Chopin Brings The Stars Together To Welcome 2019

At the end of the year, the bell rings. With longing and expectation, 2019 quietly opened a new chapter. Chopard and brand ambassadors Liu Tao and Wang Yuan, as well as Zhao Wei, Zhu Yilong, and Chen Linong presented their best wishes for the New Year at the New Year’s Eve party in the country.

  Brand ambassador Liu Tao appeared in Hunan TV New Year’s Eve concert with a pink-violet long dress, as a guest guest singing ‘Times’, a pair of Chopard Chopard high jewelry series earrings shining bright diamonds, and the ice-cold For You The series of rings also set off her gentle temperament.

  Brand ambassador Wang Yuan also debuted at the Hunan TV New Year’s Eve concert and made the world’s premiere new song ‘I Don’t Know’. He used a brown denim jacket with black leather pants, an Ice Cube ring between his fingers, and a Mille Miglia Chronograph wrist watch. Makes the young hero’s spirit unshakable. In the group singing session, he used a satin texture top and Ice Cube series long necklace. The simple and calm color combination showed the youthful charm of growth.

  At the Hunan TV New Year’s Eve concert, actor Zhu Yilong staged a song entitled ‘Boy’, played and sang to show his musical talent, a white suit set off the extraordinary temperament of his modest gentleman, and matched with Chopard Happy Clown necklace The clown pendant is fun and playful. The colorful gemstones dance in the clown’s round belly. The innocent and interesting design complements his singing tracks, bringing a touch of fun to elegant dress.

  The famous actress Zhao Wei chose to go with Chopard to attend the New Year’s Eve ‘Relay of Love’ 2019 CCTV6 Movie Channel Charity Ceremony. She wore a Happy Sport series watch on her wrist. The exquisite and elegant watch shape complemented her capable image. The simple and distinctive Ice Cube series earrings and rings add a touch of charm to her look.

  Idol singer Chen Linong participated in the 2019 New Year’s Eve Concert in Zhejiang Satellite TV, bringing a new personal single ‘Half is me’ to the audience. He wore a trendy and handsome dress with three Ice Cube rings. The geometrically designed ring was purely shining, demonstrating the infinite style of a teenager.

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Athenian’s Past And Present

Spirit and ideal habitat, the beauty of Athens really exists Αθήνα // BUILDINGS When you talk about ‘Athens’, what do you think of first? Is it the beauty of Doric columns and Ioni columns, or is it the beauty of painting and relief? Is it the sculptures and paintings that you learned through art textbooks and history textbooks during your student days, or is it the warm and moist sea breeze that you really felt as a tourist? Legend has it that the goddess of wisdom Athena and Poseidon both wanted to name the city with their own names, and the gods Zeus decided to let them compete with wisdom. Eventually Athena won and they became the protectors of the city. The city was named ‘Athens’. Αθήνα // ATHENA Thousands of years ago, the ancient Greeks expertly beautified the human body and idealized the perfect image of the gods in their hearts. When you set foot on the stone gate of the Acropolis, through the mottled wall, the superb epic erected by this pillar appears to you. Odysseus in Greek mythology suddenly appears, the world of heroes and gods. The door slowly opened. And Odyssey, the original meaning is a long and tortuous adventure, just like the story of Odysseus returned to his hometown after two decades from participating in the Trojan War to the sea adventure … Odysseus adventure Note: Ulysse is a hero in Roman mythology. It corresponds to Odysseus in the Greek myth ‘Odyssey’ and is in the watch industry. When referring to Ulysses and conquering the sea, There is also a name for this person: he is Mr. Ulysse Nardin. Mr. Ulysse Nardin, who is the ‘Athens watch’ he created, is famous in the world of watches and clocks with marine astronomical timepieces. ▲ Ulysse Nardin (1823-1876) 1823 Where the story begins On January 22, 1823, Mr. Athens was born in Le Locle, a small city in northwestern Switzerland near the French border and the birthplace of watchmaking One of the land. His father, Léonard-Frédéric, was his first enlightenment teacher. When he was a teenager, his father began to personally teach him the techniques of watchmaking. Subsequently, Ulysse Nardin was fortunate to continue his studies with the master watchmaker William DuBois (William Dubus), famous for making astronomical clocks and astronomical timepieces. ▲ Le Locle1846 After years of training in founding the Athenian watch, he became a watchmaking expert in complex watches. In 1846, the 23-year-old Mr. Athens founded the Ulysse Nardin watch in his own name. He chose to take root in the birthplace of Le Roque, Switzerland, a city in the Swiss Jura Valley region that was the birthplace of the professional watchmaking industry. Mr. Athens here foresaw the forward-looking of watchmaking technology, and continued his entrepreneurial spirit, always thinking about the next major development milestone. ▲ UN Building in Le Locle 1878 Navigation business started Mr. Athens discovered that the demand for navigation and astronomical navigation pocket watches was increasing, so he started navigation related business. In the 1870s, naval and international shipping companies in many countries used Athenaeum’s nautical astronomical timepieces as standard equipment. Ordinary people generally own pocket watches because it is more conducive to the development of commerce and can also bring daily life. To make things easier and more organized. The precision instruments invented by these Athenian watches in the early days made them a catalyst for the development of all walks of life and between countries, not only making great contributions to society, but also laying an indelible foundation for the success of Athenian watches themselves. Since then, Athens Watch has continued to develop. Its innovative spirit, superb technology and forward-looking strategies have enabled the company to continuously achieve impressive results and increase its reputation. 1936 The nautical clock made in Athens included in the ‘Sea of ​​Ci’ is considered to be the most reliable marine instrument ever made, which makes Athens the earliest and only Swiss watch brand to enter the ‘Sea of ​​Ci’. Athens witnessed time, and ‘Sea of ​​Ci’ recorded Athens. In the ‘Chronometer’ entry of the first edition of ‘Sea of ​​Ci’ in the Republic of China in 1936, it was clearly stated that, nowadays, the best products are made by the company NARDIN . The superb watchmaking craftsmanship and outstanding precision have made the Athenian watch the representative of the ‘chronograph’ of the 20th century, which will never fail to contain Chinese classics. ▲ Record of the Athenian Watch in Cihai in 1983. For decades, Athenian Watch has won more than 4,300 watchmaking awards, 18 of which are world-respected gold awards. However, in 1983, the quartz crisis forced the Athens watch company to sell the brand. I did not expect that this turn was a great transformation for the Athens watch. The merchant Rolf W. Schnyder believed that Athens Watch was an imaginative company and had the potential to become a market-leading brand, so he resolutely bought the Athens Watch Factory. Then the cooperation between Schneider and the talented watchmaker Dr. Ludwig Oechslin opened a new chapter in Athens, and together they have achieved many great milestones in the future of watchmaking. Left: Rolf W. Schnyder and Ludwig Oechslin, right: Ludwig Oechslin’s 1992 timepiece trilogy. Some of the most notable masterpieces include: the introduction of the Kebler watch in 1992, the Galileo dial, the Copernicus wrist Watch and called the trilogy of timepieces. ▲ Timepiece Trilogy (Astronomical Trilogy) 1996 Perpetual Calendar Watch In 1996, the iconic ‘Perpetual Calendar Watch’ was introduced. Its calendar can be easily set forward and backward, becoming the representative of the perpetual calendar series. ▲ Classic Series Perpetual Calendar 333-9002001 The Whimsical Freak Tourbillon was born in 2001. There is no hour hand and minute hand, and the world’s movement shows the time through the movement of the movement. ▲ Freak series models 2002 Genghis Khan watch In 2002, Genghis Khan watch was launched. It was the first tourbillon four-hammer minute repeater watch from Westminster Big Ben Zhongle. Because the name of this watch comes from the respect for Genghis Khan, Athens adorns the extremely rare black agate dial with hand-carved Mongolian soldiers who are attacking the city. ▲ Genghis Khan Tourbillon Four Hammer Minute Repeater 2003 In-house movement factory In 2003, Genghis Khan Four Hammer Minute Repeater won the International Creativity Award. This watch is also one of the few top watches in the world that is not mainly jewellery and diamonds, but has a value of more than 10 million, which shows the complexity of the mechanical process of this Genghis Khan four-minute repeater. At the same time, the in-house movement factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds was completed. ▲ La Chaux-de-Fond’s home-made movement factory 2004 Sonata won the award in 2004. One year after the initial test cry, the incredible Sonata multifunctional mechanical music watch won the Innovation Prize of the year. ▲ Classic series SONATA673-05 / 90 Furthermore, the marine watch series and the history of the Athenian watch have always been inseparable, so naturally the development of their marine skills continues to today’s outstanding marine diving watches and marine observatory timepieces. The Athenian watch has obtained more than 4,300 mechanical nautical timepiece certificates between 1846 and 1975, which is equivalent to 95% of the total number issued. It is recognized as an expert in the manufacture of nautical astronomical watches. More than 50 navies in the world have designated the Athenian Maritime Observatory Clock as the standard equipment of the naval fleet, including the modern Chinese navy. ▲ The new nautical series of Mega Yacht pilotship watches. Secondly, the innovative concept has always been rooted in the culture of Athenian Watches, and has continued to make breakthroughs in watchmaking. This has made Athenian Watches the first watch brand to use silicon. ▲ DIAMonSIL® 2007 First DIAMonSIL® In 2007, Freak DIAMonSIL® was launched. The first DIAMonSIL® escapement device made of diamond and silicon crystal was launched. (DIAMonSIL® uses nanotechnology to plant artificial polycrystalline diamonds on the surface of natural silicon crystals.) 2008 Amazing Blue Ghost In 2008, the Freak Tourbillon watch was launched, a manual winding movement inside the watch, and a movement bridge. It is made of blue steel titanium alloy. The entire movement is covered with a layer of blue steel with a thickness of only one micron. Although it is light and thin, it has a hardness of 1500 HV. 2009 Imagination of the Moon In 2009, 17 years after the completion of the historic astronomical trilogy, Athenaeum developed another revolutionary astronomical watch that subverts tradition and possesses the DNA of Dr. O’Kelin—the Moon’s Imagination ( Moonstruck). The design concept is to focus on the celestial system between the sun, the earth and the moon, and scientifically describe the moon phase profit and loss, the tidal changes caused by the universal gravitation between the moon and the sun and the earth. ▲ Athens watch Moonstruck Moon Ruck 2012 UN-118 came out In 2012, a new patented original diamond-silicon self-made movement UN-118 came out. 2013 legend continued in 2013, launched the self-made caliber perpetual calendar watch, jade exquisite watch, marine chronograph watch, midnight stranger music chronograph watch. ▲ Yulonglong series watch 2014 joined Kering Group Athens Watch officially joined Kering Group, the world’s third largest luxury goods group. 2015 UlyChor shock absorber In 2015, the UlyChor shock absorber was launched as an anchor-type constant power escapement. The Athens Anchor Tourbillon Watch won the 15th Grand Prix d’ Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) Grand Tourbillon Watch Award. In the same year, the Athens Anchor Tourbillon watch won the International Salon of Haute Horology (SIAR) Mexico International High-level Watch Salon’s annual award, and won the 2015 annual prize Prix Orologio dell’Anno by the Italian watch magazine L’ Orologio. 2016 Big Sailing Flag Tourbillon In 2016, Athens Watch launched the Big Sailing Flag Tourbillon Watch, which was developed with new technology. ▲ Grand Deck Tourbillon flagship chronograph 2017 Regatta 2017, Athens Watch launched regatta chronograph, the watch is equipped with a countdown hand that can set the countdown within 10 minutes (it is the first true countdown) , Has applied for a patent and is equipped with UN-155 self-designed research and development movement. In 2019, as the Athens Watch enters its 173rd year, as a futuristic daring and daring, it has always maintained an inseparable relationship with navigation and has always explored and opened up the way for innovation. Athens Watch has six unique series and the largest number of mechanical watch patents so far. It will continue to go forward in the future, breaking through the limits of design, engineering and technology, and creating more works that shock the world. ▲ Ulysse Nardin Athens Watch Shanghai Xintiandi Flagship Store No. 176, Taicang Road, Shanghai, Ulysse Nardin Athens Watch Shanghai Xintiandi Flagship Store is about to open in early July. Xiaoha will also continue to track the latest progress of the flagship store, and deliver first-hand shop information first. Please look forward to it ~ Editor: Evelyn | Visual and drawing: Evelyn, Sun Picture: From the brand (partially from the Internet) Flow Hip-hop was launched by watchmakers to watch and jewellery culture guide for 8090 young people

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