Exquisite And Refined Tasting Mido Helmsman Series Stainless Steel Gold-plated Watch

Swiss Mido, which is good at drawing inspiration from classic architecture and creating high-quality watches, created the Helmsman Series in 1934. At the beginning of the creation of the Helmsman series watches, its performance has been verified by high pressure tests, allowing people to see military watches that are elegant and suitable for daily wear. For 70 years, the Helmsman series has always been the symbol of perfection and classics. Today, Watch House brings you a Mido helmsman series ladies watch, let’s enjoy her style, the official model: M005.

Mido Helmsman Series M005.
   The watch is elegant and simple in style. The 31 mm diameter and 9.7 mm thick stainless steel case is plated with attractive and noble rose gold. The white dial features a three-handed design and is covered with a sapphire crystal. The watch is equipped with a low-key mature and comfortable black leather strap. The watch has a date display and a water resistance of 100 meters.

Exquisitely crafted crown

   Also made of stainless steel, the outer surface of the rose gold-plated watch has a traditional crown with exquisite workmanship. The side of the round crown is decorated with tooth patterns, which makes it easy to grasp when adjusting the time. MIDO ‘.

Black low-key leather strap with reasonable cutting and fine stitches

   The watch is equipped with a black cowhide strap. The low-key black reveals the mature and elegant style, and the fine stitching stitches show the exquisite workmanship of the watch. The texture of the strap is beautiful, and the soft and tough texture makes it more comfortable to wear.

Polished, sleek gold-plated case

   The case is beautifully shaped with beautiful lines. The polished case is bright and charming. The bezel is specially designed and presents multiple layers with the case, revealing the femininity in elegance.

Geneva stripe on a simple, exquisite dial

   The watch’s white dial has vertical Geneva stripes on it, which is beautiful and three-dimensional. The watch uses a simple triangular time scale, and the minute scale is engraved on the outer edge. The center hand, the dial is simple and easy to read.

Date display window is displayed in Arabic numerals

   The date is displayed in a small window at three o’clock. The date is displayed in Arabic numerals, which is easy to read.

Compact and delicate lugs and case

   The watch’s lugs and case are cast in one piece, connecting smoothly with the case. The small lugs are beautifully curved, which is very delicate and charming, and can ensure that the watch is more fitted to the wrist.

Through the back of the case, you can see the exquisitely crafted movement inside

   The back of the watch uses a back case, and some relevant information of the watch is engraved on the bottom of the watch; the internal mechanical movement can be seen through the bottom of the watch. Stripes, exquisite polishing process of the movement can be seen.

Summary: This Mido ladies watch not only adheres to the brand’s watchmaking tradition, but also demonstrates the brand’s exquisite watchmaking technology. The white dial style of the watch is simple, simple and clean; the rose gold case is noble and elegant, and with the mature and capable black strap, several temperaments are perfectly combined. This watch is worn on the wrist of a woman, not only a very practical helper in life, but also set off an elegant and capable personal temperament.

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Raymond Weil Launches New Nabucco Inverso Watch

Raymond Weil launched the latest version of the Nabucco Champagne City series, the nabucco Inverso watch, and the fourth act of the movement is about to begin. Do n’t miss this exciting excitement. show.

The new nabucco Inverso watch has a stylish, tough, elegant and more classic design. Roman numerals and yellow hands at 12 o’clock illuminate the dial, creating a new image of the Nabucco Champagne City collection.
The Nabucco Inverso watch is named after Giuseppe Verdi’s famous opera, which symbolizes the power and lofty spirit shown by the Babylonian king in the final scene of the opera.At the same time, it also represents the wisdom of man using rational power to change the development of things .
Noble and elegant style, precise watchmaking technology and extraordinary design are the consistent features of the Nabucco Champagne City series. However, in 2011, a musical note, or rather a number, broke the norm. The number 12 on the new Nabucco Inverso dial is replaced with Roman characters, which incorporates more classical elements and creates a stronger brand image.
The dial color is from deep to light, like a gradual introspection process. From black bracelet to dial, gray case to three auxiliary dials, to yellow auxiliary dial hands, chronograph hands, white hour markers to fluorescent hour and minute hands, this color is overly harmonious and beautiful. This watch by Raymond Weil has an extraordinary 46 mm case and a tachometer bezel carved out of titanium, creating timelessness that transcends time and trends.

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Iwc Releases White Gold Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Watch

The 143-year-old IWC is famous for its extraordinary watchmaking technology, superb craftsmanship and outstanding design. The Platinum Portuguese Perpetual Calendar watch is launched. It is also highly sought after by fans, with its distinguished white gold, silver-plated dial and blue moon phase display. Today, this new platinum Portuguese Perpetual Calendar watch has landed in Hong Kong and Macau, providing close contact opportunities for watch fans in China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

 This latest Portuguese Perpetual Calendar watch features a 44.2 mm white gold case with sapphire anti-reflective mirror and silver-plated dial. The dial features hour and minute hands, power reserve, small seconds, perpetual calendar and moon phase display, and the date at 3 o’clock And 7-day power reserve display, month display at 6 o’clock, four-digit year display from 7 to 8 o’clock, second hand and day display at 9 o’clock, and silhouette moon phase at 12 o’clock It is shown that the moon phase display is composed of two semicircles on the left and right. During the operation of the watch, the moon phases can show the changes in moon phase from full moon to full moon and moon loss from left to right. Transparent sapphire case back. It also comes with a black alligator strap.
 In the power section, the watch is equipped with a large-scale self-winding movement of the 50000 type. This automatic movement is equipped with a high-efficiency Pellaton detent winding system. , No adjustment is required for the rest of the time. In addition, the highly precise movement design also makes the watch’s accuracy comparable to scientific instruments: each moon revolution cycle (29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, and 3 seconds) will only produce a minor residual error of 12 seconds, every 577 years Only one day of error will accumulate. Limited to 250 pieces worldwide.

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