Patek Philippe 5102g Platinum Edition Watch

The ‘Celestial’ astronomical concept was first born in Patek Philippe in 1933 at the request of a customer and produced a pocket watch containing 24 complex functions. It wasn’t until the launch of the Caliber89 pocket watch with 33 functions in 1989 that the title of the most complex function watch was made. StarStar Caliber 2000 introduced in 2000. The Patek Philippe Heavenly King 5002 ‘Sky Moon’ watch that was subsequently launched, the simple version of the 5102 represented by this Lot, and the 5106 special edition specially launched for Only Watch, all adopted this concept. Patek Philippe 5102G is a frequent visitor to major auction companies. Compared with the 5102J in the gold case, the platinum version is on average 10% higher. In the first half of this year, the transaction price of Patek Philippe 5102G fluctuated around 1.7 million Hong Kong dollars. This also revealed from the side a feature of Christie’s valuation strategy: attracting expressions through lower valuations, and then relying on the fiery atmosphere of the scene to raise prices point. The end result is that, for seemingly undervalued important lots, the final transaction price is often higher than the normal price.
Those who often hang around the world’s major watch auction houses must be proficient in this, so for a certain amount of ‘estimated price’ has been a string of numbers used as auctioneer chips, often dismissive. Individuals who have been tempted to increase their prices due to the bottom valuation, and eventually make high-price transactions, should also be happy when they spend a few more dollars to buy a few minutes. After all, this is also one of the fun of playing watches.
Another rare and rare watch you can find is a 2003 Patek Philippe 5102G model (Celestial) 18K white gold automatic astronomical watch with sky map, moon phases, moon track, Sirius and moon transit time, etc. State-of-the-art complication (estimated at HK $ 1.4 to 1.8 million). The 5102 model (Celestial), introduced in 2002, is one of the most important astronomical watches in history with astronomical display. This watch condenses the mysterious and fascinating galaxy in the northern hemisphere into a delicate and chic dial, and is inlaid with a Swiss patent (CH 688 171B5) complex automatic winding movement 240LU CL. It is extraordinary and Sotheby’s is the same The creator of the world auction record for the model watch (5102G).

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Iwc Outstanding Filmmaker’ Awards Cannes Event Revealed Again

On May 20, 2013, during the Cannes International Film Festival, Swiss watchmaker Schaffhausen IWC held a grand dinner again to celebrate the film event. At the ‘For the Love of Cinema’ gala dinner, IWC met with brand friends and many international celebrities, famous actors Naomi Watts, Eric Dane With Christoph Waltz, supermodel Karolina Kurkova, art collector Tim Jefferies, and famous musician John Heliwell Helliwell), famous singer Aloe Blacc, and driver Lewis Hamilton all witnessed this top feast. That night, the famous screenwriter Alan Trustman won the ‘IWC Outstanding Filmmaker’ award, and a private concert by Jamiroquai Band, which climaxed the dinner atmosphere.

Mr. Georges Kern, CEO of IWC, addressed the dinner

IWC CEO Georges Kern and movie star Naomi Watts

Jamiroquai lead singer Jay Kay

Supermodel Karolina Kurkova

Director, Screenwriter, and Producer Paul Haggis

 Swiss watchmaker IWC Schaffhausen is deeply inspired and inspired by the magic of film, the common ground between film creation and watchmaking. Over the years, it has been committed to supporting and promoting the film industry and its promising rising star. ‘Just like the gear train in a watch, there are countless sequences of clips in the movie that play with each other and cooperate with each other, and finally become a masterpiece of art.’ Georges Kern, CEO of IWC Mr) described what they have in common. As the official partner of the Dubai International Film Festival (DIFF) and the Beijing International Film Festival (BJIFF), and recently the official timing partner of the Tribeca Film Festival in New York, IWC Schaffhausen is fully committed to film creation. Metaphorically. In addition, the Swiss watchmaker has personally interacted with many famous artists in the performance industry for many years, including famous actors Kevin Spacey, Cate Blanchett, Jean • Jean Reno, Ewan McGregor, and director Marc Forster. IWC watches are also often featured in Hollywood movies and American dramas. ‘Technology, innovation, inspiration and attention to detail are important in both watchmaking and filmmaking,’ said Qiao Qisi. ‘We are very happy to be with like-minded friends in Cannes and spare no effort to support the film cause.’

Mercedes F1 driver Lewis Hamilton

American soul music superstar Aloe Blacc

At the dinner party, the famous jazz band Jamiroquai gave a wonderful performance to the guests.

Actor Eric Dane

Glamour Night
 At the ‘Forthe Love of Cinema’ dinner held at the legendary Hotel du Cap-Eden-Roc, IWC Schaffhausen welcomed more than 200 celebrity guests and brands Friends, famous actors Naomi Watts, Eric Dean, Pierfrancesco Favino, José María Yazpik, and Christoph Walz Waltz), Moritz Bleibtreu, and famous singers Aloe Blacc and John Helliwell were invited to attend. In addition, Hamilton, Mercedes AMG PETRONAS FormulaOne ™ Team driver Hamilton, supermodel Carolina Kokova and film producer Paul Haggis and the art collection Home Tim Jeffery is also among the VIPs. A well-known Hollywood screenwriter, Alan Chusman, is known for his works such as The Thomas Crown Affair, Bullitt, and They Call Me MisterTibbs! Awarded the ‘IWC Outstanding Filmmaker’ award. IWC Schaffhausen presents this traditional award at different film festivals in recognition of outstanding filmmakers who have made outstanding contributions to the film industry. ‘Alan Chusman is known for his witty, ironic dialogue and rich script,’ said Jochez. ‘We are very honored to give him this award for IWC Outstanding Filmmaker.’ And, Alan Chusman Siman also received an IWC from Joachis: the Portuguese Chronograph Classic (model 3904). The watch is engraved with the words ‘For the Love of Cinema’ in honor of this honor.

Actor Christoph Waltz

Actress Rooney Mara

Actor Moritz Bleibtreu

Actor Moritz Bleibtreu

 In the subsequent After-Party, the famous jazz band Jamiroquai held a private concert for nearly 500 guests who were invited. These British singers attracted the IWC guests to the dance floor in groups with their unique singing voice, and the lively atmosphere will be warmed up with their vibrant performances.

Famous actor Gary Dourdan

Famous actor Gary Dourdan (

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Lv Diamond Limited Edition New Watch Makes Women Scream Gifts

Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) watch autumn and winter 2008 added many new elements, including diamond-made patterns, black and white lattice and Monogram table Emprise.
     A long name, but the best selling scene is arguably the most eye-catching scene on the red surface. There is a small LV flower studded with diamonds on the red surface. When viewed from a distance, the Monogram red belt is integrated with the surface, with a small white flower in the middle, which is known to be produced by LV. Its intensive diamond arrangement design, not many supports in the middle, the flash effect is excellent, surrounded by diamonds in a semi-circular lace. It feels very comfortable and beautiful.
Tambour Forever Pomme d’ Amour Specifications
Movement: quartz movement
Material: stainless steel, diamond
Although LV did not announce the price of the entire batch of new watches, according to last year’s sales, diamond watches will be sold out first. This Tambour 18 Grenadine definitely has the condition of being robbed. Because there are only 32 pieces in the world; the diamonds on the table weigh about 1.3 cards, and there are 137 pieces; there is also a very eye-catching Pomme d’ Amour belt.
Tambour 18 Grenadine specifications
Movement: quartz movement
Material: 18K gold, diamond
    The belt style is the first choice, because in addition to being lightweight, bright colors are also one of the attractions. The LV watch’s selected belt is the expensive large crocodile leather, that is, the leather on the crocodile back; they also use special methods to make the belt gradually thicker, that is, the position near the body is hard, and the place where it is close to the wrist is soft Be a little bit, so that the watch can be close to the wrist, which is very close to the LV strap. For the thicker Tambour, LV adds a dedicated concave movable bridge, which has the same comfort.
Luminous Flash Diamond Tambour 18 Croissant
LV specially selects diamonds with fluorescent characteristics to be placed on the surface. At night or when entering a dark room, the moonlight in more than 800 diamonds (about 4.1 calories) on the surface of the night sky will show green light. It is worth noting that the luminous diamonds have different colors. I believe the selection process is very complicated, and the global limit is only 30.
Tambour 18 Croissant specifications
Movement: quartz movement
Material: 18K gold, diamond

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