Boll Launches New Trainmaster Kelvin Watch

According to the Watch House, Bor Watch, born in the 19th century in the United States, has recently launched its latest watch of the Trainmaster series.

 In fact, the Bormaster Trainmaster series was born in recognition of the railway chief who is responsible for supervising the smooth operation of the railway network. The railway chief needs to handle many aspects of railway work, including implementing company policies, supervising trains, stations and employees, managing train operation tests and safety programs, controlling costs and investigating train accidents, and more. This series of watches naturally echoed the first watch engraved with the ‘Bohr Standard’ of the year, which also symbolized reliability and precision, ensuring the safe operation of trains.

 The Trainmaster Kelvin watch launched this time is actually in memory of two great physicists, they are William Thomspon and Baron Kelvin. Thermodynamic temperature scale, or absolute temperature scale, is a temperature unit in the International System of Units. This temperature scale was invented by the first generation of Irish Kelvin Lord Kelvin, and is named after the inventor title Kelvins.

 The name Trainmaster Kelvin watch is also in memory of this great physicist, because the watch is set at 6 o’clock with a temperature display of 35 ° -45 ° C. In other words, through the principle of physical operation, the watch can measure the outdoor temperature.

 All these magical functions are housed in a 39.5mm diameter case, made of rose gold, and designed with a belt and pin buckle. Of course, the other big feature of the Bolt watch is its powerful luminous function. All BALL Watches contain a kind of self-illuminating miniature gas lamp, which is 100 times brighter than the traditional luminous coating. This new light source does not require external lighting to ‘light up’ the indicator and / or the coating on the dial and make it glow and last for 25 years.

 This technology has gone through three research stages, and the progress of each stage has made 3H gas more stable and enhanced brightness. BALL Watch’s 3H gas lamp seals pure 3H gas in a vacuum glass tube. The inner wall of the tube is a substance that emits cold light, and it will emit cold light after contact with the electrons of 3H gas. The Trainmaster Kelvin watch launched this time will be limited to 600 pieces.

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Mysterious And Elegant Black ‘viii’

The ultra-thin case and its exquisite accessories are simple and neat. The bracelet is made of high-precision ceramics cut in a pyramid shape. The shape is especially elegant and noble. This is the first impression that the Dior VIII watch gave me. As Mr. Dior said, ‘With regard to black, you can wear black clothing at any age, any occasion, and at any time. Everyone in a women’s wardrobe must have a black dress.
      So, you also wear a black Dior VIII watch, just like its transparent case can see the automatic winding (refining) movement, faintly decorated with black or painted oscillating weight, extremely delicate, who would not like to own What about a perfect and delicate life?

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