2018 Basel Tyrant Special-new Tourbillon Watch Top 5

When I was an editor at a magazine many years ago, I often did a so-called ‘popular trend analysis’ after the show every year. In retrospect, it can only be regarded as a sub-category. In the past 10 years, there are only three categories that can really be regarded as a trend: third-party modified Rolex, non-original black watches: mainly watches with black cases, In the final analysis, it is the ‘blame’ caused by high-tech ceramic materials. This material, which has been ‘played’ by radar for many years, does not know why. From 2009 to 2010, more and more brands began to favor it, and a large number of black ceramic cases appeared in a blowout. Constrained by cost, technology and other brands, ordinary stainless steel cases are also plated in black. Certina’s latest replica watch DS PH200M, last pushed In the content, I made a key recommendation of the replica watch: in the past two years, the enthusiasm has not diminished. In fact, the watch brand has selected a watch from its own museum or historical data. The design details are fine-tuned according to contemporary aesthetics and re-launched. In fact, in my opinion, a large number of Swiss brands have a history of at least 100 years, and it is too easy to do this. But every time I see a good copy, I still can’t bear it. For example, three of the last five new models recommended for less than 10,000 yuan were all engraved. OMG! This is really a curse. You thought of a three-axis tourbillon Feel it? This guy is in Wallerau, Switzerland, and interested friends can experience the tourbillon: the Swiss brand’s pursuit of the tourbillon was really crazy. You do what I do; you do planes, I do biaxial; you do biaxial, I do triaxial; you do three-dimensional, I do gyro rituals. Watching a watch during that time was really cool, one was more complicated than the other, and one was cooler than the other. I don’t know if this research and development cost is thrown in and I don’t return to it. Today, the tourbillon has long been “fevered down”, and those brilliant tourbillons can no longer attract more attention. However, the tourbillon still has to do, otherwise it is really sorry for the country, sorry for the pioneer, and sorry for Master Baodi. how should I do it? Today, I will show you five new tourbillons at Baselworld 2018:

BLANCPAIN (Poper) Villeret classic series flying tourbillon retrograde minute watch 18K red or platinum case / 42mm diameter / Cal.260MR manual movement / platinum limited to 20 pieces

This table can be said to be full of highlights, features and flash points. The enamel dial, which appears to be gold-plated, is actually made of gold. Below the dial is Blancpain’s first time-hopping and retrograde minute functions. Both functions are integrated in a small disc below the dial. The gap in retrograde minutes is just left for the time-hopping window, which is extremely natural and harmonious. Above the dial is Blancpain’s iconic flying tourbillon. In this version, Blancpain removes all the splints and bridges that can be removed. The tourbillon is extremely transparent, and only a few thin supporting beams can be seen. Makes the tourbillon exceptionally precise. Looking at the back, the entire splint surface of the manual-winding movement is carved and decorated, which is very advanced. They all call Blancpain ‘City of Heaven and Earth Conscience’, what a conscience method? Let’s take this watch as an example, whether it is function or craftsmanship, it is basically impeccable, and features are integrated into the classics. If the price is correct, there are only 1.1 million (red and gold) and 1.3 million (platinum). At this price, other brands in the same level can probably only buy a tourbillon. Blancpain not only makes the tourbillon more beautiful, but also “sends” your retrograde + jumping function, enamel dial, and carved core. . Where do you say such a good seller?

BREGUET Marine nautical time equation 5887 watch 18K red gold or platinum case / diameter 43.9mm / water resistance 100 meters / Cal. 581DPE automatic movement