Bucherer Tokyo Boutique Settles In Ginza

Carl F. Bucherer opened a new boutique in Tokyo’s famous Ginza business district, marking a further investment by the Lucerne independent watchmaker in the Japanese market. Over the past five years, Swiss watchmaker Bucherer Montres SA and its Carl F. Bucherer brand have sprung up in the Japanese market due to their excellent positioning. Therefore, the opening ceremony of a new store in Tokyo’s Ginza district on October 21, 2011 is not enough. Strange. The luxurious Ginza shopping district is a representative area of ​​Tokyo, an international metropolis with a special Far East charm. Here, skyscrapers and traditional tea houses are located next to each other, and Japanese culture blends with the international spirit. In this contrasting atmosphere, it is not only the traditional old shops that were opened many years ago. This vibrant area has now become the most unique fashion center in Asia, not only attracting the best department stores, but especially High-quality international fashion and luxury brands.
     In October 2011, Carl F. Bucherer won a place in the Ginza district of Tokyo, and its impressive specialty store has become one of the superb teams here. This is the honor of the Swiss-made brand, and the new stores have even more emphasized their presence in the Japanese and Asian markets. The new store in Chuo-dori, the central shopping district, not only marks the successful opening of Carl F. Bucherer’s exclusive store in Ginza, but also for the Carl F. Bucherer brand in Japan. The recognition of the region is significant. Although the brand entered Japan only five years ago, the market demand for its ‘Swiss-made’ quality clocks is huge.
    Carl F. Bucherer’s decision to open a new store in Ginza 888 Building was thoughtful. Throughout history, the number ‘8’ has been given a special meaning in many cultures. As a synonym of perfection and a symbol of creativity, it is reminiscent of success and wealth. These qualities are all associated with the Carl F. Bucherer brand. Closely connected, for this reason the brand chose to open its two floors of new sales space in this inspiring place.

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