Vacheron Constantin: ‘métiers D’ Art – La Symbolique Des

No one at Vacheron Constantin can know what is passion for watchmaking. Without passion, there is no real expectation. Although the attic artisans yesterday have disappeared, their memories are still near the workbenches in the manufacturing hall. Today, each watchmaker and artisan reignites their spirits with the movement and makes their knowledge permanent.

 Plum tree and nightingale patterned dial
Time is also memory. Without a doubt, one of Vacheron Constantin’s greatest strengths is that he remains faithful to these visionaries and art connoisseurs. Persistence in ethics and commitment to inspire each employee to be more outstanding has made the company continue to develop for more than 250 years. This philosophy, which includes the basic humanistic spirit, will bring people a kind of happiness that only a few people can enjoy.

Bamboo and sparrow-patterned dial
Vacheron Constantin is firmly committed to inheriting and developing watchmaking craftsmanship, especially artistic craftsmanship, bringing together the highly specialized skills of decorative arts in the watchmaking industry (enamelist, engraver, piercer, and gem inlay). Today, this watch, which is passed on as a true work of art, continues. Some of the top-secret skills in its manufacturing process are only mastered by a handful of masters and craftsmen in the studio.

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Oris Exclusively Sponsors Swiss Fusion Jazz Band 2013 ‘fantasy World’

Oris, headquartered in Switzerland and founded in 1904, has always adhered to the traditional Swiss craftsmanship to create truly perfect mechanical watches. The constant pursuit and improvement of watch quality and connotation in the past hundred years has made the Oris brand a model in the field of mechanical watches and has also gained widespread respect.

RisOris watches are carefully created by hand, dedicated to watch fans who are keen on mechanical movements and pursuing extreme and eternal value. The products cover four series of culture, flying, motor sports and diving. Among Oris’ most popular cultural collections, there is the Oris Jazz watch. Just like the development of movies from black and white to color, the functions of today’s watches are not only reflected in the monotonous separation and overlap of hands. Watches are inherently great arts connected to music, and the sound of ticking away is just a great musical note that goes hand in hand with time. Music to music masters is just like watchmaking to watchmaking masters, both of which are extremely perfect artistic expression.

RisOris has a long-standing relationship with the Jazz Orchestra. Since the Oris London Jazz Festival in 1996, Oris has had a strong emotional connection with the music industry. Famous people in the film, sports and music world have begun to wear Oris watches, and this complex has become increasingly strong due to the brand’s own music literacy and the music philosophy it follows. Oris has continued to create various individually numbered limited edition models dedicated to outstanding music masters. For example, in 1996, the first jazz watch dedicated to the saxophonist and composer; and in 2000, the limited edition of the Louis Armstrong jazz king; 2003, Charlie Parker limited edition; 2009, Bob Dylan square limited edition; 2010, Oscar Peterson limited edition; and Chet Baker limited edition of 2012 … Music is not only the art that Oris loves, but also the source of inspiration for Oris When designing a jazz watch, Oris continued to draw inspiration from different types of jazz, but always maintained his own characteristics and unique charm.

It is precisely because of the origin of Oris and Jazz. In 2012, Oris and Bconnected, a well-known Swiss fusion jazz band, sponsored the orchestra’s 2012 China tour. A powerful jazz whirlwind, spend romantic and classic jazz nights with many music fans. This modern electro-acoustic jazz band, founded in 1994, is composed of 6 artists. They have different perspectives. They have their own unique styles in composition and orchestration. After the live feedback and adjustment, the band successfully combined the light music style of the West Coast Jazz of the United States and the style of New York Jazz of the East Coast to tune up a new taste. From the first record ‘SOS! ‘Don’t Come Back’ to the album ‘Tabula Rasa’, from the Montreux Music Festival to the Tabarka Jazz Festival, the orchestra’s music has gradually matured, their music beliefs have also strengthened, and seven albums have drawn perfect music tracks around the world.

In 2013, under the arrangement of the Swiss Embassy in China, Oris will continue to strongly support the bconnected band and sponsor the fusion band to tour China in 2013. The cities visited include Haikou, Changsha, Shanghai, Xi’an, Xining, Lanzhou, Chengdu, Chongqing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Hangzhou, Beijing and more than a dozen large and medium-sized cities across the country, the scale of performances and the number of cities increased compared to last year, by then, all music fans will present a more colorful music grand meal.

多功能 Oris artist’s multifunctional moon phase watch, as a model of the Oris cultural series models, presents us the ultimate beauty of design and art, and is also a fusion of Oris and Jazz music: elegance, intellectuality, and classical. The three-piece case design watch has simple and fashionable lines, and the 18K rose gold bezel with brown leather strap gives a noble and understated luxury feel. In addition to the aesthetics of the design, the use of functions is fully demonstrated. Not only can it accurately display the time, date, day of the week, but also the moon phase profit and loss and the time in the second time zone. Complexity, completeness and classicality are the peak performance of Oris artist’s multifunctional moon phase watch.

The elapsed time is full of rhythmic, sensual and poetic beauty. Oris perfectly integrates music with time, aesthetics and function, injects the soul of music into the watch, and explains Oris’ perfect music philosophy. Let us reflect on the classic music time in the ticking of time, and let the classics be on your wrist. Stop, let the memory freeze in an instant, and immerse yourself in the legendary time that Oris never fades.

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