Montblanc Launches Grace Princess High Jewelry

The stunning style of Hollywood superstar Grace Kelly has fascinated thousands of people, and Prince Rainier of Monaco also bowed down under his pomegranate skirt; Montblanc created the high-end Princess Grace series of Monaco with his legend New jewellery products appeared in May this year, paying tribute to a generation of legendary princesses with extremely elegant brushwork and exquisite jewelry craftsmanship.

 Princess Grace and roses are also symbols of classical beauty, grace and grace, and romance; roses are the princess’ favorite flowers during her lifetime, and are the source of inspiration for Princess Grace of Monaco. In 1956, Grace Kelly married HSH Prince Rainier III and became the princess of Monaco; she was wearing a taffeta and lace wedding dress that year, and she was beautiful. Le Dao; the Grace de Monaco pink rose, which was cultivated to celebrate the big wedding, was ‘the most wonderful wedding gift’ in the princess’s mouth.

 The delicate, delicate and tender rose petals are the soul of the Monaco Grace Princess high jewelry. Montblanc has evolved two design themes: the elegant and timeless Pétales de Rose (rose petals) and the new era Pétales Entrelacés (interlaced) Petal), this year’s two themed new works have been gorgeously displayed, perfectly showing Montblanc’s renowned design ingenuity and flawless craftsmanship.

 Pétales de Rose white gold diamond jewelry is a modern new classic, reminiscent of the imperial noble beauty of the princess, and the delicate shape composed of rose petals is found in rings, bracelets, earrings or necklaces; one of the rings is in the middle There is a piece of petals with diamonds, and a glittering round diamond is set in the center of the petals. The necklace and bracelet are also decorated with diamond petals, and the earrings are composed of three petals, which are full of artistic sense and are also suitable for daily wear.

 Pétales Entrelacés uses moist pink gold as the main axis, and there are diamond-studded variations, which are also rich in new-style aesthetics and dynamics. The shape of the carved petals is extended to Petits Pétales and Tourbillon. The creativity is amazing: Petits Pétales Mini petals intertwined into a garland, turning into rings, bracelets, earrings, and small pendants for earrings, necklaces and bracelets; Tourbillon pink gold or pink gold diamond ring and earring petals shaped like a whirlwind, with a sharp outline Liu Li, Montblanc’s excellence in jewelry.

 Princess Grace of Monaco series of high-end jewellery, with extraordinary high-end craftsmanship, perfectly presents Grace Kelly’s superstar style and princess style, as well as its beauty, elegance and perfect image. Every lady can naturally appreciate and appreciate the implications of this series. Essence.

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Rolex Supports William Kentridge’s First Large-scale Exhibition In China To Open In Beijing

On June 27, 2015, Rolex supported the South African artist William Kentridge in the Asia’s largest art center (UCCA) at the 798 Art District in Beijing Exhibition ‘Model Notes’ activity, this exhibition includes William Kentridge’s many classics since 1988, William Kentridge (William Kentridge) One of the masters of art, this event was held with the full support of Rolex. On the day, many Rolex executives as well as media and art lovers participated in listening and enjoying an art feast.

  William Kentridge, 60, is one of the most influential artists in the world today. Acted as a mentor for young Colombian artist Mateo López from 2012 to 2013. This exhibition by William Kentridge includes ‘Rejection of Time’, the work ‘Dark Box’ based on Mozart’s ‘Magic Flute’ and the work ‘I am not me’ This horse is not a classic such as mine.

Tian Yuyu, curator of Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, spoke fluently in Chinese.

The only Rolex product was found on the scene.

Picture left Mateo López, picture right William Kentridge.

Everyone was full of expectations at the event.

  On the day of the event, William Kentridge and his student Mateo López started a wonderful session entitled ‘Talking from the Studio as a Methodology’ to Kentridge’s conversation with Lopez.

  William Kentridge’s painting ‘Rejection of Time’ is the most widely accepted work by Kentridge.


Double Helix

  This exhibition is the first large-scale exhibition organized by Mr. William Kentridge in China and the largest exhibition held in Asia. Rolex’s support for this historic exhibition shows that the Rolex brand continues to contribute to human cultural heritage. Promotion and continuous support for outstanding achievements also reflect the key value of Rolex.

  In the exhibition hall, not only paintings by Mr. William Kentridge, but also works with tri-band color sound and video ‘On Model Play’, as well as sculptures, drawings and other works.
About the Rolex Creative Funding Scheme:

  Launched in 2002, the Rolex Creative Advice Funding Program is an international charity program led by a dedicated team at Rolex’s Geneva headquarters. This program aims to discover talented young artists around the world.

  The Rolex Creative Arts Funding Program is held every two years and is now the seventh (2014-2015). The project is committed to the eternal preservation of the world’s artistic heritage. Through this project, Rolex upholds its tradition of supporting personal achievements. Rolex will invite architecture and dance Masters in the fields of film, film, literature, music, drama, and visual arts, senior art masters from six fields respectively give young artists a single year of independent guidance and training.

Summary: Rebecca Irvin, deputy director of Rolex’s public relations image department, expressed her great honour to associate with this outstanding South African artist. He has many unique ideas and can integrate these ideas into multiple art media. And many of his works show a unique resonance with China. The exhibition lasts until August 30. The ticket price is 10 yuan. Friends who are interested in art and their works can visit and learn.
Address: Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing 798 Art District.

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