Rolex Watch Museum Collection Of Time’s Castle

The museum is a book that records the progress of human civilization. The watch museum is slightly different from other types of museums. Because it collects not only the watch itself, but also the entire process of human understanding of time and recording of time, it can be said that the intangible collection is more than the tangible collection. Many people are curious about what parts, how large and how many collections are in the watch museum. Now I will take a closer look at the Rolex Watch Museum with the editors.

 The museum is located in: Geneva
 The entire museum is divided into 4 floors. The best tour route given by the museum staff is very interesting. First, the ground floor, then directly on the 4th floor, from the top down to the second floor.
 The visit is different
 According to people who have been to the PP Museum, the door of this most famous watch museum is not easy to find. If no one leads, you will miss it. As the most professional watch museum, once you enter the door, you will see a set of equipment used by watchmakers. The entire museum is divided into 4 floors. The best tour route given by the museum staff is very interesting. First, the ground floor, then directly on the 4th floor, from the top down to the second floor.

 On the ground floor you can see lifelike past reproductions, watchmaking workshops that completely retain the traces of the year are arranged like ancient watchmakers, sculptors and enamel artisans bury their work day and night. Here, you can see more than 400 pieces of watchmaking tools from the late 18th century to the early 20th century. The solemn atmosphere of the ancient workshops came out. The museum also arranges an impromptu demonstration by a watchmaker who is good at repairing antique watches in the workshop, which is very immersive.
It is said that the real visit starts from the 4th floor. There are a large number of museum documents stored here. The library has more than 4,000 works. It is definitely the database of the watch industry to the third floor. There are more than 300 important timepieces from Geneva and European traditions. The enameled portraits created by the Geneva masters introduced the visitors to the first three important periods of watchmaking. The second floor displays the PP watch collection from 1839 to the present. It can be said that absolutely every watch lover loves it. More than 1,000 excellent timepieces have witnessed the road of Patek Philippe’s technological and aesthetic innovation.

 Rolex World
 The museum is located in: Shanghai
 Not only for display, but also for watch fans and visitors to interact with it highly. It is a precedent for the museum to interact.
 At the end of last year, Rolex invited the global media and VIPs to gather on the Bund 27 to make it the home of Rolex. It is called Rolex World. All Rolex watch fans can enjoy Rolex’s long-standing watchmaking tradition, innovation ability and Each item of technology patent. The Bund 27 is a Roosevelt private club, Rolex World will be resident here, occupying 800 square meters of space in the building, with a full window facing the Bund.

 In this 800-square-meter space, Rolex uses a rich and special combination of materials with various high-tech equipment to divide the entire exhibition into three parts of the sensory view, not only for display, but also for watch fans and visitors to communicate with Highly interactive. It is a precedent for the museum to interact.
 Although this part shows Rolex’s tradition, brand value, milestones in technology history and innovations, partnerships, and charity in the company’s history, it is not presented in a boring way, but allows visitors to experience an exciting Interactive tour. The moving part presents Rolex products and their technical performance, as well as various sports and cultural activities that Rolex brands participate in. Top-level events attended by Rolex ambassadors will be held in this area. As for viewing this exhibition area, it is equivalent to a huge brand store. Visitors can watch more than 200 high-quality Rolex watches in this exhibition area. Basically all the flagship styles and styles that are hard to find in the market are among them. Regardless of whether you decide to take a shot, being able to play and admire these excellent works up close is definitely an enjoyable experience.
 This Rolex Museum is located in Shanghai. For domestic watch enthusiasts, it can be said that it is near the water tower, and if you are interested in the history of the Rolex brand, check it out.

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Honor To Women Tasting Masterpieces Jadeite Watch

Baume & Mercier listened to the voice of women and exclusively announced the new series of watches in the “Watches and Miracles” Asian High-end Watch Fair, embellished with emeralds and diamonds, with a symbolic significance, once again showing the brand and The indissoluble bond of Asian culture. This precious watch is the perfect testimony to adoring eternal love and making eternal promises.

   The agreed series of jadeite watches are distinctive in shape, with delicate and flexible lines, and the oval bezel with the round case is like crystal water drops dripping on the dial. The watch is dazzling and fashionable, blooming a unique beauty. This timepiece is timeless and elegant, inheriting the brand’s century-old women’s watch style.
   Watch House Watch Special Report team will continue to send you the freshest and most up-to-date watch information. If you want to know more about the 2015 Hong Kong Watch Fair, please pay attention to the report topic of ‘Watches and Miracles’.

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Showing Style Hermes Sihh 2019 New Preview Arceau 78 Watch

Since its birth, Hermès Arceau series watches have displayed a distinctive style and temperament, which is mainly due to its low-key and simple design and simple and elegant lines. The Arceau78 watch’s mirror-polished stainless steel round case is decorated with matte-treated stainless steel particle-blasted bezels and unique stirrup-shaped asymmetrical lugs, presenting Hermès on Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris. ) The exclusive style of the brand.

   Swiss-made quartz movement provides ample power for the hour, minute and 6 o’clock date display, while the charcoal grained dial is decorated with creamy white luminous hands and Arabic numeral hour markers, further highlighting the unique style of italic number design . The Arceau78 watch has a strap in Barenia calf leather. The watch case, dial and strap are made by Hermès Watchmaker.

   The Arceau 78 watch expresses the exquisite elegance of classic objects of a certain age. In 1978, Henrid’Origny’s “Autumn” aesthetic concept matched the round case with asymmetric lugs inspired by the stables, while the italic Arabic numerals on the dial represented the brisk footsteps of the horse. This oversized 40mm diameter stainless steel new model has anthracite grained dial, creamy white indexes and hands, and a natural Barénia calfskin strap.

Technical Parameters

Shape / size: round
Diameter: 40 mm
Material: stainless steel case with sandblasted bezel
Table mirror: anti-glare sapphire crystal glass Water resistance: 30 meters
Charcoal grained dial
Milky white transferred Arabic numerals with Super-LumiNova®
Black gold crafted hands with milky Super-LumiNova®
Type: Quartz Movement, Swiss Made
Function: hour, minute, 6 o’clock calendar display
Primary Barénia Calfskin

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Jacques Master Ultra Thin Ultra-thin Master Watch Series Interpretation Of Pure Design In A Modern Style

For more than a century, the Jaeger-LeCoultre watch factory has a passion for the manufacture of ultra-thin mechanical movements. The brand’s Master Ultra Thin series is slim and simple, full of unique personality.

   The design is exquisite, the technology is excellent, and the new materials make this watch a new look. Following the current exquisite rose gold model, the Master Ultra Thin Tourbillon watch is launched in white gold, combining elegance and modern beauty. The design of the Master Ultra Thin Tourbillon is inspired by the most brilliant era in the field of homemade watches. The crown prince-like hands exude a classic and traditional atmosphere, adding a refined and elegant charm to the simple design of the watch. The white gold case and the white grained dial make the watch more harmonious and feel refreshing. The precious and simple white gold material highlights the long lines of the lugs and makes the case more delicate. Black nickel-plated hands and hour-markers confirm the watch’s contemporary style, revealing its unique urban charm.
   The tourbillon set by the Jaeger-LeCoultre workshop at 6 o’clock stands out. This iconic complication of Jaeger-LeCoultre counteracts the influence of gravity on the adjustment mechanism, ensuring that the watch operates accurately and reliably. Making tourbillons requires extremely detailed workmanship to create spectacular sights on the dial. The watch bridge, made of gold and silver, carries the tourbillon and runs on a balanced track. The tourbillon frame is made of grade 5 titanium, which is extremely lightweight and has a total weight of only 0.33 grams, which can effectively reduce the energy consumed by the barrel. The barrel is wound by ceramic ball bearings. Such a highly sophisticated device with a charming structure is even more pleasing to the eye against the pure dial.

   Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can see the rhythmic beauty of the Jaeger-LeCoultre 982 mechanical movement. The movement runs at a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour. Under the unpretentious appearance, this watch not only perfectly meets the stringent quality requirements of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Workshop, but also brings together decades of precision timekeeping and technical research The essence. The case has a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of only 11.30 mm, which is suitable for daily wear. The tourbillon ensures the watch’s precise and reliable operation, combined with a fully-featured, easy-to-operate, self-winding mechanical movement, making this watch a coveted wristwatch.

   Black symbolizes an endless stream of energy and vitality, and is also the subject matter of the great artists of the 20th century, allowing imagination to transcend boundaries and achieve masterpieces. Master Ultra Thin Moon watch with black dial, bold and unrestrained attitude.
   Black is by no means exaggerated, and its earthy atmosphere perfectly matches the pure lines of the Master Ultra Thin series. Jaeger-LeCoultre is out of its own frame, abandoning the usual white and light gray dial. The new Master Ultra Thin Moon series uses black elements. The dial is not a pure matte black, but is decorated with a sun-radiating texture, showing a unique texture. The ultra-thin case and the simple lines of the watch as a whole complement each other, and the aesthetic designs are balanced with each other without any falsification.
   This year Jaeger-LeCoultre’s theme is Man Tian Xing Su, demonstrating the brand’s outstanding craftsmanship and the spirit of continuous pursuit of innovation and dreams. Among the many complication functions, the moon phase display is unique and imaginative. The Grand Workshop reinforces the watch’s modern personality with a moon phase display. The royal blue moon phase disc is embellished with a gold moon pattern, which contrasts with the black dial. The clear and easy-to-read date display is set in a ring concentric with the moon phase disc and complements the charming moon phase display. In Jaeger-LeCoultre’s watchmaking tradition, design beauty and practical functions are indispensable, because watches are born for life, dreams and practicality.
   This watch is equipped with Jaeger-LeCoultre 925 self-winding mechanical movement, which is both a slim watch with excellent technology and delicate details. The square inch space of the movement contains 246 parts, ensuring that the watch is rugged, functional, accurate and reliable, meeting the stringent requirements of Jaeger-LeCoultre. The ultra-thin mechanical movement with a thickness of only 4.90 millimeters is decorated in the traditional style of fine watchmaking. This watch is equipped with a stainless steel case with a diameter of 39 mm, which fits the wrist perfectly and is comfortable to wear. This is not only a watch, but also a companion who spends precious time with you.

  The elegant round case, central hand time display and date display form a perfect combination. Coupled with the extremely thin case, it brings a soft and delicate touch to the wrist. The above design features are presented on the stainless steel Master Ultra Thin Date, creating a masterpiece full of modern charm.
   Every element of the watch has been carefully designed for a long time and presented in the most streamlined and harmonious manner. The watch is equipped with a subtle and elegant Prince-in-law hands, and the appliqued hour markers are interspersed with four spray dots. At 6 o’clock on the dial, there is a date window. The date is displayed through the rotating disk, and its low-key posture perfectly matches the watch’s overall simple aesthetics. The stainless steel version of the Master Ultra Thin Date, newly launched this year, will surely become a model of timeless elegance.
   The new Master Ultra Thin Date watch with a stainless steel case, the metal texture exudes a relaxed atmosphere, the wearer can feel the delicate touch for themselves. The watch’s narrow space is equipped with a precise and reliable Jaeger-LeCoultre 899 self-winding mechanical movement. The balance wheel vibrates at a frequency of 28,800 times per hour. The 22K gold rotor can be mechanically moved through the wearer’s forearm. The movement is automatically wound. The mechanical movement shines warmly through the sapphire crystal case back. The subtle, low-profile appearance does not diminish the elegance of the watch. The case diameter is 40 mm and the thickness is only 7.45 mm, which fits perfectly to the wrist. As far as the wrist is concerned, this watch quietly seems to be absent. This is also fully in line with the watchmaking philosophy of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Workshop, which not only emphasizes aesthetics and technology, but also makes the watch comfortable to fit the needs of the wearer.

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