Two Or Three Things You Didn’t Know About The 2012 London Olympics And Omega

OMEGA has always given watch fans a sturdy and durable impression, except that in the 1960s, they took humans to explore the deep ocean, and the waterproof 600m Seamaster ProPlof, accompanied Armstrong on the moon Outside of the Speedmaster’s lunar landing table, another legend that has been talked about for a long time, is the brand’s outstanding achievements on the sports field! That’s right, since OMEGA first served as the official timer for the Los Angeles Olympics in 1932, this memorable story has been 80 years old. The 2012 London Olympics is the 25th time for OMEGA to be the accountant of the Olympic Games. As this event is in full swing on July 27, let us immediately take a look at what brilliant and interesting things have been stirred between the Olympics and OMEGA. Spark it! First look at the part of the tennis match. This year’s tournament is held in the famous Wimbledon Tennis Championship venue in the UK. For watch fans who have a little research on sports, it may be a long-term sponsorship of Rolex by Wimbledon. Things were quite impressive. The stadium was covered with dark green canvases representing Rolex brand colors and Rolex clocks everywhere. This time, in order to match the official Olympic timepiece OMEGA in the venue, the Wimbledon Stadium also made a rare change. The original dark green fence was replaced by a curtain painted with the words London 2012 in purple and purple London 2012. The Rolex clock was also covered by canvas. Putting it on the OMEGA clock was a grand event that completely overturned the past tradition of Wimbledon Stadium! Now that we mentioned the OMEGA Olympic Timer, let’s take a look at what makes this pocket watch unique to the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics. This beautiful porcelain pocket watch has a strong 1930s appearance. The peach-shaped blue-steel hands match the old, slender ‘Ω’ emblem at 12 o’clock. At that time, this watch passed the strict Swiss official observatory certification, so it was favored by the Olympic Games. The original factory provided a total of 30 models of the same type for use in various events, which can be accurately timed to the fifth-second accuracy, and Equipped with a Spike-Second Chronograph. In 2006, OMEGA found a number of antique movement parts lying in the warehouse and sealed for decades. They used these parts to engraved the Olympic commemorative pocket watches with a history of more than one nail. The appearance was almost completely copied from the original. One hundred gold, platinum and rose gold, each built with an antique Cal. 3889A high-frequency movement with a frequency of 36,000 times per hour, with a timing accuracy of one tenth of a second, and the stopwatch start and stop mechanism is made of blue steel. The dual-gull wheel drive and balance wheel fine-tuning device are beautiful gooseneck-type fine-tuning, coupled with exquisite machine polishing, it is a rare masterpiece that combines vintage and modern watchmaking technology! This historically limited edition watch, with a set of three (18K yellow, white and rose gold), was specially photographed in 2007 in the Antiquorum OMEGAMANIA brand with commissions up to 301,700 Swiss francs (approximately The historically high price of NT $ 8.1 million) shows that watch lovers highly affirm OMEGA’s achievements in the arena and love the product itself. The OMEGA re-engraved pocket watch with a small quantity and a high price may be not so easy to get rid of, but the brand is also very considerate in launching more daily practical Olympic commemorative watches to watch fans and love sports and clocks. Friends of the table, at this moment of the Olympic Games, remember the glorious history of the past and share the glory. These two commemorative watches are the ‘Hippocampus 1948 coaxial escapement London 2012 limited watch’ with a limited edition of 1948 (London’s last Olympic year) and the ‘Hippocampus Aqua Terra London 2012 chronograph’ with chronograph function. Wearing these two watches, I believe that sports fans and watch fans will be unable to visit the Olympic Games site or miss the historical OMEGA pocket watch full of historical issues. Hippocampus 1948 coaxial escapement London 2012 limited list
Cal.2202 self-winding movement / stainless steel material / diameter 39mm / hour, minute, small seconds indicator / coaxial escapement system / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 120 meters / limited 1948 pcs / suggested selling price: NT $ 181,800
Seahorse Aqua Terra London 2012 chronograph
Cal.3313 self-winding movement / stainless steel / diameter 44mm / hour, minute and second indication / chronograph function / coaxial escapement / sapphire crystal mirror / waterproof 150 meters —

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