The World Cup Final 32 Is Coming! Official Hubble Hublot Russia World Cup 2018 Russia And Huang Jingyu Unveil ‘hubo Love Football’ China Tour Exhibition Beijing Station

[June 26, 2018, Beijing] The World Cup is the common language of this summer of 2018. The top 16 teams are about to be born, and the dark horses are emerging. The strong teams are looking for breakthroughs. The football team competes for glory, creating a legendary moment every four years! As the official timekeeper and official watch of the 2018 World Cup, the famous Swiss watch brand HUBLOT Hublot has set off another green carnival for the fans. Together with Huang Jingyu, he unveiled the fourth stop of the Hublot Love Football China Tour in Beijing SKP mall. The watch together witnessed every exciting moment on the green field.

Huang Jingyu’s World Cup moment
 With the shape of a healthy sun, Huang Jingyu has created many tough and handsome images. Whether on the screen or on the green field, he exudes sports vitality all the time. Huang Jingyu also kept a close eye on the exciting sport of football. Not only will he pay attention to football matches in the tight filming schedule to applaud the team’s victory; he will not forget to participate in public welfare football matches and give strong support to the development of China’s new generation of football youths.

 Huang Jingyu’s love for football coincided with the Hublot concept. At the Beijing station tour exhibition, he not only transformed into a ‘goalkeeper’ and experienced an intense ‘penalty shootout.’ Also unwilling to be outdone, the skilled audience was delighted by the audience.
 ‘For me, rather than the moment of the World Cup that impressed me, it is better to say the atmosphere brought by the World Cup. I still remember when I experienced the World Cup in different cities, my friends and I crowded on the roadside and watched the game The atmosphere makes me unforgettable. ‘-Huang Jingyu

Hublot’s World Cup moment

 At the 2018 World Cup in Russia-a grand feast with 32 powerful and 64 games, Hublot will witness every unique glory event with hundreds of millions of fans. As the official timekeeper of the 2018 Russia World Cup, Hublot created a special Big for the fourth referee
 The Bang watch-type fourth referee timing board once again appeared on the green court. Under the watch of fans and hundreds of millions of spectators worldwide, it added extra time for the fourth referee and showed the substitution situation.

2018 Russia World Cup Referee Time Plate
 Hublot has cooperated with the FIFA World Cup since 2010, and together with the fans have witnessed every moment of coming, the joy of every victory, the birth of every champion. This year, Hublot was commissioned by FIFA to create a Big for match referees.
The 2018 Russia World Cup referee watch, while measuring the time for the event, also has the real-time display of the game’s wrists in real-time, so that you can grasp the square inch. It is worth mentioning that the smart watch designed for the event this time combines the innovative technology of intelligent technology with the electronic video assistance system (VAR), so that referees can more accurately judge the event.

BIG BANG 2018 Russia World Cup Referee Watch
 In the stellar World Cup, Hublot not only recorded the referee’s enforcement, but also witnessed every minute and every moment of hard work on the field. Sachiri
(Xherdan Shaqiri) contributed valuable assists; including Russia coach Stanislav Stanislav
Cherchesov), England coach Gareth Southgate, Belgium coach Roberto
Martinez), French coach Didier Deschamps, and many other famous coaches also presented wonderful formations. Maradona
(Maradona) appeared in the first match of the Argentina team, wearing two iconic Hublot Big Bang
The Unico watch cheers for the Argentine players. With the deepening cooperation between Hublot and football, it not only serves as the time controller on the green field, but also becomes the recorder of football passion.

Swiss team star Shakri contributes valuable assists

England coach Southgate wears Big Bang 2018 Russia World Cup referee watch
Hublot Loves Football Tour Exhibition in Beijing

 On the court, there is more exciting and exciting. Along with the World Cup in full swing, the Hublot Love Football China Tour came to the capital Beijing. The exhibition at the SKP atrium in Beijing looks back on the glorious journey of Hublot and football, and appreciates the king of the football world. Hublot has always been committed to promoting football, the most influential sports in the world. Since 2008, it has not only worked with the World Cup and the European Cup on several occasions to create official watches, but has also received Juventus, Chelsea, and ‘Ball King’ Pelé, ‘ball king’ Maradona, the famous coach Mourinho and many other big football clubs and celebrities.

 During the exhibition, Hublot used eight of the most representative ‘Hublot moments’ to condense the classic fragments on the green court here, bringing fans the immersive passion. After the Hublot Love Football China Tour in Beijing, the tour will end in Shanghai to celebrate the perfect ending of the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

Belgium team coach Martinez wears Hublot

Russia’s head coach Cherchesov and the 2018 Russia World Cup referee timing card

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