Hublot’s New Black Diamond Series Is Amazing

Hublot’s hope of success lies in a ‘unique’ watch made of white gold and black diamonds, but this watch does not look like gold at all.
This ‘million dollar masterpiece of black caviar’ has a completely invisible base, and only black huge diamonds appear in front of our eyes.
The Swiss brand produced the watch in cooperation with the inlay factory Bunter SA. This watch uses a tourbillon movement and its case is a one-piece structure set with 322 black diamonds. The dial of this watch is also set with 179 black diamonds, 13 on the crown and 30 on the buckle.

Hublor’s new ‘Million Dollar Black Caviar Masterpiece’ set with hundreds of black diamonds.
‘When the first part is carefully crafted and guaranteed to be in harmony with everything around it, from the outside, the internal structure is completely hidden, and what is seen outside is just a coordinated work, a kind of A special feeling emerged from the bottom of my heart, ‘said Jean-Claude Biver, CEO of Hublot, at a press conference.
This watch is a new force in the multi-million dollar watch club. Valuable members in this club include the limited edition Corum Kunlun ‘Golden Bridge’ watch, Patek Philippe ‘Moon Tourbillon watch in the sky’, Chopard A colored diamond watch from Chopard, a diamond-set watch from Jacob and Co., and a pearl-set watch from Robert Wan.
Source: National Jeweler Network

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