Blancpain ‘auto King’

There are some watches in the name list, which are ‘blocked’ by players. For example, there are ‘manual king’, ‘automatic king’, ‘steel king’, ‘ghost king’ and so on. These ‘kings’ generally refer to the highest value or strongest watch in a certain type of watch. What I want to say to you today is Blancpain’s ‘Auto King’.

Blancpain 6630 enamel watch
 The Blancpain 6630 was once named ‘Auto King’ and ‘King of the Big Three’ by the players. This is because the Blancpain 6630 has an extremely high configuration from the inside to the outside. I have heard of Blancpain’s 6630 name. Not long ago, I started with a platinum 6630 and finally saw the ‘automatic king’ style. The watch of Blancpain 6630 can be said that every part of the watch is very powerful, so let’s look at them one by one.

The size of the Blancpain 6630 enamel watch is 42 mm in the dress watch.
 The first is the case. Blancpain 6630 is available in white and rose gold. The 6630 has only a gold shell and no steel shell. 6630 size 42 mm, as a large three-handed watch, 42 mm is considered a large size, very domineering to get started. 6630’s double-layer bezel is a major feature of Blancpain.

White gold case 6630 and rose gold case 6630
 From the two cases of white gold and rose gold, rose gold is more popular in China, and white gold is not as good as rose gold. This is also because white gold and stainless steel are the same color. If you don’t know it, it will be treated as a steel watch, and rose gold will be a gold watch at a glance. At first I didn’t catch cold with platinum case either, because it was not like gold watch. But then, my attitude towards platinum changed. The reason is that I once bought a gold-shelled yacht II and a gold-headed gold chain. After I bought it, I felt that it was too high-profile and too ostentatious. After that, I started accepting platinum watches. So platinum 6630, I welcome it.

The enamel side of Blancpain 6630 is very beautiful.
 The surface of Blancpain 6630 is enamel plate. White plain enamel with Roman numerals on it. For those who don’t know, a quick look, the white enamel dial is no different from ordinary watches. But if you take a closer look, you will find that the effect of the enamel dial is definitely not comparable to that of the ordinary lacquered dial. The color of the enamel plate is very soft and has a mirror effect, which is very moist. The hand-drawn hour markers have a strong artistic flavor. We can see the thickness of the enamel plate from the calendar window at 3 o’clock on the watch. The biggest feature and value of the enamel plate is that it is as good as new for hundreds of years. After decades and hundreds of years, enamel can remain durable and clean as new. At the same time, another reason for the high value of enamel plates is the low yield. If bubbles, trachoma and cracks appear during the firing process, they can only be scrapped. For example, if you do it ten times, you can succeed once, so the value is high.

The 1335 self-winding movement used by the Blancpain 6630 has 8 days of power.
 The movement of Blancpain 6630 is very good. When I first got this watch, I saw the movement. I used to think that the 6630 used the Blancpain 1315 movement, which was the movement on the 50 噚. The power was 120 hours and 5 days. However, a friend told me that this watch has 192 hours of power and 8 days of power. I took a closer look and found that it is a 1335 movement, which has better performance than the 1315 movement. The 1335 movement is definitely Blancpain’s strongest automatic movement. It automatically winds for 8 days, which is one day more than the power of Portugal 7. At the same time, Calibre 1335 maintains Blancpain’s high standard of polishing and decoration. It can be seen, all invisible places are polished, and the plywood is chamfered. At the same time, the diamond-shaped honeycomb carving on the automatic rotor of the movement is very delicate. The 1335 movement of the 6630 was unexpected. Some brands of enamel watches and enamel plates are indeed very good, but it is difficult to accept a 2289 movement. Compared with Blancpain 6630, the gap is really too big.

Blancpain 1335 front (top) and back (bottom). Note that the movement removes the automatic top.
 On the clasp, the 6630 still uses a folding clasp, which is the same as the clasp on the 6654. I prefer this kind of elastic folding buckle. Easy to open and close.
 This watch from Blancpain 6630, I want to focus on the watch box. The watch box of the Blancpain 6630 is super large. In the past, when I wrote a watch and took some photos, I would find a piece of black paper or black leather as the background, and I used the watch box as the background directly because the box was really big. As an enamel watch with a public price of more than 200,000, Blancpain makes it reasonable for 6630 to prepare such a large and luxurious watch box. The huge case has two upper and lower layers. The upper layer is for the watch and the lower part is for the card attachment. There are two handles next to the upper layer that can lift the upper layer. The huge luxury watch box can increase the ritual sense of the famous watch. The two brands of Blancpain and Omega, the boxes are very large and exquisite, impressive. The only trouble is that the watch box takes up a lot of space, but considering that the box has a complete set of accessories so that it can be sold in the future, the watch box must be properly stored.

Blancpain 6630 enamel watch
 The public price of Blancpain 6630 is 219,000 (belt version). As a big three needle, the public price is very high. But comprehensive analysis of all aspects of 6630, you will find this watch is worth the money. The huge gold case, the enamel plate, and the extremely powerful movement are the strongest in all aspects. We can simply compare the public price. The price of Patek Philippe’s official bottom cover automatic big three needle 5227 is more than 240,000 (5296 should have been discontinued). Vacheron Constantin automatic big three needle 85180 is more than 200,000. The price of 6630 is 21.9 million, which shows the price-performance ratio, which is mainly better than the enamel plate and automatic 8-day power (of course, buying a watch mainly depends on personal preference). 6630 was named ‘Auto King’ and ‘King of the Three Pins’ by the players, which is also widely expected, which is a recognition of the quality of this watch.
PS. Finally, put a full set of pictures to verify the body.

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Adding A New Option To The Blancpain Submersible Family, A New Member Of The Blancpain Submersible Family

In 1956, the Blancpain Submersible Bathyscaphe watch was born, condensing fifty years of luxury genes and the human pursuit of the extreme pursuit of the Mariana Trench, born a legend.
In 2013, Blancpain reprinted this masterpiece stunningly, and then more than ten submersible watches were successively born.
Today, the Blancpain submersible family has once again ushered in a brand new member-a 38 mm diameter, knowing the ‘Broper Blue’, adding another option for luxury.

Deep submersible family, give you more choices
The brand new Blancpain fifty-three submersible Bathyscaphe junior watch, with three prominent features: 38 mm diameter, classic 1150 movement, ‘Paper blue’ hue is naturally associated with the deep ocean. This new watch is not only in harmony with the iconic features of the 50-inch, but also further highlights the luxury and exquisiteness of the deep submersible family.
As a fifty-something younger branch line series, the submersible watch family is continuously complete:
Table diameter: from the classic 34.5 mm, to the 43 mm re-creation, to the light and moderate 38 mm, with different temperaments;
Functions: From basic three-handed models to functional watches with flyback timing, it is practical and diverse;
Material: From titanium alloy to red gold, from black and white ceramics to gray plasma ceramics, whole body blue ceramics, to the stainless steel bezel of the new watch inlaid with Blancpain ceramics, and liquid metal (Liquidmetal) to create the scale, This alloy material has always been known for its superior resistance to deformation and long-term stability;
Straps: From nautical canvas to tough metal, from NATO military NATO straps to young and colorful NATO straps, the ‘belt’ is the true self.
Among the ever more complete submersible watch family, preferences are the choice, not the choice.
From movement to detail, luxury is meticulous
In 1956, Blancpain created a deep submersible watch, followed by a classic design with great style. In 2013, to celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the birth of Fifty Fathoms, Blancpain decided to re-enact this legendary work. ‘Professional, luxurious, and ceremonial’ has always been the watchmaking principle of the submersible family. The new 38 mm watch is of course well understood.
Unidirectional rotating bezel: As with any high-spec diving watch, each submersible watch is equipped with a counterclockwise unidirectional rotating bezel with a groove scale; the original design of the luminous point indicator is used on the bezel The scale allows the diver to accurately align the minute hand to determine the start of each dive; the second hand acts as an indicator of operation during the dive.
The luxury movement is equipped with a new watch that is water-resistant to 30 bar (approximately 300 meters) and is equipped with the best ultra-thin watch movement of the Geneva Watch Awards-Cal. 1150. Since its birth, this movement has been known in the watchmaking industry for its ultra-thin long power and super stability, and has been introduced by many top brands.
Constant power: Two points worthy of Cal. 1150 are: This movement achieves a 100-hour power reserve with only two barrels connected in series, which shows the strength of the movement. The greater the energy loss, the more unstable the output. Blancpain Cal. 1150 guarantees a constant energy output while ensuring 100 hours of long-term power.
Full line silicon springs: The new watch movement is entirely made of silicon springs. This innovation in watchmaking has achieved breakthroughs in low density, light weight, strong shock resistance, and super magnetic resistance. These characteristics give the hairspring an almost perfect geometry, improving the isochronism of the movement and the accuracy of the watch movement. In order to continuously pursue the pinnacle of quality, Blancpain has gradually covered the silicon movement to the entire line of movements.
Exquisite back: through the sapphire crystal on the back of the watch, the movement is covered with a solid gold rotor of NAC platinum alloy, the Blancpain logo embossed on it, the subtle mechanical charm of the watch fundus.

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