Bugatti Bugatti Aérolithe Performance Watch: ‘god’s Will’

Hiding from his father Ettore Bugatti, Jean Bugatti created the Bugatti Aérolithe sports car, which uses a highly flammable magnesium alloy, making welding possible. The body is designed in two parts, riveted together by a novel and unique ‘ridge seam’ structure. This incredible ‘car on the sky’, which appeared in 1935, and its meteorite-inspired name quickly disappeared, as if it had evaporated, and only a few photos showed that it had briefly visited the earth. When creating the Bugatti Aérolithe Performance watch, Parmigiani was inspired by the beauty and mystery of the Bugatti Aérolithe; the case is entirely made of titanium, a rare metal found in meteorite. This watch is a high-tech masterpiece, modified with laser technology that cannot be achieved by traditional machining processes. Below the crown and buttons, the middle ring presents a ‘diamond tip upside down’ pattern-this effect cannot be cut by conventional techniques.

   The dial is divided into two parts. This design method extends to the chamfered and polished part of the bezel. The indicator scale on the bezel pays tribute to the outstanding performance of today’s Bugatti sports cars. Its textured central section creates a beautiful and deep three-dimensional impression. The end of the diamond tip in the pattern is polished to give a delicate shine to the central part, while the outside of the dial is selectively laser-blasted. Facts have proved that the experience gained from the Senfine Concept Watch has played a positive and invaluable role in successfully creating such a complex work. In addition, it is a icing on the cake that it can be used once and for all in other timepieces. The chronograph dials at 3 and 9 o’clock have a charming angle design and are decorated with round satin grain. Here again laser technology is used, otherwise satin processing in the depth of the recess is impossible. The ‘stepping’ chronograph at 3 o’clock consists of three ‘half layers’, each of which is presented with a different texture effect. Finally, the rhodium-plated indicator scale also uses a laser process-a high-intensity laser beam is used to irradiate the material intensively, thereby expanding the material.

   The design of the ‘dual speedometer’ highlights the pursuit of high speed-the red scale is in kilometers per hour and the blue scale is in miles per hour, inheriting the iconic colors of the Bugatti sports car. The ‘dual tachymeter’ (km and mile) on the minute counter continuously measures speed in 30-minute cycles. Therefore, to calculate the pace per kilometer during a 1-hour walk, you must multiply the number indicated by the two-colored pointer by 2. The functional application of the Bugatti watch is extended to the wearer’s stride measurement. This concept is not only aimed at measuring highly accurate competitive time, but also focuses on the measurement of meditation time (walking, not racing).

   The triangular hour and minute hands, the red number ‘1’ on the date display, and the double hands at 9 o’clock all bear the iconic brand mark of Parmigiani. There are other amazing elements that give the watch its own unique personality, such as the lugs with the “ridge seam” structure unique to the Bugatti Aérolithe sports car, the strap design inspired by the embossed pattern on the Bugatti sports car seat, and The texture on the folding clasp echoes the dial. The Bugatti Aérolithe Performance watch is equipped with a patented PF335 movement with a flyback chronograph module. The movement is adorned with ‘Geneva Ripples’. This classic decoration is a perfect match for this round watch. At the same time, the watch also renders its inspiration-the powerful energy of the legendary sports car, so extraordinary.

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