It’s Your Destiny That Cartier Loves And Accompanies Chen Yanxi And Chen Xiao Happiness Moment

In July 2016, Chen Xiao and Chen Yanxi, the pair of screen ‘immortal lovers’, announced their promise to join hands for life in a seemingly unpredictable but touching way. That ‘beautiful girl we all loved’, with a sweet breeze on the breeze, put on a white wedding dress, put on a Cartier Solitaire 1895 series engagement diamond ring, and realized her insistent love dream-with that destined ‘He’ has no side in heart, and pleases the son; the hand that holds the son, grows old with the son.

 From August last year when he used the phrase ‘One day, you will share my last name’ to openly fall in love, and in October he proposed a romantic proposal on a yacht chartered on the Seine in Paris. Decisive. He is not Yang Guo, who has been waiting for 16 years in that TV series. He used sincerity and action. When he meets, he does n’t let go. When he falls in love, he does n’t hide. Eternal promise.

 Cartier has always witnessed many beautiful and innocent love stories, and has always created wonders for dreaming girls. As early as 2013, Cartier became associated with Chen Yanxi and filmed the ‘Destinée’ micro-film in Paris, which together composed a beautiful French love story. During that shooting, Chen Yanxi was deeply moved by the romantic atmosphere created by the beautiful scenery of Paris and the diamond ring shining in Cartier’s red box. At that time, she was single and firmly believed that she would meet a destined person like Like the heroine in the movie, she was put on her ring finger for a lifetime commitment. Three years later, the moment Chen Xiao chose to open Cartier’s red box in Paris, wasn’t it a God-fated arrangement and fate? So she said without hesitation, ‘I do.’

Drive de Cartier watch
Number: WSNM0004
Movement type: automatic machinery
Price: ¥ 45500
Movement model: 1904-PS MC
Table diameter: 40 * 41 mm
Case thickness: 11.25 mm
Case material: Stainless steel
Dial Color: Silver Grey
Dial shape: other
Dial material: silver-plated guilloché dial, Roman numerals, leaf-shaped blue steel seconds hand, sword-shaped blue steel hour and minute hands.
Mirror material: sapphire crystal
Crown material: stainless steel octagonal crown set with a multi-faceted synthetic spinel
Strap Color: Black
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Buckle type: folding buckle
Buckle material: stainless steel
Back-to-back: back-to-back, sapphire crystal transparent case back
Water resistance: 30 meters
 Today, the lovers will set foot on the red carpet. In the sweet wedding photos, Cartier Solitaire 1895 series engagement diamond rings, classic wedding rings, high jewelry rings, earrings and necklaces, and Cartier Clé de Cartier watches, always accompanied by their happy moments, these symbolize love and eternal Cartier Products, recording the shining light that they bloom because they trust each other. Let ‘destination’ become eternal. The moment you open the red box, happiness will come as scheduled.

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Rolex Also Has Quartz Watches

Rolex has produced many excellent watches in history, some of which are more special styles that everyone did not expect, such as the quartz Rolex to be introduced today. Quartz appears to be an endorsement of cheap products, and the introduction of quartz watches by Labor can be said to conform to the trend of the time. The frenzy of quartz storm even the king Rolex could not avoid following the trend and launching its own quartz watches. In 1969, Seiko launched a history-recorded watch: Seiko Quartz Astron, officially announced the arrival of the quartz watch, and the proud Swiss watch observatory competition at the time was also terminated because of this new time-keeping technology mechanical watch Can’t resist anymore. Of course, Switzerland is well aware of its crisis. In 1962, 20 Swiss watch-related companies and associations came together, including Patek Philippe, Rolex, Piaget, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Omega, Longines, Zenith and other brands. They funded an organization called Centre Electronique Horloger (CEH) Electronic Clock Center. Jointly developed quartz movements to defend against Japanese quartz watches. Beta1 was launched in 1966, and improved to Beta2 in 1967. Unfortunately, the trial products were not promoted in the market; it was not until 1968 that the mass production version of Beta21 was launched. And Rolex released the first quartz watch (Ref. 5100) in 1971. The movement adopts the above-mentioned Beta21 movement. Due to the larger size of the movement, the case size reaches 40mm, and the integrated lugs and transition are natural. Chain belts and chain links are mainly ground polished. Limited to the lack of production of the movement at the time, this is also a rare public limited edition Rolex watch: a total of 999, 900 gold and 99 platinum versions were produced. And for the first time, it uses a sapphire mirror design. However, Rolex did not satisfy all aspects of this Beta21 movement, secretly developed its own quartz movement. In 1977, Rolex launched its own quartz movement and named it OYSTER QUARTZ. Among the most common men’s quartz watches on the market, there are three DAYJUST (single calendar), two DAYDATE (dual calendar), the models are : Ref.17000 steel aperture Ref.17013 gold dog ring gear Ref.17014 steel platinum dog ring gear Ref.19018 gold Ref.19019 white gold model Until the discontinuation of Rolex quartz watches in 2003, in these 25 years, Rolex produced about 25,000 quartz watches. You can see that there are not many but many styles. Pay special attention to the Dayjust style dial. There are about 10 kinds of disks commonly found in the market. In addition, several prototype watches and experimental movements were also seen at the auction, but they are not extended here. Let’s take a look at this OQ in the poisoner’s hand (thanks @ 路 西 for providing it). The rare thing is that his Rolex sales certificate is still well-preserved. Although the market price of OQ is not high, it is very rare to have birth certificate. . This greatly increased the value of the collection of quartz. Next, I started to evaluate the Rolex Ref. 17000. It is still quite different from the common mechanical datejust. The most obvious place is the shell design. From the original 5100 to this. Only 17000 changes can be seen, the shell-shaped rhombohedral angle is more sharp, the integrated shell belt is closer to the ap visual sense, and the penetrating scale reflection under the transparent mirror surface is more dazzling. At first glance, it looks like a piece of Zunda’s work. As for whether the official has not given any confirmation. The polished steel rim intersects the glass arc edge, the integrated strip design, the delicate straight-line drawing side shell shape is very different from the common Rolex, the square design is more trendy, and it also highlights the difference between the quartz DJ and the mechanical DJ. You can see To the unique look of OYSTER QUARTZ. Because the strap is designed as one piece, there will be more information behind the case. The four corners are the model, serial number, material, and original logo. The movement plan is provided by another Ref.17013 (thanks to @ 风华正茂 for providing it). You can see that the quartz movement is protected by the metal deck in an orderly manner, and is polished and polished, which is in line with the ordinary quartz movement. There are several levels higher than that. In addition, on Cal.5035 movement, we can see a completely different driving device from other quartz watches. Rolex has retained the escapement! Rolex did not use the Japanese quartz watch’s quartz circuit to directly control the stepper motor to drive the hands of the design, but instead completely retained the escapement and transmission mechanism. (Is the idea very similar to Seiko’s Spring Drive now) using a stepper motor drive. The escapement fork swings once every second, creating a unique horseshoe-like ticking sound of Rolex quartz PS: It is really loud. The sound mainly comes from the escapement. Although Seiko also made many quartz movements at the time, Production-based roughing. Only the Omega’s famous Megaquartz series of ultra-high-frequency 2.4MHZ Cal.1516 can compare with it. Rolex’s self-produced 5035 movement, 11 diamonds, observatory certification, stepping motor drive, temperature compensation device, speed adjustment device. One second per second, I look forward to meeting with the crown again. I believe that Rolex can be seen through the evaluation of the poison division In the field of quartz watches, a lot of work has been done. Under the quartz wave, Rolex has also made excellent evaluations. Although it seems a little funny now, this historical problem must also be faced squarely. Maybe one day, Rolex will follow the trend and get smart again. Watches are not impossible.

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From Eye To Hand These Preparations Must Have

Watch, an unnecessary ‘necessity’ in our lives. Looking at the streets, alleys, and online media, a variety of factors such as watch brands, styles, prices and so on blind us blindly into the ‘big ocean’ of watches and lose our way. The one that I finally chose seemed to be quite satisfactory, but afterwards I always felt unsatisfactory. I wanted to wear it but I didn’t like it. It was very tangled. After gradually slumping and leaving the watch idle, the new money entered the eye again, and then began a new ‘watch journey.’ In this cycle, ‘labor’ and ‘wealth of wealth’ are plunged into the ‘siege’ in the reluctance. In fact, choosing a watch that you like is not that complicated. From eye to hand, don’t think too much. Feel more and touch it. It will be good to return to the original intention of buying a watch.

‘Routine’ is greater than ‘disagreement’

   When we have the idea of ​​buying a watch, the first thing to do is not to act immediately, but to think about what we want to buy (that is, to locate the watch we want to buy). At first glance does not mean pleasing to the eye, after all, the watch will accompany you for a long time. Many cousins ​​do not agree with each other, but the ending often ends in ‘tragedy’. The best thing is not necessarily the one that suits you best. Everyone understands it, but it is often ignored in the actual operation process. As mentioned earlier, the purposeless selection of the table is likely to ‘self-select’ gosh’.

All kinds of watches

   So what should we pay attention to? For example: favorite styles, prices you can afford, watch materials, what styles, etc. These practical and basic issues all have a general direction. Take price as an example: For most people, expensive watches are not things that can be bought at any time. Perhaps after a period of accumulation, they have that spare money. Therefore, there are some ‘routine’ purchases that tend to be more successful than ‘buy one word’ and buy and buy.
‘Good-looking’ and ‘hot’ may not be appropriate

    Some glamorous watches look beautiful, but they may not suit you. Therefore, when buying a watch, only look good and ignore your own conditions, not the most terrible. Therefore, good-looking is not the only criterion for our selection. Determine the clear direction so that you can confirm whether to start with the watch. Although humans are visual animals, sometimes they still have to keep their heads awake and don’t be completely ’emotional’.

Tall Omega Watch

   People buy more, it may not be suitable for you. No matter what time it is, it is always in fashion, and new items are constantly popular. Many people follow fashion as a lifetime. But knowing what you want is the most important thing. Therefore, ‘good-looking’ and ‘hot’ are the factors that affect the decision, not the only one. When you start with a watch, you have to consider it comprehensively.

Pictures with a lot of water should follow ‘feel away’

   Simple and rude pictures can sometimes outweigh thousands of words, and the confusion of pictures sometimes hangs on you. There is a reason for not being photogenic: a good-looking watch in reality may not be photogenic, and a watch without information may be charming in the picture. If you look at a watch from the picture, it’s a good deal and it’s a lot of money. This is the same as the first time you see a netizen. Therefore, the physical object is more important than the picture. If you choose the target payment, you may feel the physical object in the physical store to minimize the risk.

Do n’t miss it because it’s so deep

   On the other hand, friends who plan to buy in online stores should pay attention: if you have only seen pictures and not seen the real thing, then it is best to buy on the brand’s official website or a large and secure online store, or I gave up the online and bought it by an offline brand designated authentic store, and required the receipt and other vouchers to be returned for future quality problems. There will be a slight difference in the price, but after all, the big head is a watch. It may be cheaper on the Internet and the quality risk is greater, so it is not that bad. It is true that we spend money to buy it. The most insured is the brand authorized shop, the price is not necessarily higher than the online shop, because they have regular activities, generally about 10% off, and even can get up to 30% off.

Buying a ‘value-added watch’ because I want to wear it is a wrong direction

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

   Regarding the issue of watch value-added here, the most untrue sentence I have ever heard is ‘buy a certain watch to maintain value, and when you sell it, you will not lose money’. This kind of statement of value preservation is generally not easily realized. Even the currency exchange rate, which measures quality, can go up and down, not to mention a watch here.

Oris Watch

   If you start with a watch under the banner of ‘investment’, I think you should dispel this idea as soon as possible. Watches do not maintain value, it is difficult to say at present, and the uncertainty is greater in the future. Moreover, most people buy watches for their own use. It is a very hurtful thing to buy a watch under the banner of ‘make money’ (regardless of the rich), because the investment and return of watches are irregular. Followable. Some people like it, but most people scoff at it. This is also the problem emphasized in many places in this article. Be sure to return to the original heart of buying a watch. Because you like it, it is most natural to start with it.

What should we pay attention to when buying

   There are a lot of things to say. Let me give you some common notes:
   1. Whether the exterior of the watch is complete and there are no scratches. 2. Check whether the internal structure on the dial or part of the watch is intact. 3. Rotate the crown to see if the operations such as calendar and time adjustment are smooth. 4. Whether the hour and minute hands are offset or stuck every hour. 5. If possible, try again the next day. 6. Observatory certificate Guarantee card Drill card and everything else is complete. 7. Whether the warranty card date is incorrect.
   ps: Be sure to buy from regular channels, which is also a common question. Informal is not impossible, but it is more risky. The appraisal is also labor-intensive, and even sending pictures to the website for appraisal has little effect. Imagine a watch that can be authentic with only a few pictures.

Take care of it after you start

   Although the care of a watch is very costly, it can’t be ignored. Dirty and dull watches are uncomfortable to carry on their own. Therefore, if you are too late or ca n’t afford it, you ca n’t save it. After all, you have to take responsibility for the watch, and you can extend the maintenance period appropriately. When nursing, you must choose a regular brand after-sale service, remember not to be greedy and cheap, because it is not good for small mistakes.

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