a world economic power today and stands shoulder to shoulder with its former victors. It is inseparable from the unity and unity of the Germans, and also thanks to the diligent and dedicated national characteristics of the Germans. Pursue efficiency in work and perfection. The Germans attach great importance to the efficiency of time use and plan things very well. Everyone in Germany has a notepad, and they can clearly know what to do every day or even the next few weeks. There is a sentence in German, which is translated as saying, ‘On time is the courtesy of the emperor’. This also shows from another angle that German clocks are absolutely precise and of high quality. In other words, as long as the current product is written ‘Made in Germany’, it is equivalent to being labeled with a high-quality brand. It cannot be said that everything is perfect, at least it is more reliable than similar products.

 In addition, German watches generally do not pay attention to the dial design like Swiss watches, and the size of watches is not as delicate as Swiss watches. The design of the German watch is relatively simple and practical. Of course, the excellence of German timepieces is also inseparable from the German people’s integrity and style of doing things. It is with this spirit of seriousness, diligence, and unsatisfaction that Germans can climb the peak of the watchmaking industry.
  Lange in pursuit of the ultimate

 The first brand introduced to everyone was Lange. He said it ‘pursues the extreme’ because it has many differences. After the end of the Cold War, Lange rejuvenated his youth. In addition to the elegant style of a traditional German movement, it also creates a near-perfect visual impression. Few fans who appreciate these exquisite movements through the transparent case back will not indulge in them. Lange has its own set of extremely high watchmaking standards. First of all, Lange has made as many movements as possible for each watch in the case of all self-produced movements. Even under special circumstances, the movement is absolutely Not used across series. Secondly, Lange only makes precious metal watches, not steel watches. Of course, if your gold watch is repaired, Lange will provide you with a steel watch as a temporary watch, so in the end, steel watches will become more scarce. Of course, this service is no longer available. This also makes it high in quality and price. All the parts of the Lange watch must be carefully and carefully polished before being completed. Its high standards have achieved its amazing quality, so it is appropriate to modify it with the pursuit of the ultimate.

 The Lange Lange1 watch is likely to be the most sought-after mechanical movement in the new century, with a patented oversized calendar window and extremely rare dial design. On the silver-white dial, the watch is divided into several different parts. The eccentricity on the right occupies half of the 38.5 mm dial, highlighting the accuracy of reading. The small seconds at six o’clock can also be displayed day and night. The blue half circle represents the night. The deep night sky is dotted with curved moons and several stars, giving a peaceful beauty, and the overall layout is very symmetrical and harmonious.

 From a functional point of view, the retrograde jump at the 9 o’clock position on the right naturally says that the large calendar display window above is separated from the moon phase. The windows and partitions of different sizes make this watch’s dial beautiful and not messy. The moon phase and small seconds are put together, and the full space shows the most functions. At twelve o’clock, the Lange logo is also displayed on the dial in an arc-shaped manner. The overall design is unified and harmonious. Lange’s hands are also made of heavy metal, which is noble and luxurious. For punctual gentlemen, this watch will give you a grace and taste on any occasion.

 Lange’s movement is also one of the reasons why it is highly respected in people’s minds. It is well known that most of the movement assembly is precision, which is done by senior watchmakers. After the first installation of the Lange movement, various temperature, humidity, and shock tests will be performed. In order to detect, the movement must be disassembled and cleaned again for the second assembly. This vast and rigorous working procedure is not available in other brands.

 The Lange 1815 commemorative series watches use slender blue hands, highlighting the elegance of the chronograph on the silver dial, looking simple and elegant, which is in line with the simple style of German watchmaking. The power reserve display is located at the eight o’clock position, and the blue hands show the remaining running time of the watch. It reminds you at any time that it is time to wind up. At the same time of rigorous watchmaking, you will feel a warm human touch. One of Lange’s specialties. The small seconds dial is located opposite the UP / DOWN power reserve indicator, and the current seconds are displayed by an independent small dial. The rail-shaped scale circle comes from the early development of urban civilization. If you look closely, you can see that the silver dial has a recessed part, showing a layer of beauty, which is also a common style of Lange pocket watches.

 Glashütte Original is a well-known watch brand from Glashütte, Germany. It has pure German descent. Its full range of watches are 100% equipped with homemade high-end movements, adhering to the traditional German manual watchmaking process. . Each Glashütte watch is an elaborate work of art, conveying noble taste. Of course, with the continuous development of the brand, many people are now mixed with it, but it is undeniable that Glashütte is still worthy of appreciation in some places.

 The Glashütte PanoMaticlunar series 90-02-42-32-05 watch inherits the German style, the simple and elegant design reveals the beauty of strength, and the division of the dial can naturally make people distinguish. On the left, there are hour and minute dials and a small second dial, which takes up about two-thirds of the dial’s space. The right half has the moon phase function at 2 o’clock and the date at 4 o’clock. The blue moon phase and shining stars create a far-reaching mood. The date display function of the large calendar window has long been an obvious German watch symbol, and the two large Arabic numerals are particularly conspicuous. The case has a smooth arc, and the lugs naturally connect it to the strap, which is very effective when worn on the hand.

 The watch’s movement is a cal. 90-02 self-winding mechanical movement produced by Glashütte. You can clearly appreciate the structure of the movement through sapphire crystal. The movement is inlaid with 47 precious stones and decorated with There are three-quarters of Glashütte’s classic threaded splint, 21k gold hollow steering wheel, blue steel screws, hand-engraved balance wheel splints and double gooseneck trimming, etc., which shows the watchmakers’ pursuit of high quality watches.

  Glashütte’s Senator series has the character of a gentleman, with the delicate style of German watchmaking, classic styling and stable performance. The 40-mm dial features a classic three-handed design with slender black Roman numerals. The central seconds hand with the Glashütte double-G logo at the tail end of the blue hands stands out. The scales still use a track-like design, and the dial does not have too many functions and decorations, which is very simple. The silver case is paired with a black alligator leather strap. The black and white combination makes this watch more attractive for mature men.

 Love at First Sight Nomos

 Nomos is a well-known German watch brand and a continuation of the Glashütte legend. Early on it belonged to East Germany, and in the nineteenth century the brand was known for its high-quality ornate watches. It was gradually forgotten after the war, and with the rebirth of German unification, it was able to continue the tradition of high-quality watchmaking. Nomos’ clear design consciousness is ‘expressive’ in the performance and readability of each watch. Although the design of Nomos is very simple and it is not a top-level brand, it has a magic power that will make you love it with only a glance.

 Nomos is derived from Greek, meaning ‘law’ and ‘normative’. The core meanings are ‘measurement’ and ‘distribution.’ The brand has always followed strict watchmaking requirements, constantly innovating, and integrating modernist design into classics.
 The Tangomat series is the Nomos logo. The simple dial, slim hands and a large amount of free space on the dial have become the Nomos brand style, and it is also a unique symbol of East German watchmaking style. The time display is realized by the central hour hand, the central minute hand and the small second dial. The slim scales and slender hands make people feel smart. The 6 o’clock position has a small seconds dial, and the pupil half-covered between 12 o’clock and 1 o’clock is a power reserve display. The appearance of red makes the dull dial immediately energetic and lively. If necessary, remind you that you need to wind the clockwork manually. Each time the clockwork is turned, it seems to give the watch a new life and give the hands the rhythm of rotation, so that it carries the flow of time.

 The dial design of the NomosLambda series 931 white gold watch is extremely elegant, with a diameter of 42 mm and no excessive numbers. The 12 o’clock position is an oversized power reserve indicator. It forms a three-hand like the central hour, minute and 6 o’clock small seconds A line of visual effects, the two display panels are like the inverted number 8. The number on the power reserve indicator is marked by the hour, which clearly shows the power reserve of the watch. The accuracy is close to the hour. The 6 red dots are extremely conspicuous to suggest the owner to wind up. Caring and attentive. The small cone of the inverted conical design, as an over-connection between the case and the extremely elegant independent crown, highlights the exceptionally novel design style. Adhering to the minimalist style as a whole, it returns to a manual winding movement, allowing the wearer to experience a mechanical feel that can be manipulated.

Summary: Although Switzerland is a recognized watchmaking country, German watchmaking is definitely not inferior in craftsmanship, both have their advantages. Although German watches and clocks will not have too much decorative beauty, but its simple and capable, tough and domineering style, it will make many people with mechanical feelings deeply fall in love with it. Each watch is telling the story of its own brand, and the changes of each series are the epitome of the history or culture of a certain period of the city. From the German-style watches, we can understand the history of this country and understand this foreign country. The characteristics of the foreign country, understand the personality of the Germans. (Watch home map / Wen Li Shuai)

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