Oris Audimasters Come Over Tricks

Taking advantage of the rest of the preseason test race, the three drivers of the Audi team-two-time Le Mans champion Marcel Fässler, the current German Touring Car Master (DTM) champion Mike Rockenfeller and DTM novice Nico Müller visited the Swiss independent mechanical watch brand ORIS Oris production factory in Hölstein, Switzerland, and personally experienced the watchmaking process.

 During a visit to ORIS headquarters, Rockenfeller, Fässler and Müller had the opportunity to try the ORIS watch wall clock as a steering wheel. Both watchmaking and racing require people to have a high degree of concentration, patience, and smooth hands. During the visit, the riders assembled the ORIS Master GT Chronograph. This ORIS sports watch will accompany them on the speed of more than 300 km / h.

 ORIS CEO Ulrich W. Herzog said, ‘I am very happy that Audi drivers can visit the ORIS factory. All three drivers have a strong desire to win and a passion for motorsport. They are passionate. I hope to succeed in the next season. ‘And DTM champion Mike Rockenfeller said,’ It’s a great honor that ORIS has given us the opportunity to understand and experience the high-precision craftsmanship behind such a watch. ORIS’s watchmaking process requires high precision, technology and innovation. I am very impressed. This is also the quality required in top racing. ‘As a sponsor of world sports events, ORIS is proud to be the official watch cooperation of the Audi World Endurance Championship (WEC) and the German Touring Car Master (DTM) team. partner.

 ORIS CEO Ulrich W. Herzog and Assistant CEO Claudine Gertiser-Herzog welcome Audi drivers Nico Mu lller, Mike Rockenfeller and Marcel Fa ssler.

          DTM novice Nico Mu llller is reassembling ORIS Art Master GT chronograph

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Golden Stone Tasting Shine Shine Series Ls3609pw/3d Watch

Tianwang Watch is a young brand in the watch industry, but although the qualifications are still shallow, the overall technical level and creative ideas of the brand are indeed the best in the industry. Since the creation of the brand, Tianwang Watch has launched hundreds of watches in a variety of series, which has won the strong pursuit of many watch friends. Today I will bring you a King of Heaven watch: Shine 3609 series LS3609PW / 3D watch.
   In order to transform this beautiful fashion experience into a touchable carrier, and to share this new fashion language with all women who adore fashion life, the SHINE series of fashionable ladies watches came into being. The crystal stone in the circle tells the unique insights on fashion and sparkle in the shining. The ceramic bead conveys the woman’s persistence and self-confidence in the heart, while the classic black, white and gold color combination shows Chinese and Western. Ingeniousness.

   The Ueno LS3609PW / 3D stainless steel plated rose gold material makes the entire watch noble and elegant. The bezel-set sparkling crystal is very dazzling, making you become the focus of everyone’s attention. The stainless steel double-press double-open butterfly clasp makes it more convenient and safer to wear. The Uranus LS3609PW / 3D watch displays a very practical date display and week display in a unique small dial form. The 24-hour display at the six o’clock position and the Uranus crown type logo complement each other.

   The Utopa Shine series LS3609PW / 3D watch bezel sparkling crystal stones seem to gently tell each woman’s unique views on fashion. Sometimes gentle and sometimes it conveys a woman’s persistence and self-confidence in the appearance, and makes you shine anytime, anywhere.
To sum up: This Tianwang Women’s Watch is one of the few bold and creative watches. Not only the rose gold highlights the nobleness of the watch, but the interspersed white jade in the strap also highlights the title’s icy jade, especially the bezel-set crystal. The radiance brings confidence to women.

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