Casio Sheen’s New She-4027d Builds The First Ol Watch In The City

The new working season has quietly begun. New white-collar workers who are about to leave the campus and enter the workplace want to fade their childishness, improve the texture and create a new look for the workplace. No doubt accessories will become indispensable Important embellishment. Casio’s female watch brand SHEEN launched the new SHE-4027D series watch in this fresh and early spring, which will become the first choice for new white-collar women to enter the workplace.

 The simple and classic SHE-4027D series watch is exquisite and elegant. With three soft colors: graceful soft powder, simple pure white, and wise black, the dial design perfectly sets off the intellectual beauty of urban white-collar women. The classic design of the wine barrel shows a feminine style. At 3 and 9 o’clock, the dial is finished with Swarovski crystals, which is elegant and playful at the same time. The digital scale design is concise and atmospheric, showing the texture and function. It also has an excellent 50M waterproof function, which is practical and considers beautiful watches, and it is a pure beauty choice for newcomers to the workplace.
Graceful soft powder new white-collar interpretation of the beauty of affinity
 SHE-4027D-4A soft powder dial, delicate but not delicate. Get rid of childishness and add affinity and confidence for the lively and cheerful young white-collar workers. It can relieve the tension caused by first work.
Simple white, new white-collar workers create intellectual beauty
 SHE-4027D-7A pure white dial, fresh and restrained. For the newly-increased white-collar women with a calm and peaceful character, increase the sense of intellectual stability in the new working season and work harder towards higher goals.
Wise and elegant black, new white-collar interpretation of capable beauty
 SHE-4027D-1A elegant black dial, smart and elegant low-key. Favored by the newly-increased white-collar women with a calm personality, when they encounter difficult problems, they learn to calm down and show people with gentle smiles and elegant manners.

   SHE-4027D-4A ¥ 1190

  Simple white, new white-collar workers create intellectual beauty
SHE-4027D-7A ¥ 1190

 Wise and elegant black, new white-collar interpretation of capable beauty

SHE-4027D-1A ¥ 1190
SHE-4027D series main parameters: Swarovski crystal scale; stainless steel material; date; 50 meters waterproof function

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Sammon Baker And Longines’ New Advertising Debuts

Longines launched for the first time a promotion advertisement of Simon Baker ‘Elegance, an Attitude’. The well-known actor who played Patrick Jane in the TV series The Mentalist, for the first time as a Longines elegant ambassador, appeared at the Chantilly Racecourse in Paris where Longines Diana Marseille is held.

    On June 17th, Longines announced that Simon Baker was the elegant ambassador for Longines through Longines Diana Marseille. The Australian actor perfectly displayed himself at the Chantilly racecourse in Paris, France.
    The beautiful surroundings of Chantilly Castle in Paris, France, and its famous racecourse are the first choice for Simon Baker to take the first photo of Longines. He cooperated with the team of famous photographer Nicolas Guérin to show the professional posture of Simon Baker Three themed advertisements were shot in three scenes, showing the Longines brand spirit of ‘elegance, an attitude’.
    The first advertisements of Simon Baker currently launched are based on the world of horse racing. Because Longines and equestrian sports have deep roots, it is not surprising that Chopiny, a French horse racing town, was chosen as the ideal scene for photographing Simon Baker and a thoroughbred horse.
    Simon Baker said of the shooting: ‘I am very honored to be selected as the image ambassador for a brand that is well-known and elegant like Longines. Our first advertising shooting went very well. The horses make me feel at home. I am very satisfied with the results and look forward to future cooperation. ‘

    Juan-Carlos Capelli, Vice President and International Marketing Director of Longines, is extremely satisfied with the company’s first collaboration with Simon Baker: ‘It is really a pleasure working with him! His courteous and professional attitude has swept everyone , Including the team of photographers. We are very proud to launch the first batch of new advertising campaigns: Simon Baker presents the Longines Saint-Imier series. ‘In the coming months, Longines will use this shooting Exclusive photos launched the second and third batch of promotional ads.

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