Casio Edifice Presents Tanabata Lovers Pair Table

Time is easy to lose, time is easy to get old. Fortunately, there is still love that lasts forever, and it still shines through the years. The love of Tanabata is about to come. At the moment, Casio’s metal pointer men’s watch brand EDIFICE and female watch brand SHEEN present a new pair of lovers watches. Time flow transfer proves that love is precious, and the ‘time’ closest to the pulse reminds each other of TA is here. From August 5-31, 2013, you can get a beautiful watch couple box when you buy any two watches at the designated store in Casio. In the Valentine’s Day where lovers meet, let a beautiful watch as a time recorder accompany you Confirm this romantic season.

Years in circulation
EFR-500D & SHE-5019D-7A

 Love will inevitably go through many trials and hardships. Only with the firm idea of ​​knowing each other can we withstand the years of hardship and become steel. The EDIFICE EFR-500D & SHEEN SHE-5019D-7A series watch is a perfect interpretation of the ‘pure to just’ love. The stainless steel watch body strap is completely integrated, with a carefully polished crown and polished rounded edges, which has a very dynamic metallic luster. The elegant and simple dial design is filled with retro and timeless atmosphere. The fan-shaped small dial at three o’clock shows the day of the week, and the small round dials at six and ten o’clock are the minute hand of the second hand and the stopwatch, plus the silver scale. Makes the sense of quiet and melodious heavy. The hour and minute hands are coated with a white, light-storing coating, making it easy to read the time even in dimly lit environments. The elegant appearance also has the pragmatic essence-the timekeeping function, but it also reminds lovers of the beautiful meaning of time at the same time.

Overcoming difficulties and dangers
EF-544D & SHN-3013D-1A

 Love must be the spark of two different people colliding, intertwined and intertwined. Like the contrasting EDIFICE EF-544D & SHEEN SHN-3013D-1A series watch, the cool black dial and steel strap are blended with each other to perfectly show the unique temperament of elegance and fashion. The classic three-circle design distributed on the dial is dotted with Swarovski crystals, just like the bright stars in the night sky, witnessing the eternal love. The intimate design of the couple model not only inherits the same shape, but also excels in the accuracy of the travel time, and has excellent waterproof performance to ensure daily needs. This smart and elegant combination timepiece allows the hands to rotate synchronously from one wrist to the next, witnessing perfect love in the passage of time.

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