The Charm Of Fashion Is Unstoppable, And Igor Baikal Series Long-storage Mechanical Watch Appreciation

‘How many years later, the past will go with the clouds, the icy snow can’t hold that gentleness, this lifetime, this time is too little to prove the deep affection of melting ice and snow’ Li Jian said in ‘The Baikal’ Sing. The mysterious and noble Lake Baikal gave birth to too many ‘dreams’ that ordinary people cannot reach. The puppet creator only wished to give beautiful things to a small number of people, and the Aigole Baikal series mechanical watches accepted this gift. (Official model: 6304A1)

   The design is inspired by Lake Baikal in the winter and spring communication moments. The vast ice and snow gradually annihilated in the blue lake, and the ripples across the lake surface, like the gradient color water wave texture on this watch, spread from the center to the outer edge, deep and The rich layers and more subtle changes over time are a perfect expression of the unique aesthetics of this watch.

   There is no extra embellishment on the surface of the plate. The platinum-plated steel nails are arranged in a ring. The large window window is eye-catching and not obtrusive. The case is made of 316L stainless steel, with a diameter of 40 mm and a thickness of 10 mm. It is polished with CNC cutting technology and metal wire drawing to make the watch look smoother and lined. The lower edge of the lug is polished to be even slimmer. It is equipped with Mohs’s nine-level synthetic sapphire mirror, which has a high hardness and transparence, adding strength and beauty to the watch.

   The hexagonal sapphire crown matches the corresponding theme of the blue lake, symbolizing loyalty, sturdiness, friendliness and honesty. It has abandoned the design ideas of metal crowns in the past and switched to the symbolic jewellery as a medium of time. Behind the exquisite craftsmanship, it is a new expression of the Swiss watchmaker’s demanding quality.

   The so-called ‘Xiuwaihuizhong’ is equipped with CAL.A4610 self-winding mechanical movement produced by Aigle, 27 jewel bearings, ring Geneva polishing and blue steel screw embellishment, showing the quality of details while adding fashion elements. The vibration frequency is 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz), and the power reserve is up to 80 hours, which ensures the accuracy and stability of the watch timing. Driven by an automatic movement, the watch provides a more powerful ‘body’ and a longer ‘life force’, and the kinetic energy consumption and supplementary control are in the ideal range to maintain the precision and stability of daily wear. Through the 30mm panoramic perspective bottom cover, you can enjoy the swing of the automatic rotor and the rhythm inside the movement, showing the beauty of mechanical rhythm.

   The hands and scales incorporate Super-LumiNova environmentally-friendly luminous materials, which can also emit a little fluorescence at night, and under the moon, there are stars above the wrist.

   After all, a watch is worn on the wrist, so comfort has become one of the indicators of fine watches. This watch is equipped with a dark Italian leather strap, and the German wire technology is used flexibly. To prevent wear and tear on the edges, the strap has also been manually oiled to make it soft and uncomfortable. At the same time, it continued to use the I-shaped single-folding buckle exclusive to the Aigler watch, and the brand’s classic style continues in the same vein.

   Summary: What settled under the blue water waves of Lake Baikal are billions of years of vicissitudes. The rotation of the sun and the moon and the falling stars eventually evolved into the dazzling lake light, just like the mechanical watch of Lake Igor Baikal The deep dark blue, ingenious, is extraordinary. Even if the life is turbulent and turbulent, in the end it will be calm under the baptism of time. Quiet years, with you.

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